Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Strange Case of Doug Thompson and Others

Yes, I have not been around for awhile. I’ve been thinking. I’m still puzzled. I’m puzzled about Doug Thompson over at Capital Hill Blue; once a fairly entertaining source of well written commentary on administration humbuggery and various other buggeries as well. I’m puzzled about what happened to Doug as I am puzzled about what happened to Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens also was entertaining and informative at one point. He certainly went after The Royal Family (in Vanity Fair) and his dispatches from Sarajevo were illuminating. He became a full on administration butt-boy and bombastic drunk. I’ve noted other peculiar conversions. I can’t get my head around them; especially when I measure the evidence that they deny against the overwhelming clarity of the evidence. There are things you can argue about because we can’t see them, weigh them, compare them. 9/11 isn’t one of those things.

What could turn a man against his conscience? What could make a man serve his self-respect up on a platter to a mocking world? What kind of fear is powerful enough to take away a man’s pride and conviction? It must be something. I can’t imagine it. I’ve been falsely accused and facing life in prison. I was offered some things if I cooperated. I did not, even with my life on the line. Ain’t it something that I walked free against all odds? No one expected it. But this isn’t about me. It is about how I can’t understand what it is that would make a man walk away from what, for me, would remove all meaning from life.

I know that 9/11 was engineered by American Neo-cons and Zionists with the complicity of the Bush administration with assistance from the members of PNAC and the forces behind it in collusion with British intelligence forces. It’s a no-brainer. Every which way you turn it, it comes back to the same people. Whether you look at the players and events or whether you view it through the lens of cui bono it’s the same.

There are some things, like Larry Silverstein- owner of WTC #7 (which wasn’t hit by anything) calling on the phone for his building to be brought down- recorded saying it ("we should probably pull it." and then the building comes down into its own footprint. Here is the $64,000 question; how did the explosives get in there? At what point were they placed there? and... WHY? Why? W H Y ? were they placed there? Larry Silverstein was involved in the 9/11 attacks and you can take that to the bank. he certainly did- to the tune of a $500,000,000.00 profit- NO QUESTIONS ASKED. This is a big question. This may be a bigger question- when considering PRE_MEDITATION- than any other. This building wasn’t even hit. This building came down the SAME WAY the two buildings that were hit came down. They all came down at the rate of direct free fall into their own footprints. Weigh... measure... think about it. Think about Silverstein taking out terrorist insurance just shortly before the attack. And remember... this entire paragraph is 100% anti-Semitic AIPAC approved. No dancing Mossad connected Israeli's were injured during the construction of this paragraph. All evidence of interogation was supressed- "We can't talk about that." and all Israelis shipped home in protective cartons. You can be sure that the truth comes out before the label goes on.

How did those explosives- which brought down WTC #7 get into the building? Did a battalion of speed freaks race in faster than the eye can see and plant the charges throughout the entire building in the short hours between the attack and the time the building came down? This is absurd right? Therefore the explosives went into the building before the attack. What does this tell you?

I’m not going to go into why I KNOW that the groups I mentioned were behind the 9/11 attack. I have addressed that elsewhere and many others have too. You can go to What Really Happened Archives

and read and read and read.

How come, with the OBVIOUS information, implications, evidence and sheer weight of incredible disinfo and lies, that no one in the United States Congress or media has come forth to the bully pulpit and asked just the one question; when did the explosives get into WTC #7 and WHY did they go into WTC #7? Forget all the rest, answer me just this one thing.

Think about it. It’s incredible isn’t it? Think about all the incredible things that don’t add up and that do add up. Look at what is happening to Charlie Sheen ( I always did like that guy). Who is doing this?

Now ask yourself; why does the media which has all of this information ignore it? Who controls the media? You can look it up can’t you? But remember, when you get the answer that the answer you get cannot be the answer. What is right in front of you cannot be right in front of you. Welcome to Lies Incorporated. Welcome to Room 101.

Let’s go back to Doug Thompson and Chris Hitchens and all of the others who changed their POV and their politics- suddenly...

