Thursday, October 6, 2005

History is Bunk

So says Henry Ford or, should I say, so ‘said’ Henry Ford. As far as entrepreneurs who turned into financial titans Ford was no better nor worse a human being than the rest. When seeking to find why Ford was the way he was it is always good to look at what happened to him too.

My take on why Henry said what he said is based on his appreciation of the journalism of the day. Journalism hasn’t changed much and a lot of what we know as journalism accounts for what we know of history; the record of the day. Henry saw the lies of his time manifest daily at his breakfast table.

I’m not going to get into morality issues here. I am not so callow as to miss the hard choices and necessities of judgment on the part of people with a whole lot of money. I know how money works at a basic level; often independent of the humanity or lack of it in any possessing it. For me money is a means to an end and I only want enough to achieve my ends which are almost exclusively based on the desire for privacy and potential for movement; other needs are secondary and should be assumed as a matter of course in the lives of any one of us.

Today’s journalism is more yellow than my short-haired St. Bernard, ‘Poncho’ could have made it after snarfling down a couple of quarts of Ballantine Ale that I might have poured into his dish.

Where I depart from the methods of conclusion practiced by many here is that I ‘try’ to carefully read and analyze what is being presented. I ask myself, “Why are they saying this?” I try to look at the other hand when the principal hand is in motion. The hand is quicker than the eye.

Most people have a basic faith in what they hear through official sources. I often hear the disclaimer, “Why would they lie?” on the matter of 9/11 one hears, “Oh come on, it would take hundreds of people to be involved in something like that. Someone would have said something.” Au contraire; it took only those involved in passing the hi-jackers through the gates. After that we don’t know what happened on the planes. The black boxes just aren’t there. As for the follow-ups and scrambled jets we know they were ordered to stand down via Cheney and we know that the writ to empower who and when had been adjusted just a few short months previous. In fact all sorts of uncanny activity went on about this both before and after.

If one cared to know one only has to go HERE and there is a vast and comprehensive selection of resources in the sidebar to the left. If one doesn’t care to know one voids the right to an opinion except to operate as a strolling companion for the man wearing the “I’m with Stupid.” T-shirt.

To give an opportunity for the pariah dogs under the porch to howl I should point out that the same Israeli security firm was in charge of ‘all’ 9/11 affected airports, the Madrid train station and the London tube at the time of the attacks. That Israeli security firm is ICTS. You’ll be heartened to know that an Israeli security firm is now in charge of security at America’s nuclear facilities. Magal Security Systems is now guarding nuclear facilities and weapons storage sites. Look it up. I’m not going to do your research for you. If you add in the activities of Odigo software and other proprietary systems and factor them in with ongoing information thefts you get quite a haul; mere coincidence of course. And when you add it to all the other coincidences, well, mere coincidence of course.

I’m including here a link to a bit torrent site where you can download the 4 part Fox News (yes, that’s right, Fox News) report on Odigo and other hanky panky expeditions. This report was removed from the Fox web site immediately after it was given and they have been after the free distribution of it non-stop. Good luck guys.

Here’s the link for the report.


You’ll need Bit Torrent to download this. You can get it all over the net. I see where I am one of only ‘two seeds’ still offering the thing. Better hurry if you care. Of course I could email it to any account that will accept a little over 50MB’s but I’m only going to do this a few times.

Someone took exception to my calling Bush a criminal. Administration policies toward those detained at Abu Graib and Gitmo tell all one needs to know about global law-breaking. And I could go on and on. Yesterday the Senate gave the stormtroopers in the White House a black eye when they voted 90 to 9 not to allow the procedures that were in place to continue. The White House objects to this. It’s all about making you safe people. Yes, one of these days you are going to be really, really safe. Just wait. Waiting and head-ducking have real historical precedent; being as we are talking about history and our perception of it. Maybe you have heard the phrase, “History is written by the victors.”?

