Saturday, April 22, 2006

Those Fat Little Lying Whores in their Spandex Hot Pants.

Notorious sleaze-bag Kate O'Beirne said something about how it was improper to leak/disclose the existence/location of secret prisons on right-wing fantasy show- Hardball the other day. It seems like everywhere you go what used to be known as journalists (but certainly can no longer be called that under the dictionary definition) are forming opinions for the mass mind or fabricating news that they then comment on- or justifying anything, no matter how immoral or illegal.

When Tony Blair wants the public to react in a predictable manner he goes to one of Murdoch’s tabloids and has something fabricated for public consumption. It doesn't matter how outrageous or false it is. How deep into the ugly shit of the day is the media embedded? All you can see of them are the bubbles breaking on the surface.

Let’s think about this. Some collection of individuals- over a fairly long period of time- gain control of all of the organs of public information. This includes radio and television as well as the print media. Hand in hand with the corporations that pay their way through advertising and hand in hand with the government that creates and applies the laws, these three formulate the common world view and enforce it. This world view is enhanced by manufactured events, Photo-shop altered photos, fake recordings and videos and news releases and opinions on the meaning of events.

Here are some of the members of PNAC; Robert Kagan, William Kristol, William Bennett, Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Richard Pearle, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfield, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, Dov Zakheim, Richard Armitage, Dan Quayle, James Woolsey, Ellen Bork, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Charles Krauthammer, John Bolton, Norman Podhertz. There are a few others. It’s a bit of an eye-opener to see that most of the architects of American foreign policy and the Iraq attack are listed here. It’s also interesting to note that some of the individuals strategically involved in compromising the 2000 presidential election are also here. It is further interesting to note that Dov Zakheim was the man in charge at the pentagon when something in excess of one trillion dollars went missing and... how about that William Kristol (who along with Robert Kagan founded PNAC) who runs the Weekly Standard? He works for Rupert Murdoch. Nah...geddouddahere! What a whole lot of coincidence I see. Of course, only a conspiracy nut would begin to connect the dots in this perfectly innocent collection of cosmic altruists.

But... what is most interesting is that PNAC called for a “New Pearl Harbor” and boom! There it is. That single event on 9/11 galvanized a gullible world into collective outrage against the Arab world and set the nation on a course of applied fascism. Since that time 9/11 has been used to justify just about everything done by the Bush administration. Since that time all questions about glaring inconsistencies in the official explanation of what took place has been suppressed. It is interesting to note the sudden appearance of 'detailed' pornography accusations against Charlie Sheen now that he's pointing the finger at all the 9/11 bullshit. Does one thing have anything to do with the other?

Now, you and I KNOW, that the Bush administration with the guidance and assistance of The Zionistas and British intelligence orchestrated 9/11. You know and I know that 9/11 was an inside job. You and I know that they control the media and the armies and the police forces and that they have some agenda at work. We can see part of that. I imagine that there are parts of it we cannot see. I imagine that the parts that we cannot see are even uglier than the ones we know about.

Let’s get back to the press. Who are these people who manipulate global perceptions and fabricate news? If you were industrious you could do the research and you could see who a large part of these individuals are. You could see who owns the companies and who sits on the Boards of Directors. You can find out where their sympathies lie politically and you can move on to what happens to people who point out the obvious.

It appears that we are outgunned. When I say we I mean those of us courageous enough to say something about it and to put ourselves in harms way as a result. Why would we do this? Is the truth that important? Does it matter what happens to other people as long as it isn’t happening to you? Isn’t it better to curry favor with the people in charge and see if you can’t get yourself some of that pie? It certainly seems so to the wooden headed flacks who fabricate the news, who spin the news, who do what they are told and who close their eyes to what is obvious in order to get closer to the honey pot.

Materialism is a funny thing. Its power is often severely under-estimated. There are men and women, hundreds of thousands of them, who will give up their honor, their dignity and their self-respect to publicly shill for a lie. They will do it over and over again. I don’t understand these people. I can’t get a handle on what makes them that way. It’s obvious that they are robot-controlled because you would expect, at least occasionally, that one of them would finally just break down on the news and scream, “It’s all a lie. I’ve been lying. I’ve been telling you what they told me to tell you. I knew better but I did it anyway and I am sorry.” But it never happens. Why is that?