I’m going to advance a theory here. I’m not saying it is so. I’m just asking you to think about it. What pressure could make a man fold? I can think of two things. One of them is the threat of death and the other is indictment for child molestation. If you are not familiar with the Dutroux case in Belgium I suggest you investigate it and especially where it leads. You can find all you want on Google. If you are not familiar with Lawrence King and the Franklin Credit Union Child Sex Ring caper in the late ‘80’s and it's connection to the Reagan White House, I suggest you look into that too. You might even dig a bit deeper and find that scandals of this sort come up in connection with powerful groups and individuals in government on a regular basis. In Britain it seems like it’s on a timer.

My new novel “The Lolita Cage” deals with an organization that uses underage sex to control and blackmail government figures around the world. When you can get a man on videotape with “a live boy or a dead girl” you’ve got a powerful persuader. Some men are afraid to die. Some men are afraid of financial ruin. All men are afraid of their reputation utterly destroyed by the most vile of charges. This is the power in the calculated use of the slur- “anti-Semitic”. It’s ironic that present day Israelis are not even of Semitic origin; only the Arabs are.

Think about it. One day you walk into a public restroom and an 8 year old boy runs out screaming, “He touched me!” or someone brings someone by your house; say you know them casually through business, socially... they bring a child... Then again, he or she could be 16 and look older. In a moment of weakness you are the one who is fucked. The press doesn’t really distinguish between 16 and 8 or 10 that much. The damage is done.

I’m not saying they used this particular frame-up on Thompson or Hitchens. I’m just saying they used something and they use this and they use all of the others too. How strong are you against something like that? One thing we do know; something happened to Thompson and Hitchens and many others. We may not know what but we know something did.

Now look at that WTC #7 thing and ask yourself one more time, “How did those bombs get in there? When did those bombs go in there? Who put those bombs in there? And you can also ask yourself if there might be bombs in your house right now... or photos ...or videos ...or whatever it would take to make you someone you weren’t before and don’t recognize now.


Anonymous said...

Damn! You are the bomb dude.

Very good points

Anonymous said...

Somebody ought to put the salient points of this on a sign and stand outside the New York Times or any of the network studios every day until it gets some attention.

Really, when did the bombs go in there? Why were the bombs in there? Who put the bombs in there?

Sooner or later it has to come out.

George Ryan

Anonymous said...

INN World Report is and has covered the 9/11 truth movement.

They are also pretty much the only US TV news show that has covered the Harvard study "The Israel Lobby & U.S. Foreign Policy"


Dish TV Channel 9415

Anonymous said...

Noteworthy analysis on the whole Child-Molestation-As-Blackmail phenomenon. It is actually more widespread than believed (there's speculation that Hunter S. Thompson offed himself, or was suicided, over filming child snuff).

If you haven't already I highly recommend you go out, get and read David McGowan's (of Center for an Informed America fame book The Politics of Serial Murder which delves into the topic in great detail. The first chapter is dedicated to the Dutroux case alone. It is a very illuminating book to say the least, as his other two books.


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking the same things about HItchens. He's changed his tune and is now a mouth for the administration. I've also been wondering what happened to him,and like you I think he's been threatened with some diabolical charge or some thing he could not resist. I watched him on a news show and his eyes never left the table as he rambled and mumbled then cut the others off in a very unpolite manner. Some thing happened to him, and then we get the same thing happening to the Washington guy. Some thing is going on.

Anonymous said...

No question about any of that.

I've wondered about Hitchens myself.

Think about what we know and now imagine what we don't know.

maybe the hardest cross to bear is having convictions and being forced to live them.

Anonymous said...

It's simple, a person changes their tune when their family is threatened. Unless you are childless and have no relatives, this will do it!

Anonymous said...

Too bad for them that a huge portion of the world is waking up to what they are about. This is the real war. Everything else is a diversion.

I'm like you. They would have to kill me. No matter how many they kill they can't kill us all.

Anonymous said...

