Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Well, Hello There!

Rats. I go and start a new blog and don't put anything up and I see people have already been here. Well, I'm jammed right now but that will pass. this blog will feature my more eccentric stream of consciousness offerings. Anything could show up here and probably will. Mostly I will focus on the murderous psychopaths running the American government and their henchmen and women abroad. I'll also be taking my usual dark view on cultural dysfunction and the vast leechfield it creates behind the back wall of the property.

Hopefully you'll tune in and hopefully I'll be here. We've got to do something about the exponentially increasing garbage or we're going to get buried under it. I'll be talking about technical inovations that I'm considering like portable battery packs that store the energy produced by the friction of the rubbing thighs of the vast obese public as they walk from Burger King to their car. Of course, many of these people only go through the drive in and don't walk much at all. But, given the millions in this state I think we could power a lot of small towns and help to make the world more energy efficient. Something doesn't sound right there. Hmmmm.

I'll be talking about the strange synchronicity between the the immeasurable stupidity and avarice of the political leaders and the mirror image of the once human field animals that now populate the landscape. It goes without saying that the hypocrisies of the Schiavo case and the shrill squeaking of dangerous evangelicals running in disordered packs through the carnival landscape of serial killer Disneyworld will also be addressed.

Never before have we had such an abundant crop of clueless, driven nutjobs willing to hold forth on any subject so long as they know nothing about it. Never before has it been such a virtue to lie with total abandon. Never before have such a an avalanche of preposterous fantasies been accepted wholesale as the truth. Believe me, we can get it for you wholesale.

Never before has there been such an enormous population of witless materialists gorging themselves on chemical entres with the nutrition factor and taste of a urinal cake. The degree and speed of the descent into entropy is frightening.

From reality TV to the robot talking heads, from the attention given to pandering liars like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and the agenda driven swill of the Drudge's and O'Reilly's it is a sight to behold- or rather turn away from. I would never have imagined that the human race was as stupid and gullible as it has proven to be. On the margins, tsunami's and earthquakes, vicious wars and genocidal activities financed by London bankers are testimony to the outraged reactions of nature. Nature? we left that behind. We screwed her and sold her and then pushed her out of a moving car in the early hours of Sunday morning on to the streets of an urban ghetto.

Tell me, if you're driving somewhere that you kind of think you know you are going but the landscape is becoming more and more bizarre and uncertain; wouldn't you, if you were normal, wonder if you were headed in the right direction? NO, not our stalwarts- "forward into the valley marched the six hundred." or something like that. "Once more into the breech", "Yes Sir, Colonel Custer."

Well, you ain't seen nothing yet. The clowns in the front seat have no intention of looking at the map or listening to the people in the back. They've got a glazed insane look in their eyes and they are fucking well going to do whatever they fucking want.

I could say, watch yourself. I could say, get rid of that cellphone and take a moment to think about who you are and what you are doing. I could ask you if you are that much of a coward that you cannot speak out. I could ask you whither is that heavy flesh laden, poor breathing, non pushup doing, drenched in scents and cosmetics stinking carcass you are riding headed; but what's the point? You won't know till you get there and you damn well aren't going to listen to me. I told you the bridge is out. It's your call when you floor the accelerator and give me the finger out the window as you drive away. I could tell you to take those yellow ribbons and fatuous parades and anthems and swelling patriotic rhetoric and marching boots and SUV's and inane, profanity-laden jackhammer-rape soundtracks and all the petroleum based products of various plastic compositions and stick them where the sun don't shine... but you've already done that and joined them in close-pressed confines of the basement torture chamber you have constructed beneath the floorboards of reality. But I have no sanguine expectation that you will hear it above the rumbling of your stomach or the serpentine exhortations of the cheerleading goblins who are directing you through the gates over which is inscribed, "Abandon all hope ye who enter here."

It's right in front of you and all around you and you don't see it. Subsequently a very large percentage of you are going down with the garbage scow upon which you sail. The choice exists in every moment through which you pass. The idea that the 'truth', 'sanity' and 'action' lies in the midst of the largest crowds is, uh... no...it doesn't. Wait until the stage catches on fire and you find the exits are chained. Wait until you see the behavior of your moments previous civilized companions. Watch the formica veneer melt to expose the raging beast within.

I'm not sure what you can do to halt the inevitable. It seems the movie needs to demostrate the timeless truths of falling by the wayside. But individually you can do something for yourself and those you love. Regardless of the surrounding aspect of unreality, reality does exist and unreality is no challenge to it except in your mind. Change your mind while you can still save yours ass. Change your mind and your perspective and your world will accomodate. Nature exists only to mirror and respond to you. Depending on what you think and do, so depends her response. She's sweeter and more accomodating than you can presently imagine but, oh my friend, you don't want to see here when she's pissed off. And she is getting very pissed off. Sometimes we think that when we can bully something, when we can use it and piss on it and pass it around that this is an indication of powerlessness. You get to think that just because you always got away with it that you always will. Don't mistake Love for weakness. A mother loves her children and tolerates a great deal because she knows they are children... but the spanking that will come, finally, after prolonged abuse has no reference point to what you may remember from your own childhood. It's a whole other thing.

Well now, I got caught up and just went flying off. Now I do have to get back to work. I'm glad we had this opportunity to chat. Carry on.

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Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to break this virgin ground. Even when you are rushing and don't seem to be paying attention you still kick ass on every level you operate on. Splendid work and spot on! I look forward to this. If the truth be told I did miss the passionate outrage. It's absence may be one of the reasons we have seen so little of that fellow Ci-inc around as of late.

Well, I am pleased, this is a sort of "double your pleasure, double your fun" squared and it doesn't require chewing gum at the same time.

z a

Anonymous said...

Oh goody! more! more!


Anonymous said...

The art of the rant.

Anonymous said...

i am renewed Visible



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