These people took their native integrity and they dressed it up in thigh-high boots and hot pants and they put it out on the avenue for anyone with whatever it costs to do what they want to with them. They parade around as whores and they celebrate it. They are proud of it. Chris Mathews goes on TV every day and presents himself as a truth seeker and then gets down on his knees in front of millions of people and performs felatio on mass murderers. We get all outraged and vengeful and shocked when we hear about Charlie Manson or Ted Bundy. These cats were pikers. Bush and Cheney and all those other names I mentioned kill more people every hour than these guys did in their whole career. They torture and burn and mutilate. They imprison and frame and slander. They kill whole families every single day and it is okay.

Then Chris Mathews or any one of the other whores has them on TV and talks to them like they are, not just ordinary people- but leaders of the free world. They are treated with respect. They are believed. They lie constantly and they are caught out constantly and it doesn’t matter. Instead of sitting on death row or doing life in prison these mass murderers give speeches and send other men to war in illegal conflicts that are justified by lies that have been exposed a hundred times already.

What makes a man like Chris Mathews or Rupert Murdoch? What makes a woman like Katie O’Beirne or Ann Coulter? What do these lying faces on CNN and Fox News tell themselves when they lay in bed? They must know that they are lying whores. How could you not know? But it doesn’t seem to matter. Thousands of people are dying because of lies and greed and it is just okay. It’s just okay.

I don’t get it. Is it the power? Is it the exposure? Is it being believed and admired by people too stupid to tell the difference? Can you really enjoy being admired by people too stupid to see that you are a lying whore? Can there be satisfaction in knowing you are part of a machine that tortures and kills people on a daily basis?

We have seen- up close and irrefutably- of late, that there is no question now that these are all lying whores. Every single day the evidence of the lies mount and new lies are added. What a terrific irony that those who work daily to subvert and spin the news, who fabricate and lie, are also forced to report the truth that refutes their lies. By this time you are either cooperatively evil or too stupid to live if you can’t see this. Well, I may never get any further than I am and I may never know the perks and bennies that are the daily fare of these strange and unusual people but... at least I am not a lying whore who is proud of being a lying whore.


Anonymous said...

Dannie Jensen, Denmark.

With you all the way, but I don't love the truth. I am peak-aware and can see the lost opportuneties clearly. For me the truth is mostly gutwrenching clarity of mankinds coming die-off ... I can think of no other words to describe the future.

Good luck, kindred spirit Visible.


Have you noticed how Mike Rivero refers to people who are worried about global warming? Apparantly he considers me a nutjob. He also ignores peak-oil, instead blaming high gas-prices on oil-companies, which is really quite telling if you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dannie;

I don't usually answer in the threads because it can get time intensive. I always figure there is email for those who really need a response from me personally but I'll answer this one. I don't think Michael thinks you are a nutjob- nor do I think that he thinks people that believe in global warming are nuts. After all, global warming is a fact. What I see Michael objecting to is the doomsday proclamations from certain quarters and the 'less than' scientific reasoning that gets put out here and there. My take is that he is a serious pragmatist and doesn't take sides about anything except where things depart from the truth. He is as likely to go after a democrat as a republican. It just so happens that the republicans are just so much more incredibly fucked up than the democrats at the moment. Of course they are base cowards and hypocrites regardless but the repubs are red-eyed pastie wearing swine with pockets all over their bodies like kangaroos and little stunted cabin boys pushing whellbarrows full of swag behind them.

Personally I think 'what really happened' is the finest site on the internet and the place I go to get my news. I am distinctly honored that he notices me on occasion. It's really something when one of your heroes thinks enough of your work to link it.

I wouldn't misread his intentions- though I don't know what you are refering to- he's just aggressive about the fact that people should know what they are talking about and that what they say measures up against measureable empirical fact.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, what kind of a mind does it take not to mind being a whore, not only a whore in fact but a publicly observable whore?

George Ryan

Anonymous said...

Love you Les, you speak what I think, and I believe the great un-washed are starting to get it too. How pathetic that the whores will sell there soul for 15 minutes and a piece of gold. Peace, Dan

Visible said...

My sweet and dear friends. I have a place in Tuscany for the month of May. Should you be in the neighborhood please be my guests. And if you can't make it there. Please let me know when you would like to come to Germany or France- especially you Ann Marie- and you will be welcome. You have my word on that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the tide is turning re 'the press'
(I don't think this is a Murdock paper)

Tide turns on Dubya's wreck - from WRH


Anonymous said...

fuckin A!

