Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie Williams Goes Free...

Tookie Williams left the California prison system a few hours ago. He must be feeling pretty good right about now. It may be that he suspected it all along; that he knows what I and some few others know… That death ends nothing. I am sure he now knows that everything really is backwards; that the body was a coffin, that you wake up when you die, that it is 'more real' in the after life and that it is 'less real' here.

He went out with a calm dignity that further convinces me that he didn't do the murders that he was charged with and that the state set him up. In consideration of the personalities of his accusers and their subsequent careers I smell more than one rat. The tale of the shotgun under the bed at the home of James and Ester Garrett, who were being investigated for the murder of their crime partner…well that charge was dropped. And the shotgun shells came from a store that Garrett had robbed the year before. But I won't bore you with all the inconsistencies, not when you got Fox News and all the other big gang media to help you form an opinion

It sure would have been nice if they had had any real evidence except that of people under heavy threat from the po-lice; if they had had just one civilian witness, one fingerprint, one anything. It does make you wonder how, in four brutal murders there was no evidence except for LA Confidential style testimony. Here you have a young man doing an urban Badlands all over the place and nada… just nada. A reason would have been nice. Gain certainly wasn't a reason. It would make you wonder, if you had a brain. You might even feel something if you had a heart. If you had any sense of mystery and awe you would surely nod and thank your lucky stars that you weren't Tookie on the streets of LA

Only a fool believes that a man of Tookie's criminal stature and standing would just, apparently for recreational purposes and small gain, go out on a murder spree (the way many of you, unable to engage in a rigorous demands of bowling- or to actually fit on the lanes- might spend an evening getting in and out of your cart at a miniature golf course for whites only.)

It makes all the sense in the world that he was railroaded off of the streets.

I recognize that, according to the cattle grazing across the land of the free, Tookie was a wolf. I won't bore you with talk about environments and economics. I won't go into the initial reason that the Crips came into being. Do I have to mention the date that Tookie got sent down or how many Crip members there were? Have any of you bothered to match dates with timelines? Do you think Tookie managed International Crips Assoc. from inside?

The Republican Party is a gang. How many people have they killed? Bush's press mouth says they killed 30,000 Iraqi's with the help of another gang, The Dems. They were careful to note that these weren't 'official' figures but taken from official media sources. Are you that goddamn stupid? Why wouldn't the government have the figures? Why would the government need the media for figures? The reason is that they killed well over 100,000 Iraqi's, that's why, and you don't care and you don't question; you don't connect the dots and the hand never leaves the sleeve.

Back around so many hundreds of years ago, after the fall of another decadent hog wallow of a society, that had had a moment or two of grandeur before it fell, there were a lot of gangs running around; the Huns, the Teuts, the AngloS, the Goths, the Vandals… so many… Honorious went butt-up and Stilicho went down and the gangs went to town. Where did we get whatever came after all of that; the cities on the Danube and wherever human rats congregate in search of sex and wealth and power? We got it from the gangs. Civilization always comes out of disorder.

Gangs have roamed America since America got here. Gangs in uniforms wiped out the Indians. Nobody went to jail for that. Gangs brought black men in chains from Africa. Nobody went to jail for that. Gang bosses machine-gunned miners and burned their children in their tents. Gangs have always been here. Don't talk to me about how Tookie formed a gang and then the gang killed thousands and thousands of people and how he wouldn't get down on his knees and suck the great state of California's dick and say, "Massa, massa dis po nigga did rong." Fuck the great state of California and Arnolt too, for that matter. If he didn't kill those people he doesn't need to say so. He doesn't need to keep repentin' and 'pologizin and bowing and scrapin and "Load! Load! plezz doan let me die hea in dis col col jail. I'ze be a goooood nigga now."

The Pubs and the Dems are the big gangs in town and they don't brook no competition. The competition goes to jail. When people run foul of Mac Daddy Bush's drug cartel, they go to jail. Shit happens to the poppy and war happens cause of Poppy. Don't talk to me about gangs. Once gangs have been around long enough they get that fancy logo, they get the traditions the red leather chairs with the gold rivets, the limos and the ladies and the young boys… they get the fancy hand signs. What's the difference between the Mason's and the 18th St. Boyz? The amount of power. Both of them got the hand signs. Don't talk to me about gangs.

Bilderberger is a gang. The Council on Foreign Relations is a gang. The Royal Society to Tongue the Ass of the Queen is a gang; no not Elton, Lizabeth. United Fruit is a gang. The longer a gang has been around, and depending on whether it was successful at surviving, the stronger and the richer and the more respectable that gang got. Eventually that gang gets laws and po-lice and gets to put upstart gang leaders to death.

Tookie went out cool. Tookie was amused that the old gang techs couldn't find a vein. Tookie got 12 minutes more of 'this' life. Well, he'd hung around in The Man's leeeeeegitimate prison for plenty years, he could spare a few more minutes. Maybe he knew that he was just going through a door the others couldn't see. Everybody goes through that door… living or dead or whatever you want to call it. Tookie walked right out. Yellow-back George won't walk out like that. Sneerin' Dick'em Cheney won't walk out like that. Don't talk to me about gangs. I know where gangs come from and I know why. I know about order upon disorder and I know who it serves 'here' and who it serves 'there'. Hey, Jean Lafitte was a pirate. I guess he had a gang too.