Great points. Somebody got to both of these people but they aren't going to say anything. Two stolen national elections. A traitorous assault by an administration against its own people. An illegal war and another on the way. I don't know what's going to stop them.

Anonymous said...

It must be heavy. You got to consider what they were putting out there before they changed. It isn't like a little light intimidation would send them away. You got to figure too that these guys knew some of the risks going in. Either there is a gun to their heads or their family is threatened or someone has some bad evidence of something. It can't be anything else.

Anonymous said...

too strange about Doug. he can see all the things he saw but he can't see anything about 911. it doesn't make sense. it has to be something else and I think you've probably nailed it. then there's the intensity of his reaction. that's extra weird.

Anonymous said...



The Witches of Fraywick are going batshit crazy.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would nuke Tel Aviv. I really really do.

Anonymous said...

Thompson said a while ago he was going to quit blogging "The Rant." Then he came back, with no explanation,(that I recall). Then he revealed he had received a "National Security Letter"


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to figure out why Doug Thompson picked 9-11 as a subject matter.

Since 9-11, not a day goes by that I don't think of it. Yes, you could call me obsessed. It's the biggest event to happen to this country in many of our lives. You can say I'm insane. It's hard to look at these things and not go off your rocker.

For a while there, I was starting to settle back into a semi-comfortable state of acceptance. If Doug Thompson hadn't put those rants out there pertaining to Charlie Sheen and his 9-11 doubts, I would have eventually closed my eyes to it like everybody else. But he did it, didn't he? Yeah, you got nutcases coming out of the woodwork...but there were also a lot of intelligent, thoughtful caring people who weighed in on the subject. Obviously, those moderating Thompson's board and Thompson himself were biased from the get-go, but the debate needs to take place.

Too many secrets. Too much government resistance to an investigation. Nothing except our imaginations to conclude what happened on the most horrible day of my life...and I don't live anywhere NEAR NYC or D.C. I'm crying now as I type this...all those people are dead and we don't even know why.

Anonymous said...

This is why I love the blogsphere. For years I didn't know if anyone thought like this and now I see it every day (the world 'is' waking up).

and I can say "Fuck GWB and his nazis" and know someone will read it and agree.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, Tantra. My favourite position is "The Plumber" - that's when you stay in all day, but nobody comes...

Re. intelligence being no guarantor of wisdom -

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

--Choruses from `The Rock', T.S. Eliot

Les, I remembered the name of that gite below Rennes Le C - it's called Le Labadou (the washing place on the stream) Still dream of Oc. best to you, mate.

Anonymous said...

You could also be asking why the Dems have been so pitifully quiet or, worse yet, "onboard" with this shit. Recall that Paul Wellstone, the most liberal Dem in the Senate, died in a very suspicious plane crash (after voting *against* the Iraq war) and that Patsy Mink, the most liberal member of the House, died of one of the oddest medical problems you're likely to find (i.e. biowarfare). They died within a month of each other. What does that say to you? What did it say to the Dems? What did it say to them on top of the "Dems only" anthrax attack which was pointedly never investigated? To me, it says "play along or we'll kill you (and while we're at it, maybe we'll kill your family too). Remember how Bush started taking Cipro *before* the anthrax attacks? Remember how much he enjoyed the executions that he alone had the power to stop? Face it, the US has undergone a political/military coup that has created a dictatorship in every-way but name. They are on the verge of nuking a country who's only sin is living atop a giant oil deposit. As it turns out, some aspect of the Christian mythology was correct after all....hell IS below!

Anonymous said...

You are concerned to know why Hitchens and Thompson have changed their tune, from being skeptical and critical of the powers that be, to more sympathetic and supportive. I cannot really say much about these writers. I have never read much of either. But, one would hope that they would be able to explain why they changed from one to the other. You'd think that they themselves would put forward such an explanation as a way to make the case that everyone who was with them being critical of power before should follow along with them into being supportive. I do not know of any such arguments by these guys. Maybe they put this kind of argument out there. Where?

