Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Gee, Whatever Happened to Those Terror Alerts?

Well, I'm just so puzzled. Remember all those terror alerts that were just coming into the news every day before the election? Whatever happened to them? And what about the Gannon thing with the male prostitute in the White House; it's always boys or men when it comes to Republicans. Democrats prefer women even though they often show litttle taste in the selection. Believe me, if I were president I could do better than Moncia Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers. I can do better than that now.

And why's the media blacking out the reasons that the Italian journalist got shot; she got shot after already being waved through the Green Zone. And what about, and what about and... and... the mind numbs, the eyes blur, the head bows and peripherally you get a good view of the other cattle grazing on the poisoned landscape. Later you can go back to the corral for some crushed bone meal made out of your fellows. You want fries with that?

I am in constant awe of the spectacle of sophistry and eel-shit that this porcine, rapacious administration is got up to. I look at cardboard boy George and clearly, clearly I have only two judgments I can make on him; he's criminally stupid or he's a criminal. And all up and down the block, bright men and women- supposedly bright men and women are lining up to get inside the camera view with Goofy. It's a different kind of Disneyland where Goofy has rabies and Terri Shiavo is the gate greeter. It's proof that no matter how smart you think you are, if you have no moral compass you become whatever your appetite wants.

Rove's been observed attending high level gay orgies at select D.C. hotels. It's only fair since he can't really hang out in his former watering hole in D.C. due to the high visibility. The private life of the powerful, it just doesn't change. I close my eyes and see J. Edgar in his yellow pinafore backing up in seething estrus toward Clyde. Yes it was reported and forgotten. Hey, so what? We got the guns and we got the votes- Who cares if Roy Cohn and Cardinal Spellman used to stock Roy's boat with young boys of a weekend and go on a trouser trout fly fishing safari? Same as it ever was...

-oh yeah Rep. Conyers has the smoking gun in Ohio but you can't see shit in a smoking mirror. You can smell it though. Read all about it here
You'll get to see Congressman King's comment to Pelosi there too; Pelosi the author, not Pelosi the politician.

We know these things and more but we can't do anything about it. Watching the shit hit the fan will be fun though and the shit will hit the fan. Sooner or later the wind is going to hit the mother of all whirling turbines and it's going to be a totally new version of "Get Out Your Handkerchiefs"

I hear where P. Wolfowitz considers the use of the term neo-con as an example of anti-semitism. Somebody sent me an email with a Robert Novak piece yesterday where he passes on this juicy little tidbit. Well, we've gone from any criticism of Israel being anti-semitic to just about anything anybody doesn't like being anti-semitic. That word has got more faces and more appearance of power than anything I've ever come across. Maybe it's the hyphen. Personally I've little interest in the Middle East. It's a thug-land theme park with psychopathic nutjobs to all sides. One thing it's not is any kind of Holy Land, not if you equate holiness with an actual virtue as opposed to robot genuflections gone through for external effect in the land of the whitened sepulcher. God's not impressed.

The ideal solution for this holy land is great big nuclear explosion and I'll tell you why. A nuclear hit on this 'religion as fashion design' region would accomplish more than all the efforts from every corner through every age. It would finally make the protagonists all one. It would create a fused glass landscape that would become uninhabitable and render any further concern over the area mute. It would bring peace in the Middle East. I can't understand why the bush administration hasn't given this some real thought. Well, of course, they don't want peace. The reality of peace anywhere stands in direct opposition to bush's controllers in London. Peace is not an option for profit. You make your money creating conflicts and then raking in the swag from both sides.

Every time I think about the foul, stinking, retch-inducing reality of this gang of killer clowns I am further renewed in my appreciation in the existence of God. God doesn't always work on our timetable and according to our wishes but the wheels of his passage grind exceedingly small. And in respect of that I am convinced of the final destiny of these... these... words fail me.

What made it all possible was the seizure of the media. For the vast numbers of humanity that won't take the trouble to investigate they've got your McNews right here. The Frightwing was very savvy to have gone this way... "but wait," you say, "it's all been done before." Yes it has.

Still, there's got to be more to the puzzle. What happened to the democrats and every other faction of opposition? How come they all slink along on their bellies? It does look like bush is Damien. I have no trouble imaging Barbara Bush being inseminated by a dog and I'd be less surprised if bushligula did in fact have 666 tattooed under his hair. You throw in Bush Sr.'s control of the White House for 12 years and his long time status as one of the world's most powerful drug lords and, well- Yeah it all sounds like comic book stuff or the product of us dis-enfranchised hallucinators. Then again, no way those towers came down the way they say and mounting evidence points to a cabal involving the boys in the back. Let's take it a step further. Could the alien Gray's finally be moving toward their dream of a post-Terminator world? It would explain a lot if it were, in fact, aliens behind the whole sudden shift in reality. That would explain the silence on all sides in the face of possibly the most inept leader since the last days of the Roman Empire.

Well, I don't know what to tell you. If you're happy there then more power to you. When people ask me where I'm from I tell them, "I used to be an American." or I tell them I'm from New Zealand. Each time I went back to visit the vibe was worse. And I'm not really missing anything. In fact, there's a whole lot of the world that is much, much nicer than the United States. I'm not going to make any Man Without a Country comments but I'll tell you this much; I'd rather be in France.

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit! ...the widening gyre.

Anonymous said...

Hey! it's just like old times. Excellent and over the top in all the right ways.

a 'friend'

Anonymous said...

This may be the first time I have ever encountered a writer with such divergent prespectives and writing styles. I literally cannot get my head around it.


Anonymous said...

Wail on McDuff. Love it!


Anonymous said...

Hey les....always on fire and still burning it up huh???


Anonymous said...

I hope someone takes a double-barreled shotgun, shoves it up your ass, and pulls the triggers.



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