The big gangs got lots of small gangs that do the things the big gangs can't do. Right now little gangs are shooting the shit out of people in the Middle East, planting car bombs, pulling fingernails and rapin' and pillagin' as gangs are known to do; "rape and pillage, rape and pillage, let's go out and burn a native village, you can't have one, you can't have one, you can't have one without the ottthhhhhhher." And all of this because a big gang engineered an assault; a PNAC new Pearl Harbor manifestation of a new manifesto, on a couple of big buildings in New York City. Shit! Larry Silverman hardly had time to say "get me some terror insurance" (before the fact) before his building went down out of plain fear… or wait a minute, they've got him on tape saying "We're gonna bring it down." Don't talk to me about gangs.

I want to take a moment here to thank Tookie Williams for his outstanding work while he was here and to congratulate him on escaping from the big gang's jail house. I'll close with a memory I have of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie owned some stock in Planet Hollywood and it so happened I was at the Lahaina P.H one night when Arnie was in town and it so happened that I was sitting there when Arnie went by my table surrounded by a bunch of big guys in suits. My initial impression, which remains with me, is the fear on Arnie's face. The other impression was that he was a lot smaller than I thought he would be. He was smaller than me, probably wider (grin) but smaller. He looked like a little guy and he looked scared even though he was surrounded by leeeeeegitimate gang protective guys. I turned to my friend and said, "So that's what you get for success?" My friend said, "I wouldn't want to be him." "Me neither" I replied.

In memoriam of Stanley Tookie Williams for his outstanding tale of redemption and all of his efforts for the betterment of the human race; for his courage in not getting down on his knees for the big gang leaders and for standing tall and with humble dignity in the face of false charges and for the creation of a tabla rasa in the ethers as a path laid out to be walked later on for anyone who later on goes astray. Go with God.

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Catnapping said...

"...more or less."

Bush said 30K killed, "more or less." See? He didn't lie.

[source: nazi repuke talking points]

Anonymous said...

Freaking outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!

You should get a Pulitzer for this!


Anonymous said...

You are the love child of Jimmy Breslin and Gore Vidal and I mean that in every good way. I concur with the last comment. This is stirring work.

Anonymous said...

The state executed a worthless piece of crap this morning. Tookie was not Ghandi, not King, not Mandela---he was nothing more than a murdering gangbanger.

His books were SO influencial, that Tookie's OWN SON is in prison for murder and another son was being sought in November for raping a child. (Sidebar: how many kids did he create w/o fathering---mothers w/o marrying?). BTW, the books were created as part of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Tookie's handlers fooled a whole bunch of leftist wingnuts (including white kids trying to grow dreads, wearing patchouli, playing hacky-sack in their hemp clothes, etc.) who continue to be brainwashed by liberal college professors (like the fraud Ward Churchill among others).

Tookie was the poster child for the death penalty if there every was one!

Redemption is for people who have a shot at parole, not death row inmates. For me personally, the death penalty is about revenge and justice, not rehabilitation or redemption. Tookie was BEYOND being redeemable.


Anonymous said...

"He doesn't need to keep repentin' and 'pologizin and bowing and scrapin"

WHEN did Tookie EVER apologize for anything? IF you mean the ridiculous "I apologize to the black people" comment he made a month ago...that was a joke. He has not 'bowed' or 'repented' or anything...you were FOOLED by the man---he and Farrell and Jackson and Becknel FOOLED YOU---you have been TRICKED and DECEIVED!

And to Erin: "outstanding" and "Pulitzer"...what is outstanding about the spewing of a madman who compares the President to Crip gangbanger? It's pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post!

"My initial impression, which remains with me, is the fear on Arnie's face. The other impression was that he was a lot smaller than I thought he would be."

Nice metaphor for the system right now, they are running scared, and they are a hell of a lot smaller in numbers than we are. This needs to be emphasised right now.

Thanks for helping to wake the gang of lions from their slumber!

You anonymous dudes should read the comments on the last post; "Quo Vadis, Tookie Williams?"
you might learn something ...

Anonymous said...

Whether you're a Pub or a Dem it don't matter. America's gonna get fucked in about a half a dozen years anyways.

Fuck this shit, it's just an endless debate that'll lead to an excuse for MARTIAL LAW.

Enjoy, bitches

Anonymous said...

as always you have your finger on the pulse. i see you have attracted a certain amount of lint here. given the evident lack of intelligence on their part i would say they make a great counterpoint to your suave brilliance. i love the part about the barbarians and Rome.

Cletus Maximus

qrswave said...


Thank you.

Tookie finally has peace.

Anonymous said...

I know the truth when I hear or read it. I just read it. Don't ever stop writing.

Wonder Boy

Anonymous said...

When they framed the black men,
I remained silent;
I was not a black man.


When they framed me,
there was noone left to speak out.

Anonymous said...

Too little, too late... Tookie lived a life-span that he took away from the child he killed, not to mention his other victims... the world is a better place without that piece of human-waste here... now, he's redeemed!

Anonymous said...

A world would be a better place without those who think a world would be a better place without somebody..

Go with God Tookie.

Too bad that child in Iraq that will die this hour from an airstrike will not get as much publicity.

One death--a tragedy, one thousand deaths--statistics.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, fitting eulogy Les. Vaya con dios :)


ladybroadoak said...


It's so easy to judge when you weren't even there, isn't it? I wasn't there at the scene of the crimes, but that doesn't make me deplore the death penalty any less -- nor dubious as to the motives of those who want to "use" violence as a deterrent to violence.



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