Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Brief Synopsis on my Situation...

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My friends, I am truly sorry for keeping you in the dark about my situation and my status. About two weeks ago I went to sit down. I didn't fall. I wasn't addled. I heard a crack and my other hip broke. It was around midnight and my friend was on the East Coast. I called my friend and was not believed for a bit; surely I was joking? I wasn't. So... for almost 20 hours I had to sit and move as little as I could until my friend arrived. By grace I had some small amount of a painkilling substance but it was by no means enough or strong enough but otherwise, surely I would have lost my mind. Something I thought I had lost a long time ago but, however, pain definitely concentrates the mind.

My friend called an ambulance and I was taken to the hospital and the next day they replaced my other hip. Now they are both replaced and I am using a walker and almost getting around. I had enough pain medication to mute the pain while hospitalized but that was all. When I was discharged, I received enough for five days and they said they would give no more. When the other hip broke in Germany I received two weeks more than I have gotten here and that was sufficient for me to make it on my own.

The result is that I have been in extreme pain until earlier today when I started having drinks, which I am moderating so as to keep the pain at bay because each day it lessens by some degree. This morning, getting out of bed was an experience I hope I never repeat. I was screaming for a short time until I got myself righted. I am not asking for sympathy or support of any kind. This will pass.

I do not understand why I have been plagued with such physical problems in recent years. I'm told I will be fine and that this is all at an end but I have been told such things before.

I do not know what to think but perhaps you can understand why I have been reluctant to communicate and have simply chosen to bear this in silence until it passes. Forgive me if this is the wrong decision but I couldn't have written this until recently because of the difficulty of movement and controlling my mind in respect of all of these tasks.

I have spent deep meditation upon why I should be experiencing this. I had near convinced myself that I was one of the good guys (grin). The looming fear is that I have been under attack and I certainly went through a few of those recently... leading up to this.

I am protected but not entirely, apparently. I have been told I made an agreement before I came here to ease the passage of others by taking upon myself a degree of suffering. It seems to me now that at this time (if true) I did not know what I was agreeing to. I can only hope this passes and that I get some period of respite for a time. It has been excruciating. I never expected this but... what are you going to do?

I have put myself out of reach for a time and sought out a cloistered sanctuary of sorts. You would think as creative as I am I would have made the effort to have the necessary analgesics but it is one of those things that is kismet-fate-whatever you want to call it.

Let me assure you that my pain lessens each day and now I can get about with a bearable state, unless I am just getting used to it.

Some of you are being very insistent about reaching me and some of you have even shown at at the door of the house where I was living. How some of you managed that I don't know. Please do not do this anymore. I am asking with real concern that no one goes to the trouble or expense to hunt me down. I will be very unhappy should you do this. Let me be and all will be well. There is nothing you can do and I am already healing more rapidly than a normal person would. You need have no concern for me. What can be done is being done unless you can teleport things (grin).

Remember me in your prayers. That should be sufficient. Ask the ineffable to grant me protection from whatever this is that has been coming at me. I have been involved in a war for some time. Of course the only war there is is within us but at the same time, God does not have angels for no reason and all of us have different destinies and some of us have unusual destinies.

My biggest concern is the fear that has come upon me now and again recently as I cannot fathom the rhyme nor reason for this. It may well be that all will be well now. I will certainly proceed with caution and the fear does not remain long since I know the ineffable loves me and through me.

I don't want to write anymore. I can't think of more to say but let me ASSURE you that I am better than I was yesterday and much better than the day before that. If I could think of something you could do for me I would ask but prayer is all I can think of. I had to admit to some amount of laughter upon celebrating my birthday in a hospital bed (grin)

I had been planning to record the Lord of the Rings as a Christmas present for you all and a few other things; they must all wait now for a bit but where there is life and breath they will occur.

Please do not indulge in anxiety or hysteria; God is great and good and real and all will be well! Be certain of that. We are not given more than we can bear, even if it seems so at times.

