Thursday, February 18, 2021

"Surely One Lives Forever as the Focus Narrows and the Light Encircles and Permeates You."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are spirits who protect all buried and concealed treasures hidden in The Earth. I should point out that The Earth is a living thing as well and these spirits are employed by The Earth, or... let me say, a particularization of that Earth energy into a specific energy form for that purpose, whatever the purpose may be. People don't realize that everything visible is controlled by something invisible and that is why “by their works, ye shall know them.” because you can know what controls a person by what they do.

Some people love to do evil. They do it for the sheer joy of it. The rest of us don't understand how someone can be that way. We all have a purpose. Who is backing your play? This should be the key area of interest for EVERYONE. What influences you shapes your life.

On the matter of spirits protecting buried treasure, WITHIN and WITHOUT, it is said that when a realized yogi walks near them, they cry out to reveal the presence of the treasure. This is so in EVERY AREA of life. If you are on the right road there is no question of it and everything calls your attention to it. If you are not then it profits to make the necessary adjustments. Yes, there are hidden treasures within us as well. Treasures that are far more valuable than anything that can be found outside of you. There are guards set there as well.

Irrespective of bad choices made by some, the maxim holds; If you don't love it, don't do it, and if you must do it learn to love it. In all honesty, I must admit that I just made that maxim up, but it's been said a time or two in numerous ways before, so...

Consider money. There was a time a few years ago when I, foolishly, got involved in crypto-currency. That would be okay but it wasn't all my money. I was confident and I would have been right if I had understood what I was dealing with, but I did not. I kept routing one currency into the other and was not mindful of the ruinous fees. I also put the majority into other currencies that I had been convinced would flower. They did not. They went the other way. It was not very long before there was little or nothing left of the original investment. Had I simply left it in Bitcoin it would be a tidy sum now, but... I did not. There is no doubt in my mind that the outcome was controlled from the beginning.

My point is that there are areas of life where I have a good deal of savvy and other areas where I do not and HAVE NOT EVER DONE WELL IN. I've lived on the desperate edge of financial insolvency my whole life, but... I have lived well. I really have. I have little in the way of possessions, I am sure it is because I don't care about that and am not PROGRAMMED for it either. I don't love money or things. I just don't, so it stands to reason that being engaged with it, except for simple transfers for services and goods, is beyond my ken. Fortunately, I have realized this.

It is funny how it goes for one when one is not fully engaged and energized by whatever it is. Things just don't come together. Then it occurs to me that right this minute, terrible things are happening to people all over the world; torture and sexual violations, tyranny and betrayal, and ALWAYS, pain. I look at my situation and my gratitude wells up like an irrepressible spring of clean and flowing water. Yes, there are people who live in mansions and go anywhere they want, except into the hearts of those they really care about and do not treat as such. I can see if someone is made happy by what they have, what they do, or who they are. It is palpable. I can also see when they are not. That too is palpable.

I am one of the most fortunate men on the planet. I am not alone in this regard, though we are few. I have the only thing worth having and it has me as well. It wouldn't matter where I am, given the company I keep and my invisible friends are REAL, more so even than the dream I am moving through and they are on THE OTHER SIDE of this life as well. That is the KEY FACTOR.

At the moment, in these times of social crisis, one has only to look at the arts to see the inspiration for it. One has only to look at the leadership too, but they have not nearly as profound an effect as The Arts, which touch everywhere every day, in the music, or what passes for it, in the graphic end, in films and TV, in the media, where they tell you what is good and what is bad. Everywhere are zombies, living THEIR OWN TRUTH, which turns out to be a big fat lie. There they are, with their tongues hanging out of their mouths, add a wink, a flashing peace sign.

People are being canceled right and left and they are in supplication and on their knees to people beyond contempt. What can the cancelers do to those of us from whom there is nothing to take? What are they going to do to us who have no hostages to fortune? Gee, I guess they can limit the reach of our influence, BUT... somehow the reach is not affected at all. There is no need to reach those who cannot be reached in that fashion. There are more noble pursuits than to be an attention-seeking whore. Whose attention is it you are after? Yeah... that is the first thing you should have thought of, now look at the quality of the crowds at your door. Do you really want to talk to these people? No, you do not and that is why celebrities are generally disliked in any close contact.

What goes around comes around. You can take that to the bank, to the ONLY bank worth keeping your precious whatevers in. When you die, all the stuff God doesn't care about stays behind. Only that of any interest to God (and you, if you knew it) continues onward. Doesn't it make sense then to focus on ONLY THOSE THINGS that God thinks enough of to let you travel with. Yes... that does include all the unfortunate consequences that travel as well. You can reduce and eliminate that fairly quickly by leaving it in the right hands. Surely you're not going to work it out. You are the one who caused it in the first place (grin).

Lord, I thank you with all my heart that I do not work in the media where lies are the currency that one makes themselves a whore for. I thank you that I am not a banker. I thank you that I am not rich in material things. I thank you for this and that and for thousands of reasons beyond memory and mention.

I thank you, Lord, that I desire nothing but you and will be satisfied with nothing else. I thank you for the immeasurable blessing of thinking about you the livelong day and surely one lives forever as the focus narrows and the light encircles and permeates me with its conscious presence. I thank you, Lord, beyond my capacity to do so, but I will aspire to increase that.

