Friday, October 14, 2005


I had to go away for a week and now I am going away again, this time for about a month. I won't have internet in the home I am renting and I don't know what will be available in the area. I suspect there should be an internet cafe somewhere around and if that is the case I can prepare my essays and then just drop in and post them when I'm in town.

I want to thank all of you who have been reading here and at the other location and especially for your support via the comments section and in emails. I haven't been able to get by some of your blogs as I usually like to do. Generally I don't respond in the comments section so, once again I will mention that emails are the way to get reciprocal communications out of me.

Blessings and good fortune all around. I'll try to get something up the beginning of next week.

Les Visible

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Anonymous said...

it's been a pleasure Visible - I hope all is OK and look forward to your future efforts
take care

qrswave said...

enjoy your time off.


Catnapping said...

I sure hope there's a cafe around so you can drop a note to us. We're sure gonna miss you.

qrswave said...

Where are you, Les?

We need you!!!

Anonymous said...

Like I said elsewhere, hope you get back soon.


Anonymous said...

Cooooee! Visible


Visible said...

I'm working on it Tony. Right now I am serializing my new novel at this location

I'm up to Chapter Eight so far.

Check it out if you like to read thrillers. You have to page back to the start or you can go to the top of whichever post you find by me (apollonius_) and click on 'more by this user' (then you will see all of them) or you can search for "The High Thin Whine" or "Chapter One" on through Eight with the search function. I post under the name- apollonius_

I'll be back on soon

fembot said...

You have been gone a very long time, my friend.

Return safely.

Anonymous said...

in anticipation
Yaeh! Visible
forgive me - i think you are ready for us again
i know you have been warming up at the fray (OR MOONLIGHTING ..)in the last few days
They talk back to you .. we dote
Which is more gratifying - talking back or doting
Oh! sorry


Catnapping said...

the fray is a perfect waste of time, in fact.

...a place filled with hacks, liars, and plagiarists...and we all know who they are. i said...a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

a very incestuous location




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