Monday, January 15, 2007

I just don't get it.

Well, the results are in and its official, Bush is a dictator. I expect a biography written about him to be titled; “George Bush, The American Pinocchio” There has never been a more ludicrous figure in the highest office in the land. Nixon, of course, was a strange one, looking like a demented Bob Hope with their matching ski-slope noses. But Nixon had a brain. Nixon was intelligent, if bent and well understood the theater of international politics.

Why I say Bush is a dictator is that he has just said that it doesn’t matter what congress wants or does. He will determine the course, length and intensity of the war. He said that they have their job and that is to provide the money. He is not going to run his war by committee; as it looks now his vetoes could be overruled. It’s anybody’s guess where this is going to wind up. We are in uncharted territory. We are in no man’s land.

For some of you it’s just business as usual and for some of you it is a scary thing indeed. It’s actually worse than we know and somewhere halfway through this year we are going to look around and see that our world has been changed forever.

Observant people have noticed all of the little nuances in the Patriot Acts, the building of domestic detention camps and the clamp down on basic freedoms, long taken for granted as well as the ongoing restrictions on movement. Don’t worry. It’s for your own good.

Now, unless you are a frothing dog on a short chain, you know that Bush is a lunatic. He’s both crazy and incompetent. He’s an insane, cartoon character in real life and the sensation of his intent is everywhere around us. You have to look back over the years. You have to watch the progression of events as they unfolded and notice the changes that followed each event. If you look closely you can clearly see that very bad shit has happened, is happening and, unless something interferes, very, very bad shit is about to happen.

I’m not going to go into all of the details. If you want a brilliant summing up I suggest you watch:

Keith Olbermann’s commentary on Bush following his speech.

That says it all. It says it with passion and razor sharp intelligence. Keith Olbermann pretty much stands alone at this time. There isn’t anyone at his level. I suggest you check it out. No need for me to sort through the same dirty laundry one more time. You’ve heard it all before. You’ve heard it in a hundred places where people were inclined to tell the truth and connect the dots. You know by now or... you’re a frothing dog on a short chain.

Pretty soon, I don’t know when, either Israel or the U.S. or both together are going to attack Iran. There are so many false flags waving in the media it’s like running through laundry lines in a third world city. The very same lies used to drum up the previous engagements are being used again. And they are going to use nuclear weapons.

Something bothers me. There’s something I can’t put my finger on. When you look at Bush’s performance over these last years you see someone who has failed in spectacular fashion at everything he has done. He has wasted enormous amounts of money. He has stolen enormous amounts of money for his friends. Grievous crimes are committed in broad daylight every single day. Halliburton and a number of corporations are doing things that at any other time would demand prison sentences. People who have nothing to do with AlQaeda or terrorism are locked up incommunicado at Guantanamo Bay. Their lawyers are being threatened. Nearly everywhere you look the natural order of life has been bent into tragic and uncomfortable shape. And Bush wasn’t legally elected even once.

The reality of terrorism is that it is a minor nuisance. More people die from eating peanuts than from terrorism and the biggest act, the 9/11 assault was engineered by the present government with the help of various associates in order to fabricate a fear that makes it possible to steal your freedoms for your own protection. Any sane person can see through the veneer of bullshit and lies. By now it is obvious to most of us that 9/11 was an inside job. A CNN poll some months ago found that a shocking 84% believed that the government was somehow involved. But... nothing is done.

Nothing is being done about any of it. A new congress was elected and the citizens of America sent their collective message to end the war now. Yet, nothing is being done. How is it that this is possible? This is what I don’t understand. Why did Nancy Pelosi say there would be no impeachment hearing? How is it that Joe Lieberman can say that an investigation into Katrina won’t be happening? That’s absurd. How is this possible?

There is some kind of gas or chemical in the air that appears to cloud the human mind. It just doesn’t make sense that the first order of the day wouldn’t be to bring Bush and his felon associates up on charges. His crimes outdistance Clinton’s the way a shoplifter compares to a serial killer. There isn’t any doubt that he is guilty of monstrous human rights violations, assaults on the constitution, voter fraud, high crimes, misdemeanors and treason. Bush and his men are worse monsters than Saddam. Why isn’t there an enormous hue and cry?