We will purge these motherfuckers from our system of existence and probably foremost someone has to put a bullet in Rupert Murdoch. He's way more dangerous than any of the rest.

Anonymous said...

fucking A!

first and foremost, some patriot needs to put a bullet in every member of the Murdoch family. They are the single biggest cancer on the face of life.

Anonymous said...

I think you are making the mistake to presume that these people have honor, dignity or self-respect.

It gets me every time.

Untill I realize (again) that they have no conscious.

And whatever some may have left is killed off in their culture of greed, sadism and glorification of violence they share.

"Cremation of Care" remember.

Its considered an virtue to not care. To be a far away from what we define as being human. Caring is considered a weakness. Just as honor, dignity or self-respect.



Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter where I go. No one lays it on the line like you do. You have my sincere and heartfelt gratitude for taking it to these awful non soul bearing specimens. Sooner or later we will get things back on an even keel but I think it does mean we have to spill some blood. It is a small amount compared to them but I think we will have to be severe. You have my full support Les Visible. You are a fabulous writer. You stir the blood. Sometimes I feel when I am reading you that we are back in Revolutionary America. I don't know what you think about karma but I get the feeling you have done this before.

Visible said...

Hey D.

Come visit me in Tuscany. You don't have to be so pissed off. Everything works out- even if it doesn't look like it now. Let me fix you aood meal.

Anonymous said...

I heard you interview with Meria Heller last year and I have been reading here since.

I feel like in these days the best thing is to put together self-sufficient communities. What do you think?

Anonymous said...


Oh yeah... and they do it every day.

I really do believe it is getting better

(so many people are telling the truth now it has got to be burning Bush's asshole.) I hope his ass catches on fire so that I, a compassionate liberal, can piss on him to put it out.


Firestarter5 said...

Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

I came over from WRH. I rarely comment on these blogs, but this post was really very eloquent and moved me.

The biggest coup was the media falling in with Bush, because the media was liberally slanted before. And even though the media shifted decidedly to the right, people still believe it's liberal. The dynamic there is so ingenious and twisted and f'cked up...

Thank god for the internet and bloggers with courage like mike and yourself. Of course we now understand the zionist connections, but the power of collective denial will be hard to break. Everything rests on 9/11 -- expose that and the entire house of cards come stumbling down.

Thank you for being one of the voices.

Anonymous said...

Hey D.

Come visit me in Tuscany. You don't have to be so pissed off. Everything works out- even if it doesn't look like it now. Let me fix you aood meal.

Thanks. Thats kind of you.

But for now I will cherish my anger just a bit, I found it can be a usefull thing. Even though I wouldn't say no to a good meal. ;)

Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

I've seen where you have said that this summer will change the world. I am now convinced that you are right. If the people who have done all of these bad things possessed a conscience then they wouldn't have done these things to begin with. Reasoning this out further one must assume that they will now push for all they are worth. Well, they aren't worth shit but you get the idea. I don't know who will survive this. I just hope when payback comes that it hits the rich and powerful first and that it hits them hard.

Anonymous said...

Every member of PNAC should be under the microscope, so to speak, to discern the direction we're moving in (as opposed to the stated direction).

Take Dov Zackheim for example. A rabbi is an odd choice for comptroller of the Pentagon, but his Israeli/American dual nationality is exceedingly curious for such a position. Add to that the shrug he gave in reaction to the discovery of a trillion dollars gone missing on his watch and you have a hell of a story. But all of that pales in comparison to the business he owned just prior to taking the Pentagon job. You see, his company manufactured a system that would allow commercial passenger jets (like the ones "highjacked" on 9/11) to have their pilot control cut off and control taken over by someone at a remote location. The system was/is so sophisticated that as many as eight jets could be controlled simultaneously. Now, I don't know about you but I find that a noteworthy story, in light of what happened on 9/11. Think about this: There are no video/photographic images of any of the "terrorists" in the airports of departure on 9/11 (how did they manage to be invisible? Neat trick!), no DNA evidence of them discovered in the forensic autopsy of the Pentagon site (gone to Paradise to track down their virgins?), a loss of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS (cue Dr. Evil voice) just before 9/11..and the man who lost it just happens to own the system that would allow one to carry off a 9/11 style event? And none of this gets any press? You think maybe the media might, just possibly, be working alongside the people who carried the whole thing out?