Please be well and do not concern yourself with me. Everything is much improved and it will resolve itself and bright days I am sure, do lie ahead.

Much Love to you!!!


Todd Ethier said...

Hang in there , "Old_Timer" ! There comes a point in time that things HAVE to get better ! Blessings to You !

BCii said...

How the world does arrange itself so, an exquisite emergence... I just so happened to notice you posted this four hours ago, despite having been very much out of these loops for months. So sorry for your pain, brother. May you swiftly recover your health. Most of all, I resonate with the intent that your faith not only survive, but be rewarded beyond imagining.

NickA said...

Much love to you Vis ❤️

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
What an incredible and total bummer. Unreal lousy luck. We don't even live very long and our bodies are still subject to random implosions. I'll do as you ask and just pray. May it pass quickly.

Anonymous said...

Good to know dear brother. You are certainly in our prayers. And yes, happy birthday to you. Rather fitting on the location.

Before you know it you will be well and happy again. Just wait till the dark side is vanquished!!! Isn’t it gonna be all worth it when we get to see exactly how it all pans out. You will enjoy that more than anyone

Much love,
Short bus

Ray B. said...

Vis, I am glad to hear from you - and to know that you are relatively well and taken care of. Thank you for enduring whatever pain was necessary in getting your message/column out to us. Know you are loved...

Yoda playfulness: “When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not. Hmmmm?"

On the medical side, do any of your mother/father sides have a history of 'weak bones'? Just trying to sort-out if there is an earthbound reason for your Happening. Lots of 'elderly' folks have osteoporosis (more on the female side), can just be walking down the street, and 'snap'. They experience it as falling down and breaking a bone upon impact, rather than the bone breaking first.

On the metaphysical side, your saying "I had been planning to record the Lord of the Rings" just jumped out at me. There is an immense chi charge around this Tolkien work in the aethers. Both good guys and bad guys (so to speak) are triggered by this Saga; it is the ultimate 'good vs evil' work in the West. And you have invested in it emotionally, through the reading/dramatization of it. If there was a metaphysical side to your Happening, I would opine that a higher-level bad guy hooked up on you through that 'connection'. Then, he/she/it induced or manifested whatever was 'needed' in response. I would have you 'check' to see if the above has any real resonance with you, in your meditations/contemplations.

Again, rest and heal, and enjoy all the good energy coming your way. You deserve it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. An example of 'responding': A few days ago, my ladyfriend was sleeping near me. Suddenly, she started twisting and moaning (in terror) in her sleep. At the same time, the air got 'colder' near her. Knowing from experience what was happening, I contacted Higher Self. We 'reached out' to the entity attacking her (or 'having fun' with her). We told the entity to "Go Away." It was startled that we could 'see' it, and went away. My ladyfriend relaxed immediately in her sleep. (This was a good "it was real" confirmation.) Then, a short while later, it came back to resume. HS & I were not under attack, so there were different 'rules' in play. It was not appropriate to Clean this entity. So, HS asked some of the unseen folk whom we had Cleaned in the past - those who just happened to be somewhat 'higher' than the entity - to cluster around the entity. He/she/it took one look, freaked, and vanished. (Much later, the entity showed up, again. This time, it was not attacking; it asked for information on what had just happened. HS 'talked' with the entity for some time, and then it went away. It has not returned as of this posting.) So, one can take a proactive stance with negative types, once one acknowledges the 'real world' out there. (Carefully...)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Rock on, and thanks for all you do for us; though you really owe us nothing.

Guldur said...

Salute to you, my dear fried Visible!
I cannot express (and possibly even fathom myself completely) how I am glad you are back and seemingly at some stable and less painful (hopefully) condition now.
Eventhough I did not read the entire post yet, thanks for your input and description of your woe-filled path through this realm... always remember that all this is just a test and the possible reward goes beyond words and imagination. Well, easy to say so, I know.
You may not be entirely protected as you say, but protected you are for sure, all on purpose - which I guess you know better then myself.
Now and always - let the mighty angels of the Almighty highest cover your back through this thorny journey...
Be well and blessed.

