Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Smoking Mirrors Philosophy

I’ve been thinking about this blog and why I don’t do more here and I realize it is because there are thousands of people reporting the facts and many of them are far more informed and erudite on such matter than I am. You don’t need the facts from me. You can get the facts; provided the facts are comfortable for you and don’t compromise your world view in a painful way… you can get the facts by researching and sifting. You can start with the given that anything in the mainstream media is a lie and that anything outside the mainstream media may well be true. You can also use this yardstick as well; no matter how strange something may be that you hear outside the mainstream media it is certain to be truer than anything heard inside the mainstream media.

Everyone who works in the mainstream media, or let’s say 99% of them are liars, whores or lying whores. Nearly everyone in the government is a hypocrite and a liar and a coward. Let us measure our leaders by their reluctance to stand forth and tell the truth. As we can see; or should I say, as we ‘can’t’ see- very few politicians and office holders are making any noise. No one is standing up and calling bush and his minions for the liars and thugs that they are. These men and women are to be judged by their silence. In the words of Richard Lovelace; “Yet this inconstancy is such; as you too shall adore; I could not love thee, dear, so much, Loved I not honor more.”

I have personally challenged bush and cheney- at the same time- to a steel cage match for the fate of the human race. I am perfectly serious. I am willing that they should both have knives as well. I will take only a kubotan. The fact that these men are too cowardly to take me up on this offer does not detract from the serious intent on my part. What I’m saying is, “Let my people go.” I’m willing to put my life on the line and I HAVE put my life on the line quite a few times. I am appalled at, disappointed in and embarrassed for all of you in the media, government, public life, entertainment or wherever you are with what influence you wield. I am ashamed of you! That you cannot stand up in this grievous hour tells me all I need to know about the temper of your honor. Your integrity is on the sidewalk in white thigh boots and micro mini.

Let me apologize now to the rest of the world for the ugly, venal behavior of the American government and a large segment of trough-feeding livestock who have forgotten that they go on two feet. Let me apologize to all real Christians for the behavior of the fundamentalist Nazis. Let me apologize to the human race for the very existence of the Zionist impulse. Let me ask that the larger body of humanity not be judged according to the behavior of these reptiles.

Peoples of the world please hear me. Agents from dark dimensions are hijacking human forms and using them to wreck havoc upon the landscape. Organizations such as Bilderberger and assorted banking and corporate interests are working ceaselessly for the enslavement of the human race. But THERE ARE things you can do… IF… you will do them. If we all- collectively, no longer watch the mainstream news; no longer read the daily newspapers, no longer purchase any goods from a global corporation, no longer invest in them, no longer cooperate in the enslavement of our fellows you will find the machinery begins to wind down to a stop. Pull the plug. Don’t buy advertised products.

The machinery operates because you pay attention to it. You power the thing. Yes, you have families; but we all belong to the human family. You are making deals with the devil to survive and that is the treadmill philosophy that grooves you on the rails from the cradle to the grave. Renounce your forced allegiance to your oppressor. Toss a spanner in the works. It is time for revolution. It is time to act and not to act. It is time to be smart. They rely on you. You are their food. You can starve them.

I’m going to give you a good example that speaks volumes. Years ago radio stations and whoever, came up with the idea of giving away promotional t-shirts. This was good advertising and you were a willing billboard for them. Over time they began to sell these things, they’re not free anymore and now you pay good money to wear their advertising on your body. Is Tommy Hilfiger paying your rent? Is Clear Channel buying your food? Are any of these companies paying your way? Do you need a goddamn t-shirt that bad? Stop being a whore. Not only are you a whore, you are paying the person who is fucking you. Walk away. Think about what I’m saying.

Journalists organize; refuse to lie- form your own organizations. Everyone; …just walk away. This doesn’t have to be violent; even though they will work that angle, it won’t work. Stop paying your taxes. They cannot put millions of people in jail. Refuse to join the military. Boycott the 4th of July. Openly admit that the country has been hi-jacked. You want to wear advertising? Be creative. Wear, “the 2004 election was hijacked, just like the two before.” Wear “9/11 was an Inside Job.” Wear, “bush and cheney bombed the WTC and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” Wear, “Storm Gitmo.” Be creative.

Stop nodding your head. Stop being a whore. Stop being a coward. Don’t cooperate. You don’t have to resist, just don’t cooperate. Tell the truth; stop being reasonable with the unreasonable. Laugh, laugh at the devil.

I’m going to use this space to exhort you rather than to inform you. Get your information elsewhere. There are plenty of sources. Stop lying to yourself and then stop lying to others. You are more powerful than these forces which have seduced you into believing in their legitimacy and strength. They are illegitimate and they have no strength.

Turn off the TV. Make ‘bullshit’ a mantra, every time you see advertising. Refute it in your mind. The power of such collective rejection is beyond what you can presently imagine.

Here’s one final example. Who is more important to the process; the artist who creates it or the business personnel who sell it? Is there music without business? Is there music without a musician? Are there songs without business? Are there songs without a songwriter? Well then, how come business is the arbiter and how come business, which has no taste (otherwise they would be artists) is manufacturing art? The artist has been cut out of the process. The ‘real’ artist has been cut out of the process. Why? …Because they have the uncomfortable habit of telling the truth. That is why you have Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake and American Idol and the lot instead of what the 60’s wrought. They are not going to tell you the truth. This is why all the ports are being closed to the creative spirit- it compromises the intentions of business. And this is how you get whores. This is why Mother Nature is on her knees blowing industry executives in back alleys. Afterwards they’ll beat her and push her out of a speeding car down by the docks. They won’t bother to pay her. This should be payment enough.

Does it affect you that your mother is treated like a whore? Or are you even now trying on your own outfit and making that appointment for a tongue ball? You like porn? You want to be a star? Get in line. Bend over and wait.

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Anonymous said...

There are quite a lot of us waiting for the opportune moment. Lots of great ideas.


Anonymous said...

Now that is the Les Visible I know and love. I respect your increasingly spiritual take on all things but we need the fire too. These fuckers need to be SHUT DOWN! Good work!!!


The entire membership of Bilderberg needs to be stoned and dragged through the streets of Paris to Madame Le Guillotine.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I can't believe they are just letting it happen. They will go down though, they always do.

Anonymous said...

Someone alot smarter than me recently commented that the reason the counter-culture of the sixties succeeded so well -- scared the establishment so much -- was that the counter-culture renounced the consumerism of the 'men in the grey flannel suits.' Also, most of the things 'hippies' needed they got from second hand stores or bartered for among their friends.

You are exactly right, all evil needs to prevail is for good people to do nothing. Let's stop doing nothing.

-- Ed

Anonymous said...

Guys, This is heavy stuff! Still very valid things to say though. I'm really only into reading about real politics on my European vacation trips. And then of course I'm mostly out of blogging range. Though with my new laptop I will be better equipped next month.

Keep it coming,



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