Have you seen the things I have mentioned anywhere in your mainstream news? Take some time to ponder the links at Look at the sheer weight of contradictory evidence and ask yourself this- Why are there so many contradictions? When you see the size of the holes in the official story; large enough to drive a fleet of trucks through you have to assume they are lying. Why are they lying? Cui bono.

Dismissing me as a crank is pointless without a supporting argument. No one here or elsewhere has yet taken the time to point by point refute my arguments. The reason is they can’t. Can you? Go therefore and do so. Take the time not to appear as an uniformed dog barking at what it can’t see and hasn’t looked at. First of all it makes you look bad and second of all it doesn’t impress me. I’m after the truth at whatever cost. I don’t give a hang about reputation and I don’t give a hang about slander and imprecation. Prove me wrong and I will be grateful, very grateful.

It begs the question of why I would address this issue at all. What’s in it for me? I already know enough to come to various conclusions and there’s no financial reward, or otherwise, in my pointing these things out. Where’s my end? My needs are covered and I live apart from the scurrying about for survival that hallmarks the lives of most. I am free to come and go where and how I will. My issue is to defend against the impact of lies on the behavior of the populace. I want the greatest good for the most people and that can’t happen when the few manipulate circumstances for their exclusive benefit.

What I really want you to do is ask questions and weigh evidence. Wonder and inquire. When you do this you add to the overall awareness of an informed public. I have not included 1% of the information I possess. You can get a good idea of what it is at the web site I keep mentioning. When you join the few, the brave, the aware who seek to be objective you become a force for disclosure. Many of you don’t care. I understand that. Self interest runs your life. Unfortunately for you it doesn’t run as strong as it does in the lives and actions of those deceiving you and you don’t have anything like their temporal force.

Is it or isn’t it? Seek or remain force-fed. History is bunk but everything leaves a trail.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding Les!


Visible said...

I should point out here that I used Henry Ford for a reason. i am well aware of associations with Hitler, the accusations about anti-semetism and racism. At the time I posted this at another location I was being provocative for a specific agenda. It's not so relevant here, so, if you are confused about my using him it is only in respect to the given quote, no other aspect of him should be considered in the context of this post.

Catnapping said...

thank you for forcing this topic in the open. there are many who really want it to go away.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the courage to say these things. Nothing is getting said anywhere else except in the blogsphere and certain websites.

You have my admiration and respect.

Dr. George C. Ryan

Anonymous said...

much better Visible and very sobering


Anonymous said...

Cogent and assumption-challenging post. Back to the top of my bookmarks you go.

The truth, yes, that is what we want, wherever it may lead. We are unafraid.

Sometimes I believe that there reason such deception is allowed to continue, such blaring inconsistencies to be ignored, is that the congitive dissonance is so powerful, that it is truly too frightening for most to grapple with, as Hoover once said...'The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.'

Please continue to fight for truth. No matter the cost. Would but the rest of us gather the courage you display...

Anonymous said...

A very powerful essay.

For me at least, history can give an idea of the way aggressors think, their strategies and tactics, and what their next move may be.

By no means do I think history is to be taken word for word. Quite the opposite, history needs to be pulled apart strand by strand, and held up to the light of truth in order for the nuance and the message to be understood.

Much the same as boxers (or any other athlete) study their opponents, the greater population needs to be interested and committed enough to study the game being played (and which has been played many times before) in order to play a few moves ahead.

Tyrants and oppressors have dealt in the same currency for centuries...and if the greater population could realize this - then the stranglehold is broken.

best regards

qrswave said...

Ah, but alas, Anonymous above me, dumbing down the populace is always part of the plan.

Lies and deception is the key ingredient of the colossal swindle.

Collect interest through income tax; keep the population, poor.

Tax knowledge through legal fiction (copyright); keep the ignorant, uninformed.

Poor and ignorant, the majority remains until nothing short of a miracle rights the wrongs.

Though it seems like eternity, Justice is only a blink of an eye away.

In the meantime, keep fighting the battle to stay informed and enlighten those who are not.

We all have a role to play.

Anonymous said...

Les, another sycronistic moment!



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