Saturday, December 3, 2005

It's all about the MONEY!!!

Money!!! It’s the big one. It’s bigger than God. It’s bigger than God in the minds and the lives of God’s biggest front men; people like Ralph Reed and Pat ‘hitman’ Robertson. If money and the power it grants has a greater attraction that the source of all power in the minds of those who- we’re told- work for the source of all power; how much greater must the effect of money be on the rest of us who aren’t washed in the blood? It’s got to be narcotic.

So you have probably asked yourself, if you are one of the 10% of the world with a still functioning objective reasoning capacity; how come hardly anyone in Congress (both houses), in the ‘leeeeeegitimate media’ and… in the religious sector has had anything to say about the colossal graft and avalanche of lies that are the hallmark of this criminal administration? It’s a good question isn’t it? How come nary a congressman or a senator has taken to the bully pulpit to rouse the populace?

One possibility is that, perhaps, some few have but the spotlight of attention is not focused upon their efforts. But you know and I know that anyone with enough Crusader Rabbit in them can make the waves if they want to; can go to the barricades, can stand on a street corner, can grab airtime by sheer force of passion and conviction. It can be done. It isn’t being done.

Jack Abramoff and his sleazy, faux-Godfather persona gives us a schematic for the whole enchilada; if we are willing to see it. Word has it, in the actually ‘leeeeeegitimate media’ world of the bloggers, that up to 60 members of Congress are to some degree implicated in the Abramoff scandal. That’s 60, as in 6 with a 0 after it. That’s a lot of legislators. That’s enough legislators to overstuff a Greyhound bus.

It’s simple math and I’m hoping you are up to it because I am going to throw some logic in too and it might require you to chew gum and pay attention at the same time. I promise if you try to understand that I will do my best at my end. Okay… how do you get into Congress? You get into Congress by attracting people’s attention and getting them to vote for you. How do you attract their attention? You have to advertise. How do you advertise? You give someone money to film commercials; print posters and bumper stickers, place ads on radio and television, laminate billboards and all of what you know they have to do. You have to hire people to do many, many things. Doors have to be knocked on, phones have to be worked; get the picture? And if the other guy has more MONEY than you then he can get the message out more comprehensively. Does this make sense mathematically and logically? I believe it does.

How do you get this MONEY that you need? Traditionally people send you donations. Of course that’s not going to be enough. You need MONEY from PAC’s and corporations. Do all of these sources expect a return on their investment? You bet they do. What does this mean? This means you are there to serve their interests or… you won’t be there. The other guy will get the MONEY and you will lose.

What if, and it does happen- if only rarely- you’re not in it for the MONEY? Well then… young boys and girls might begin to appear; that accounts for a percentage. You attend a fund-raiser and coincidentally your picture is taken with an organized crime figure. You attend an affair that turns out to be something else entirely but… you ‘were’ there. Deeply funded private detective agencies scour your background and, if they can’t find anything, well, they just make it up. It’s a Photoshop world baby. But let’s face it… anyone who wants to become a politician has got something wrong with him/her anyway…usually. There’s no difference between the religious snake oil salesman and the politicians. It’s the same grease and the same hair.

So when you see it’s quiet...too quiet...think about it. Think about the arms twisting behind the backs of the ones who bent over for the opportunity to bend you over. No honest or decent soul holds their peace when organized crime is running the country. And make no mistake… the Bush Family is a crime family. From Jeb Bush’s connections to the offshore Florida boat casinos, to Neil Bush’s S&L scams to George W.’s front-boy work for the corporations and crime lords to Mac-daddy’s drug business and the BCCI, you are dealing with ‘organized crime’. Try to imagine what happens when you fuck with these people.

What if you really don’t care about the MONEY? Do you care about your family?
Everybody can be hurt somewhere and that’s why it’s so quiet...too quiet.