Whenever the subject of 9/11 "conspiracy" comes up, the MSM goes on the offensive and tries to brush off anyone asking questions as being "crazy", "whacky" and "weirdoes". Nice huh? You want to know how many times I've written to every major media source with questions about Rabbi Zackheim, the missing trillion and the the remote control jet piloting system? Well, I'll tell you. I've written so many times (beyond my capacity for counting) that I have to assume that my letters were read numerous times (at the very least) and the information that I passed on, which would make for the biggest blockbuster story in the history of journalism, was not just ignored, it was *actively* ignored.

The world we live in is presently controlled by the most radical group that humanity has ever put forward. Normally, the word "radical" has a positive connotation in political thought (considering the state of the world for the past century or so) but in this case, it is a very, very dark shadow over all of us. Their plans for us, you and me, are more sinister that you are capable of appreciating (this isn't meant as a slight, it's just that the plan is bigger than you would believe). Without going into the entire appalling drama, let me just suggest that you follow the path of our beloved host here. Take your family and or your lover/s and leave the shelter of "society". Sell off every ridiculous thing that you own and use the proceeds to transition into the sweeter back-roads of this planet. Take him up on his offer for dinner in Tuscany, he will show you another world within this one, hidden in plain sight but of such little strategic value (no oil to steal, no Arabs to slander) that you will be left in peace (if you can keep your head down, working in your garden).

This world is lost. Leave and live, in the hidden green, amongst the wise and ancient stones of Europe's abandoned fortresses. Abandon this deathtrap while you still can and head to a place where the streets are too narrow for cars and a man is who he really is, not an image he's confined to from the earliest glimmers of the protomind. Live and discover the self that has been smothered under layers of parental authority, schooling, employment expectations and community rigidity. "Freedom" is just a word that has been used to enslave've never known it, take the time to find it whilst civilization burns to rubble.

Anonymous said...

Dear LesV, I apologize that this is off-topic. I'm sure you wrote today's letter to MR that starts "IMHO Charely Sheen's past is not relevant. No more than a womans past is an issue in a rape case." My e-mail is the third letter down from there, about the San Francisco Bay Guardian. I'm SO PROUD to have my letter showing up on Mike R's site, right under one that you wrote. I know MR is your hero, and you are both my heroes. I could be wrong about this but I'm sure I'm not. That letter is yours, right? Sam

Visible said...

My friend;

I did not write that but I certainly agree with it.

Justoffal said...

Greetings Mr. Visible.

Hell hath no fury like the PNAC without a reason for being.

The way too many happy coincidences surrounding the 9-11 tragedies including the miraculously well timed insurance coverage increase by the towers property owners, the late explosions, the multiple video tapes of known perpetrators for months prior to the disaster, the Presidents non-chalant actions after hearing the bad news....well sir all of it piles up to a heap of stench that cannot be denied.

Good posting as always man!


Anonymous said...

The movie United 93 seems a reasonable reconstruction of events. There was no conspiracy but Ben Laden's.

Anonymous said...

Les Viserable

I have only just found yr blog (via WRH) and it seems yr about to depart already. Pity. You are a fine writer and observer. Looks like we are on the same page re SOTW. I agree about Mike's site, except that for balance he does not put the boot into China etc. enough. They are all at it. I also quite like Rigorous Intuition. Rense seems prepared to attack the Ziocons but puts captions like 'Scores of UFO's over Madrid' under a pic of baloons thereby discrediting the true information on his site. At least he hasn't started his presidential campaign yet, unlike Alex Jones. If you have time to reply I would be interested in yr take on G Edward Griffin who wrote 'World Without Cancer' and 'The Creature From Jekyll Island' Reason I ask is because the Creature seems to be on the ball (and coherent with F2F by Russo) but the alt cancer sites don't consider Laetrile (B17) to be a stage 4 cure.

Mike posted a link to our 911 was an inside job track (WIP) and traffic shot up by a couple orders of magnitude (

On global warming, obviously fossil fuels have little influence over the Martian ice caps. This caught my attention...

and this

...from a private gold forum with a radio ham enthusiast on board.

OK. It's past me bedtime, and I have work to do tomorrow. Good to know you. Plus you attract a nice class of comments...




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