I hesitate to say this but it is almost as if Bush is The Devil. Everywhere people are subservient to him. Men and women with real credentials and power scurry about this Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as if well, as if the Devil himself were in attendance. Something isn’t right. Things like this do happen in other countries but never before in America. The news is manufactured and spoon-fed to the masses. Glaring evidence of this administration’s involvement in 9/11 is everywhere to be seen and congress won’t say a word. Surely they all know. What power is it that has reduced this democratic organization to a mere rubber stamp?

It just goes on. Bush is now so out of control that people everywhere are seeing it yet nothing is being done. His own party opposes him and it makes no difference. It only takes one state legislature to institute impeachment proceedings and it looks like New Mexico is going to do it, so maybe something is going to happen but people... look what is happening to your world. Look at all the lies that have been exposed, the crimes committed. What is this dreadful miasma that lies over the land? There’s a television laugh track running alongside it. I can’t get a grip on it. It’s like something in the corner of your eye that keeps looming but when you look at it, it disappears.

It is a certainty that anyone else would have been impeached and exiled long ago. How is it that this incompetent coward can go on and on like the sea and nothing happens? I know that the media is part of it, so are the government and the corporations. They’re collectively engaged. But it feels like there is something else, something hidden but immensely powerful in a temporal sense. Things don’t add up. Nothing about the Iraq war effort, or Katrina or obscene tax breaks for the super rich makes any sense. It seems like deliberate incompetence. It’s as if the bunch of them said, “Hey, let’s fuck everything up as bad as we can.”

Pointless troop surges, deliberate provocations abroad, the senseless murders of hundreds of thousands of people and... nothing. It just goes on. The nation is in the grip of an angry sleep and everything is distorted and strange. Where are the representatives of the people crying out for redress. Was everyone in congress given a secret memo. Did aliens take over the Earth? Is there a powerful hypnotic in the water supply? It just goes on lurtching like a drunken Frankenstein toward some terrible epiphany.


Anonymous said...

That's a damn good question Les. What's happening or why isn’t' something happening? Are all Americans zombies or willing sheep going to slaughter? Look what republican senator Ron Paul said before the US House of Representatives last week. 'A contrived Gulf of Tonkin-type incident may well occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran'. Watch it here: The insiders see another war based on lies coming and nothing happens. I don't believe it!

Anonymous said...

I want to know what it is they know that we don't. As bad as it might be, the truth would still be better. So when we're not allowed the truth, its got to be unbelievable.

I never saw anyone who even remotely resembles them with their strange sewn-together faces, weird eyebrows and jackal teeth. They make the same hand gestures, too, double-pointing and air-ball gripping. You ever notice that? In any photo of Lieberman, you could replace him with Obama. Same with Rice and Cheney. Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Are there any reports on what these people eat? It stands to reason pretzels and broccoli are not the native foods.
Do they sleep, has anybody actually witnessed it?
Even stranger, how have they been able to entrench themselves into mainstream society so perfectly that mainstream society mirrors them?

Anonymous said...

I know why I love you so much Visible. You very articulately put into words how I think and feel. Thankyou.

Everyone is numb from previous events, so anything that happens will happen with impunity. And the rest of the world is standing by (I hope like me, with mouth agape) and watching this, knowingly. I don’t know why.
Most events of the recent past are beyond common acceptance. Are all the world powers frightened? Every war USA has been involved in, in the last 50 years has fluffed. Is the perception of a super power so great that no one international government will stand up and say ‘this is wrong’?
World population is out of hand or is going to be soon. Is this why everyone is so silent? Do the powers that be want a war in the Middle East (with possible escalation to the rest of the world) hoping to reduce the world population dramatically?
Because if they do, they haven’t given it much thought, have they?
’Nucular’ weapons are going to be used. Do they not realise that the top half of the world is in danger of being destroyed, completely! All people, all animals, all flora and fauna, everything. Laid waste for a very long time.
All very strange.
You know my perception of things Visible (nothing sane) the dark one has control of the world; always has, always will have.


Anonymous said...