But somehow it comes out...somehow; not all of it by any means. But somehow we know through a variety of ways; through courageous bloggers, through honest web sites like WhatReallyHappened... because of brave prosecutors like Patrick Fitzgerald and the odd whistle blower and outraged citizen. There is some kind of mysterious power in the universe that presses the truth out before our eyes. Never before, except in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia or Red China has the press been such a catamite. And once again… where does the press get its MONEY? Its MONEY comes from corporations.

The culture and the nation are terminally corrupt and, as always with corruption, eventually it destroys the host body. Are there enough pharmaceuticals and band aids to save the patient? Well... which solution makes more MONEY? Maybe you can render down the body components for more than you can get for keeping the patient alive. I’ll leave it to your presumed intelligence to reason out how this is in fact happening already in terms of downsizing and outsourcing and Frankenstein recycling.

When you are watching a stage presentation, or a concert, you are only seeing the performance. It takes a trained eye to note all of the other things taking place that makes the performance so effective. It takes knowledge of the process to know and understand all of what had to be accomplished before the presentation even began. Most folk are neither inclined nor equipped for this. Politicians and crime families and religious organizations know that you only have to appeal to the lowest common denominator to make your nut and… this is why ‘dumbing down’ is going down at such a remarkable rate. The stupider you can make the rank and file the greater your success rate. If you’re going to be really outrageous in your scams, why then, you just make their lives a little more desperate or the distractions more pervasive. Take a hard, clear look at what I am saying. What kind of music are you hearing on the radio? The news is not presented. It is manufactured. Bad food makes you stupid too, ...but I digress.

I’d like to say wakeup but I know what you did yesterday and how much you drank last night. I know what time you went to bed and what kind of shape you’ve been in. The good news is that when your house catches on fire you may well sleep through it and never realize you are dead; not any more than you were ever actually conscious that you were alive. The bad news is that you didn’t wake up and it won’t be an open casket funeral and, oh yeah, you’re dead...

To live a passionate and noble existence is a grand thing. To intensely feel the power of being alive and to reach for your highest capacity has a return that can’t be measured in terms of MONEY and a phony PR-cooked persona... but in the end, you’ll have to be the judge of that yourself.

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Anonymous said...

super work Les. I'm sending this right off to whatreallyhappened. I hope they don't hold it against you that you mentioned them :)

You really distill it down to the essence. That is a true art.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding job. I put this one into favorites. Perhaps, just maybe if enough Americans and the rest of us can come to grips that a monopoly is driving at an ever increasing and calculated pace for world domination. The impending submission crash of American hearts, minds and souls may never occure. The information highway is the lysis of life so that one can better graph the situation in the world and make a difference for generations to come.

Hope my friends, for who needs it more than we.

Anonymous said...

You are consistently the most brilliant writer I have found. That song is the bomb!

Heather K.

Anonymous said...

I found you off of You've been there a few times that I've seen and it's no surprise that he notices you.

I'd like to ask you to maybe write something about the Bushes in a little more detail sometime if you could. I'd appreciate it a lot.

Thank you,
Kevin Alter

Anonymous said...

It sure is all about the money. that's why every single politician in Congress sweats canola oil

Anonymous said...

Like you say, they'll go down sooner or later. Pigs is the closest thing I can think of to describe them.

Anonymous said...


qrswave said...

MONEY is the grandest illusion ever believed by so MANY PEOPLE at once.

And INTEREST on money is the most powerful WEAPON of MASS DESTRUCTION the world has ever known.

INTEREST reaches inside a mother's womb and sucks the life out of her fetus.

Anonymous said...

'complicit' is the word you are looking for Visible

Anonymous said...

Wail on brother. We hear you.

Catnapping said...

Brilliantly written, Les. Thank you for bringing some clarity to the subject.


Anonymous said...

Well written and right on to boot!
Now let's figure a way to get this prominently displayed everywhere including the text books.

Revolution is the solution!

Anonymous said...

True. However the vine of Fitzgerald has produced little fruit for all the watering it has received.



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