Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Best of All Possible Worlds.

It’s relentless. It just goes on day after day, month after month, year after year. The good guys; the corporations and the governments that serve them, the politicians who work in the governments that serve the corporations, the people who support the politicians that work for the governments that serve the corporations... all the lives on the trembling web that serve the hallucination of progress; of “moving forward”, of “staying the course” and supporting the troops “on the ground”... all these tired slogans that we didn’t have before that are now as essential as the cellphones that transmit the mindless chatter of the teenage girls that we have all become; more concerned with our hair than our fellows, more concerned with our stomachs than our hearts, more concerned with our self interest than the words which no longer have meaning such as, honor, integrity, courage and conviction.... but we are the good guys from the top down, working our way to the bottom where we will all be equal in the pecking order so described in this “best of all possible worlds”.

Then there are the rabble rousers that incite the public against the machine that so ably serves them. There are the mistaken handfuls in occupied countries; those known as terrorists who react against the occupier who has come to bring them freedom and democracy. They think of themselves as freedom fighters but we know them, for so we have been informed, as terrorists who put our righteous soldiers into Boothills on the ground.

Terror was once a small cottage industry, not a bustling concern by any means but certainly a potential growth industry. It took the wise minds of the corporations and their subsidiary of governments to recognize the opportunity that was there. In a few small years ‘terror’ has come to be as recognizable as Starbucks and, although not openly observable, is traded by proxy on the great stock exchanges of the day. Like a fire you must feed the flames and ‘they’ have shown themselves as able in this capacity as they have been in serving the common needs.

Some would say that the media which portrays and the fashion industry which clothes adolescent girls as full blown sluts, as the eternal seducing youth of those made weary by time... some would say that here were the instigators of the suddenly emerged child porn industry that now threatens the mind and attention of anyone so susceptible and which has given Dateline another growth industry and which has fed the corporate coffers of their subsidiary law enforcement branch, courts and prison and law industries which are a franchise of the governments that serve these corporations, but... we are all responsible for our actions. You cannot blame the man that goes looking for you dressed out of sight as a 12 year old who seduces you into an act with someone who doesn’t exist and then puts you into a system for something that wasn’t possible with someone who didn’t exist (except in your mind) where you become a product whose maintenance becomes yet another cash cow.......

.......riddle me this, if I work for a government enforcement arm which works for the alcohol and tobacco corporations and I ask you if you would like to get high on something other than the product that we serve and protect and you agree; have you not broken the law? It is pointless to argue that you were never going to get high. What is important was that you intended to. You might argue that the control of all substances, both legal and illegal are actually in the same hands, in the same way that the corporations have (through their governments) made the cottage industry of terror into a big business. But you see, even if this were so it is necessary for you to understand that the illegal side of the corporation’s product line must remain illegal due to the clear and untraceable profits that manifest and which... and here is the key... money is then put into research and supply so that you might have even better products on every level while still sustaining all of these feeding industries at a high level of profit so that those who make the money can share it out with all of us who are a part of Milo Minderbinder’s great plan for all of us in this best of all possible worlds. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.

There are those among us who see hypocrisy and greed as major threads in the eternal weaving tapestry of human lives but... hasn’t it always been this way? If it has always been this way then, of course, this is the way it is supposed to be; to each according to their abilities in relation to the connections they have in relation to the corporations that serve our greater interests. Tell me if you are willing to do without the satisfaction of any appetite, whether natural or manufactured? Look at the countries where our magnificent system has not yet penetrated, where life is simple to the point of the absurd by comparison. Do you want to live there? These very countries actually serve an important purpose in the great scheme of life. How are we to have the resources we need unless they come from places where people don’t use them? Furthermore, do you want to fight wars ‘on the ground’ in your own country? Of course not. These other countries provide us the landscape necessary to test the weapons produced from some of our most important corporations and the profits from the sale of our improved weapons feeds the economy that feeds you, you dumbbell. Yet you wish to tear this down? You might as well snatch the bread from the hands of your children.

Can our corporations grow unless they increase the theater of their operations? Certainly they need to put their products on the shelves of every store in every country of the world. In order for us to thrive, all of the world’s people must purchase the products of the corporations who house and clothe and feed us. So it is that imprisoning the weak for appetites which we inflame is necessary to put “food on your families”. So it is that the deaths of those in foreign lands are a vital part of many industries upon which we depend. We cannot do without them. So it is that both the legal and the illegal, in the same hands, are indispensable to our way of life. Takeovers, mergers, supportive legislations and all attendant efforts toward a brighter future make all of our futures bright, even if we only serve as product ourselves. Sacrifice for the common good on the part of the common man is the highest form of service any of us can render and not only do we all profit thereby but we also learn the most important lessons of compassion and understanding as a result. Knowing what you know now it becomes impossible to pass the sidewalk lunatic, the homeless family in the cardboard box, the junkie, the prostitute, the alcoholic and the pedophile without recognizing what a vital service they perform. You must thank them. They are among our most selfless assistants. But remember, thank them only. Don’t interfere with misguided ideas and efforts toward helping them. This would, as you can see, upset the whole apple cart.

This is why Paris Hilton should not have gone to jail and why she should have gone to jail. This is why life is designed to provide and frustrate at every turn. This is why there is no satisfaction in the products we desire because we must always be longing for something we will never get. This is our impetus toward the shining city on the hill; that place we shall never occupy but which, in the very hope for that city we shall certainly live therein forever.

No longer fear for the future. The uncertainty of the future is your greatest security and the greater the uncertainty the greater the good for all. Perhaps you now realize that freedom actually is slavery, that war is peace and that you do indeed live in the best of all possible worlds.good for all. Perhaps you now realize that freedom actually is slavery, that war is peace and that you do indeed live in the best of all possible worlds.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jumpin Jack Flash.

just saw this on what really happened. that's how it is isn't it? You make me believe in God.


Anonymous said...

well done

Anonymous said...

Poor old Leinbiz. I think he didn't really mean his best possible worlds thesis in the Voltaire lampooned way. His idea, for me anyway, was that this was the best ontologically possible world. In that there was just enough matter, just the right amount of gravity, of oxygen in the atmosphere for the world to develop in the first place. I think he would be stunned that his idea might be being used by right wing sh*t heads to justify doing nothing in the face of massive and banal evil, waging illegal wars and ruthlessly exploiting the planet. Great post keep it up.
Steve Brown - UK

Anonymous said...

In your very rural location without intenet access you sure didn't miss a trick.

Anonymous said...

Days later, points from this essay are falling into new places I had not ventured before. Its two sides of the same coin, isn't it. Of course, the rest of your work is as stylish and classy as ever, but this one, its got real power. Real longevity.



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