It's simple Les. Petrol is about to run out. If one is capable of imagining what that entails there's only one conclusion to come to. There will only be enough resources on this planet to support a fraction of the current 6 billion. Everything happening right now makes perfect sense. That this should be misrepresented stands to reason.

Read Lord Jim. Ask yourself if you'd have woken the pilgrims.

Not forgetting global warming of course. The perfect storm is coming. There's nothing to be done for it. And it's a pity that one should spend the last years of these halcyon times (the likes of which will not be seen again for millennia) being confused.

If it's any consolation Buddha said that life is suffering.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I just finished lunch with my 82 yr. old father. He's a lifelong Republican, businessman and churchgoer. I never discuss politics with him, although he has always been a thoughtful, caring person.

Dad brought up the escalation of troops and we had a very interesting conversation. I asked him if he noticed that the white house has pretty much been out of control lately. He said he had and that he was going to change his party affiliation to Independant before the next election.

We talked about Bush connecting the events of 9/11 with invading Iraq and the subsequent fiascos we've watched unfold.

My father actually said that he can't bear to watch Bush speak anymore. He said the man cannot finish a simple sentence and although he holds nothing against someone for not being a good public speaker, it has become obvious that Bush never says anything intelligent.

I mentioned to him that I had always felt 9/11 was a product of our own government. He said that as scary as that thought is, this is the one administration that he could believe would be capable of it.

I know this is no revelation, but to hear my father basically give up on his lifetime of political beliefs was very sad.

Anonymous said...

"I know this is no revelation, but to hear my father basically give up on his lifetime of political beliefs was very sad."

Sad? You should have been proud. Do you realize what a devastating transformation of mind that must have been for a man his age and of his generation? My hat is off to him for his intellectual honesty. My own dad, a retired minister who knows everything is FUBAR refuses to believe that 9-11 was an inside job. We hate these bastards who have driven our nation into a ditch but they have helped raise awareness of the true intentions of the elite. All of us who seek the truth have had to give up cherished ideas of what our country was about. The hardest one for me was realizing the Democrats are also the enemy.

It may be dark but we don't have to be afraid. Choose courage and face the darkness with awareness.

Anonymous said...

We travel great distances in cars. We sit in air-conditioned comfort. We keep food in refrigerators. We have painkillers. We watch TV. We listen to music. We have leisure time. Halcyon days.

When the petrol is gone these things too will be gone. Every single aspect of your life will be altered with the absence of petrol. Things you take for granted like plastic will no longer be available. What will they make toothbrushes out of when the oil is entirely requisitioned by the security forces? This will happen.

Right now a single individual can harvest a field of wheat in air-conditioned comfort. Soon it will take thirty men a week of hot hard labour. Between bread and toothbrushes you will not care about toothbrushes.

It's not a matter of 'if' but 'when'. The if is certain and one can only guess at the when. Given that things make no sense otherwise I am forced to conclude that the when is very very soon.

I saw a documentary on Australian ABC's Quantum about peak oil. The last expert to appear said, in exasperation, "I see lots of planning for terrorism but nothing for peak oil." What a foolish fellow. The terrorism plan (both its creation and corresponding crackdown) is the peak oil plan. Nothing can be done to alleviate the crash that will result from the end of oil so conditions must be contrived to ensure the right people remain in power.

Honestly, how will suburbs work? Suburbs have only existed for fifty years or so. And now everybody lives in them. Yet without cars they make no sense at all. Where will all those people go?

Perhaps they'll go in those concentration camps Halliburton is busy building. Only the rowdy ones of course. The obedient ones, who know what's good for them, will consider themselves lucky to harvest wheat for their masters. And at night with empty stomachs they will dream of the halcyon days.

PS For whom? White people of course.

Anonymous said...