I thank you, Lord, for coming upside my head all those times until I finally woke up. I thank you for letting me see you in everything, regardless of any observations I may make about any of it (grin). Lord, I pray with all the intention I can muster that you raise the press of The Awakening upon the human mind so that others may feel this inexpressible joy. Lord, you are the wonder of wonders and that which is the origin of all wonder and beyond that, and beyond that, and beyond that.

We REALLY are on the brink of a spiritual quantum leap and it is only going to grasp those who have prepared for it. All will feel the radiance of it; the light of The Avatar. All will feel it but few will embrace it because of their nature to mistake it for something else, given they have already given their love to it in some other form. Aye... therein is the hub of our encircling discontent. For those who are working to open themselves to the descent of spiritual force from the heavenly realm, an opportunity is present which appears ONLY VERY RARELY. It is the REAL reason everyone is here, but they forgot that soon after they arrived.

I KNOW it is hard to put your faith in what you cannot see. We put our faith in what we can see because we can somewhat control the narrative, or think we do, BUT everything you can see is under invisible control. It is best to STRIVE inwardly and make contact with the everlasting. NOTHING ELSE will do. Everything else will serve only to bring suffering in order to learn this. Learn it as soon as possible. Yeah... it can be a bumpy road. What? Life otherwise is so smooth? Sometimes that is so, BUT change is the only constant in material affairs.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm not a fan of things, myself. What I want is OMNISCIENCE. I mean, if you want something, it might as well be something useful that you won't take for granted in a week or less.

Well, then there's that nose hair coat; but I assume that's just a pipe dream as long as I'm alive. My well endowed flat mate ain't partin' with its nose hairs, and that's a kind of paradoxical situation, since it looks so good in the nose hairs that are supposed to be woven into me coat. Can't have my cake and eat it too, huh?

robert said...

Dear Visible,

Resistance to the light is automatic now so technical impediments wax on.
Perhaps the name change to 1AM will resolve the resident remora leech troll complex on PN.

"Some people love to do evil. They do it for the sheer joy of it. The rest of us don't understand how someone can be that way. We all have a purpose. Who is backing your play? This should be the key area of interest for EVERYONE"

As you explored in your fabulous novel, The Darkening Splendor of the Unknown World, the "joy" of puppets of the dark hole polarity is kin to a chemical drug high that wears down the puppet and wears off all too quickly.

It dies not end well and the fascination of the ride is more about being out of control for a short-lived vacation from responsibility than for anything learned or any sustainable state.

By their twitchy false moves we may know that they are being remotely controlled and not lovingly for their growth but cruelly for the inverted joy of abstract patterns opposed to life.

Evil is like noise automatically drawing power from harmonious energy by creating friction by disorder in place of the warmth of soul fire.

We are all witnessing the minions of the dark hunger doing anything in their puny piower to get attention, at the behest of their disinterested controllers who are riffing on retarded consciousness, surfing on the spilled waves of sadness welling from the nether regions

"Everywhere are zombies, living THEIR OWN TRUTH, which turns out to be a big fat lie"

Exposed now for all the world to see who still have eyes for more than flatscreen flatulence. Doing the herky jerky so that the children will learn the truth all the way into their souls and back then radiate it with such power as to correct DNA errors imposed by injection.

How insidious to invade with needles the human temple, to despoil perfection in the false name of helping what the Munchausen madmen made a mess of in their intention to steal souls from our temples!

Imagine the price to be paid when such dark groping slugs are nakedly lying in the broad light of the Goddess!

robert said...

(part 2 of 2)

"I KNOW it is hard to put your faith in what you cannot see. We put our faith in what we can see because we can somewhat control the narrative, or think we do, BUT everything you can see is under invisible control. It is best to STRIVE inwardly and make contact with the everlasting. NOTHING ELSE will do"

What we CAN see shows itself to be but a projection from somewhere else, if we see with the imagination within, running time forward or backward at high speed and observe all appearances shift away from the reality from whence they originate.

Watch anything or anyone and quickly enough the illusion is revealed and we search for the Being whose breath made the heat waves shimmering solid objects like a vapor.

Once disillusioned with appearances, there is nothing else but what first seems unreal, the abstract mathematics, the grammar of the Creative word, the intuitive music one level deeper than our senses can go.

With instruments we begin to triangulate the laws of the Artist in Residence and change our thrall to the will of the creator of beauty which remains even when sullied by human devil's advocates.

Sorcerers apprentices stretching the life balloon ever thinner to live only of the surface of flatland.

We can dance with the unseen because we humbly put together pieces of ourselves rendered asunder by fear.

We put inner sight and the deepest feeling and the intuitive knowing back into the Whole, the Wholly Spirit.

Not the will of the wisps but the Will of the One.
Not the demented tricks of breaking bonds of love to warm the cold emptiness of hollow beings
Not the facsimile of life trapping life force to survive but the freer from traps who lives to unlock the mystery for all

The One out of all time Who plays Creation in a masterpiece of WillPowerLove.
Life is all the proof required to test if I Am here

When so many love the One and so relatively few actively serve the disloyal opposition, the party of panic and mayhem, the climax will be as unstoppable as an orgasm whose time is coming!

(grin) and bear it so we can stay and see the One manifest through the rags of the world!

We did not come here through all the wrong turns in vain but to love nothing into something else again.

One God bless all who know they have a soul who loves them more than human life can fathom!

Anonymous said...

“We really are on the brink of a spiritual quantum leap......”
I like that better then 🎶We’re on the eve of destruction🎶

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"God Possesses Marvels and Wonders that are Beyond the Reach of Human Imagination."



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