So, did Hitchens explain in a reasonable way why he was at one point on the left and then woke up one day and was on the right?

Another question has been about the population in general. Why do they support the positions of political leaders or movements that do not seem to be in their interests? Why vote for someone who by all accounts will gut their retirement and health care infrastructure while bankrupting the country? Just so they can stick it to abortion doctors and homosexuals?

I have thought the underlying reason people support Bush, or the republicans and democrats in general, has been a certain fear that people have that they have no choice, and they would be harmed if they tried to go in a third direction.

So, I'd like to leave the country. Maybe there are others who would also. However, most people who have that thought also still owe on 30 year home mortgages. They have no job skills that would be worth anything outside their communities, let alone the country.

They are intimidated in many ways.

I guess I am not surprised that someone would think people like Hitchens or Thompson could be intimidatd into changing their expressed opinions. Most people are intimidated all the time.

Anonymous said...

The methodology is pretty unbelievable.

I post a lot to the message boards, informing and providing links and info to expose the connivings of neocon Zionists.

A little history...a couple years ago a former employer hired a new partner (he's no longer with our firm) and he happened to be heavily involved in AIPAC and we had a "run in" (I spoke negatively about Richard Perle & questioned 911 and possible Mossad involvement) and he had the balls to call me FROM DC and have me guess who'd just spoken to the AIPAC group - of course it was the prince of darkness himself, Mr. Perle.

Anyway, back to recent heavy postings on the message boards, I clearly pissed off quite a few of their lapdogs as evidenced by their concerted rabid-animal character attacks; five on one's a hard pill to swallow, especially when your impeccable character and integrity are attacked, but luckily I like a good challenge.

What I don't like is subsequently being contacted on the phone by one "insurance broker/agent" from NWML who supposedly got my name from a former coworker (not the former Zionist partner but another coworker).

Not knowing what was going on at the time, but finding it rather odd that I'd be a referred to when I have no children, no property and no money, I had him come in to the office and meet me to discuss this insurance (where he'd not even make enough in commissions to justify coming in to the office especially since he's a Million Dollar Roundtable Member!).

He was friendly enough and asked enough PERSONAL questions, but I figured it was all a part of the preliminary application process of LIFE insurance letting...until he mentioned that he KNEW the former partner of ours (that is a ZIONIST AIPAC FIGURE) very well and he said that this person was, "Very smart--a very smart man, you know."

So this "sayanim" or "agent" said he'd call me on Monday to go over the life insurance application, etc.

At that point I knew something odd was up and immediately contacted the person that he said referred him to me; she did no such thing.

Then I knew it was the former partner of our firm who'd contacted this pathetic loser to do a "favor."

At that point I saw it as a cat & mouse game.

When I'd post a large amount of anti-Zionist data and links on the message boards, I'd get a call or email the very next day from this
"insurance" guy (who I am now of course, avoiding) and/or a piece of mail a couple days later about setting up that application appointment that I had cancelled.

This continued on until until I finally started saying screw you to them and that I wasn't afraid and had no children, etc. with which they could scare me.

These subhuman monsters will indeed use whatever methology needed to achieve their goals and they WILL use intimidation and even murder to get rid of the obstacles.

The thing is - I'm not afraid of these asses and none of you should either.

I had to make some tough decisions in my life like not having children and being distant from my family, etc., as both will be used against you if you so decide to partake of the journey of discovery and exposing the deception that has operated for many hundreds of years on this earth.

I guess it is my belief in reincarnation that helps me be fearless in the face of adversity and I know I've fought these forms many times before and will many times again.

Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

offtopic, but when i load your page all you pieces seem to be dated march 14..

Anonymous said...

Was WTC 7 simply full of grief at the loss of its two companions?

Anonymous said...

My guess on Doug's turn around had either someting to do with alot of money or child porn.

Anonymous said...

He never really changed, it was always in him, much like Dennis Miller. Nothing but shape-shifters, their nature stays the same.

Hitchens' tune changed after discovering his jewishness; jewish-pride and coming-out is the in style.



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