Fair the’ well Mister Visible
I am in good spirits. I have just come back from harassing little brown people at the Hajj.
Oh, I'm a little brown person myself. Well, never mind I feel white.
What fun, throwing rocks at the devil and the like. Calling names. What fun! Towel head, camel jockey.
You don’t get it Mister Visible? We Jewish people do not care what anyone else thinks about anything; all we care about is that we are G-ds chosen. Now live with it!
Can you even imagine the power we feel? To have a mind set that the G-d of this world is on our side is awesome. We can do no wrong! We can do as we please, whatever we please, to whomever we please, G-d is great.
As Rabbi Hashem says to me every now and then, 'Even when I'm wrong, I'm right'.
Your Mister Bush knows. Your Mister Bush 'Gets it'. Bibi 'Gets it'. Ariel 'Gets it' (well maybe not Ariel now, but when he was with us he did).
We Israelis ARE it!
Hallelujah Mister Visible, hallelujah!
May the Lord bless your every waking moment and may the ‘Merchant’ never visit.
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. Rabbi Hashem says Happy Hanukkah.

Anonymous said...

V, you need to understand something: Donald Trump just got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Trump trumped the naysayers–his reality show is getting the respect it deserves!

The Donald was lauded at the ceremony by Jay Leno and Larry King. America loves General Electric's Leno, who nightly provides us with all the Arab-fucking-a-camel jokes we need. CNN's King took time from his busy schedule of interviewing all of our democracy's greatest people to bring more respect to The Donald's special day.

The Donald even brought his son, Barron, who was a big hit with the crowd.

I wonder what Rosie O'Donnel thinks of that? I'll bet she'll tell us soon!

Anonymous said...

Remember what Kissinger said about the troops being "dumb, stupid animals?" Well, here's a mwv of a couple of them tormenting a wounded, suffering dog. It runs away in pain on two legs. They laugh at it. I hate the troops. Fuck them. I don't care about being PC anymore. All they have to do is lay down their rifles and stop fighting. Fuck them. Send them all back dead, just like that Lyndie England bitch should have been

Anonymous said...

Is this thing on? Hello? Made two other posts and the didn't show

Anonymous said...

Why all the hand-wringing, like it's not obvious the Illuminati rendered our Pseudo-Republic revolution-proof eons ago? The government is like a toy steering-wheel; we can turn it all we want, but in truth we're all just along for the ride. Where are they taking us? "Hush, child, we'll be there soon."

Whether by design or incompetence, we're well past the point of no return: the end of civilization, maybe the species. Even without Peak Oil & WW3, our goose is already cooked from Global Warming; it's much worse than Al Gore let on, & quite irreversible. I figure the Elite (the ones we never see) know more than we do about what's coming; like it or not, they may survive the Big Die-Off and inherit the Earth's carcass.

Ultimately, though, it's all maya. I'd say to Les, please try to reconcile your sublime mystical insights at the other blog with the "cruel material world" of this one. That could be your greatest contribution. Enjoy the final days. Whatever comes, you don't have to die a bitter man.

Anonymous said...

Aussies do a very good job of taking the mickey out of the Yanks.
(As it should be!)



Anonymous said...

Comic relief anyone?

Anonymous said...

I'm with "nobody." The end is very near the the PTB don't give a rat's ass who the captain of the Titanic is because the ship is going down regardless. It just doesn't matter. Bush just doesn't matter.

Visible said:
"But it feels like there is something else, something hidden but immensely powerful in a temporal sense. Things don’t add up."

The truth is that the house of cards that poses as the international financial system is about to collapse of its own weight. The rulers know that the Ponzi scheme is about to be over, so they're going to just knock the whole system down, and in the ensuing chaos will forcefully assert their authority.

As "nobody" mentioned, there is a perfect storm brewing -- complete with Peak Oil, Peak natural gas, the collapse of the housing bubble, global warming. You name it. Enjoy the "good old days" while you can, because they won't be around much longer.

Anonymous said...

I get it.
Most of the positions of power on this planet are occupied by the people least suitable to hold such power. Like a pool of water, scum rises to the top.
Good people who somehow make it into any position with the power to change things either get blackmailed into not using that power for their own/families sake, have "accidents", or shoot themselves in the head twice.

jomama said...

I suspect all those satraps are just hoping it "all holds together" til they get theirs in a mad dash to
avoid this.

Catnapping said...

Americans are raised to be self-serving, selfish fuckasses.

As long as the smell the stench of burning flesh isn't interfering with their backyard picnics...

Anonymous said...

I can only say that I wholeheartedly support everything you've said here, Les. Every American institution has suddenly been demonstrated to be rotten to the core, complicit in either the corruption itself or the woeful, wholly ineffectual response to it.

Robert Newman's "History of Oil" program is worth seeing -- Newman presents his analysis of peak oil and the West's insane response to it, in British black-humor fashion.

Visible said...

I'm still at an undisclosed location with no internet for 3 more weeks. I will return then. Sorry, thinks take a lot longer here.

Warm Regards,


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your return.

Singing Sparrow said...

I keep coming here hoping that you are back.
I can't tell when people posted. I am so fascinated by the "rumor" mentioned here about Clinton being a Rockefeller from the wrong side of the balnkets as we used to say.
I had never heard this before but it sure found a place in my imagination. I have often wondered about Clinton's biography.
I will keep checking back.

Anonymous said...

Okay, its time to come back now.

Saladin said...

Where are you Les? I REALLY miss you!

annemarie said...

are u still working on yer infrastructure? boy, it must needs some nourishing. teehee

we all must needs to do that, and often

trust that you and yours are well :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how much you are missed? You must have really found Nirvana this time.

Best wishes wherever you are.

Anonymous said...

this country is fucked basically

Anonymous said...

"Is there a powerful hypnotic in the water supply?"

Yes, fluoride. Allegedly first used in the Nazi concentration camps to make the prisoners docile. Pull up an MSDS on sodium fluoride to see just how toxic it is.

Also, neurotoxic food additives like aspartame and MSG (including its dozen aliases). Add endocrine disruptors in plastics, mercury in fish, tooth fillings and vaccines, lead in paint ('Thomas the Engine' toys), etc., etc.

I hear now the FDA intends to deliberately put most of the smaller vitamin manufacturers out of business (Vitamins have some protective effect against these toxins, especially as factory farmed produce has fewer nutrients, being raised in sterile soil with chemical fertilizers).

Note the US government is complicit in all of these, whereas this is not the case in Europe and other industrialized countries. Food for thought.

"Ever since I've been on well water, I've been a lot angrier"

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm going to say something people have been trying to discredit, and I am not going to resort to the supernatural.

There isn't anyone on earth who doesn't have some kind of an agenda. It is the nature of man to act on childhood memories, traumas if you will. So there are going to be people who do things according to something occult, hidden in the recesses of their minds.

The actions of people in Congress - a body which selects for people who want to please and be popular, while they control other peoples' money - leads to weird compromises with what should be principles.

The press are owned and controlled by little Caesars like Rupert Murdoch.

There is a lot of money for right wing commentary coming from people like Richard Viguerie.

And since the US oil supplies have demonstrated that you can run out of the stuff, since Dick Cheney has held (with the help of a right wing Supreme Court) the Energy Task Force meeting in strictest secrecy, it looks like the Mideast is a two-fer, a win/win (as they like to say) for those who would tie up oil and those who would expand Israel.

Who needs the Devil when you have the prospect of every expanding riches somewhere down the road which only poor soldiers travel in an imperial shooting gallery?

Who needs the Devil when human history supplies endless vistas of tyranny?

Perhaps our local experiment in domestic felicity is over. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Well, Les, you have no idea how close you came! No, Bush is not the Devil - but you're close. Have aliens taken over some bodies? Could be! Are most Americans zombies or brainwashed sheeple? Yup! Has there been a coup of the US Gov't? Yup, again! If it seems like we've just entered the Twilight Zone, you're 'right on'. What about biblical prophecies for the End Times - are we nearing the End Times? BINGO!

The Puzzle has been very colorfully put together but it's BIG (10+MB). It's sorta shaped like a rabbit hole (or a series of crosses). You enter at the top and go Down, Down, Down...... into the Twilight Zone. Be prepared for Shock and Awe and a long wait (unless you have a hi-speed Internet connection).

In order to SEE when you go below, you need supernatural vision. Remember that without a vision, the people perish!

It's important to study the entire site and as many links as possible. Take your time. To start, read the link "What is this website about" , a few screens from the top. Have a nice trip! ;)

Anonymous said...

Planned chaos allows for planned stealing,
in every arena.

Sustained chaos allows for...
well, you get it.



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