Laura said...

Wishing you wellness, much grace and comfort, dear Vis. You are enveloped in the loving thoughts and prayers of your readers, and the abiding divine love of the ineffable. May this continue to bring an ever increasing feeling of ease for you, as you persevere and move through this incredible challenge. You have such a strong fortitude and strength within you.

Love ~

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
I'm not good a "prayer" per se because it's so laden with words.
Instead I'm visualizing your beat-up old hip joint with little beams of healing light flashing onto it from all directions. I intersperse that scene with the mug-shot of you that's posted on your website.
It can't hurt and might help... : )
Best wishes

Mel said...

be well! thinking of you!

James A. Jancik said...

As I have said, time and again, and this point in time only underscores. You da man!

Jody Paulson said...

Take lots of vitamin D!!! I have heard that most Americans have become severely deficient in this vitamin, probably because there are bad actors trying to block out the sun. Vitamin D can also help with depression.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thinking of you Sir Visible.
Get well soon.

riseandshine said...

An Apple a day will keep ANYONE away...if thrown hard enough.(grin)..lots of love Vis,Jean x

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear you are getting better, I was worried for a bit there!
I would be very sad if you stopped writing and posting!!!

Suffering and happiness are not chosen, even if you did only good deeds, prayers, and lived a healthy lifestyle would not guarantee a painless ride, sadly!
Please Les visible, do not be so hard on yourself!
I hope you get back to full throttle soon.

Asil said...

Dear Visible,
Stolichnaya (Stoly)
Rasberry Vodka and better yet Stoly's Chocolate Rasberry Vodka - yes!! Please do not scoff because I have not been able to move with back pain - no pain killers will ever come close to Stoly -- Once I laid on the floor for hours before I could get up and once I was able to I sat in a chair for a long time sipping Stoly and then I was able to hobble about - When the doctor I had left for Australia he gave me morphine ampules and syringes - but I never used them - just the Stoly! so anyway, trust me and please try this - now that you are somewhat on the mend - this should really get you through - Love Lisa

Anonymous said...

Would be visitors to Vis please note.. An apple a day keeps ANYONE away..if thrown hard enough! (grin) Praying for your Speedy recovery dear Visible,senging you a big Hug x Jean

Anonymous said...

Vis - best wishes for a speedy recovery - you're in our thoughts and prayers.

I concur with Ray B. regarding looking into the possibility of osteoporosis. You might consider a bone density test.


jamesC said...

So sorry for the tough ride. You're in my prayers.

Try Kratom for the pain, it's good stuff and you can buy it over the counter (for now).

tyler said...

Your prayers have been answered: Dear visible, EDTA, which I have mentioned to you many times before, helps to re-calcify the bones while simultaneously removing bad calcium deposits from the body... watch this video, and get on it asap

You can get a 30-50 year supply on amazon for 25$. It will last 500 years if you dose the same as what resulted in a 90% reduction of cancer. It reduces heart attacks by 50%, clears out every artery and capilarly in the body, cleans out all lead and mercy, polonium, plutonium, all nasty metals, and it reduces all other causes of death by 40%. [youtube]

Please get on it asap!

The fear probably is associated with the damage to the nerves connected to your first chakra.... fight flight birth death nerves which extend from the bottom of the spine to the tips of your toes. They are having to re-calibrate. Talk to your chakra and nerves and just and explain to them what happened.

Anonymous said...

Visible prabhu, if they keep adding shiny new parts to your body, you just might have a chance to achieve the Singularity ahead of schedule! A timely bump on the head might do it..

Best of health and humor to you!

Anonymous said...

You can grow this easily where you are... just keep those bunnies away from it. I’ve heard great things about this. Seeds should be readily available in your neck of the woods. I’m relocating once again so an indoor batch will be started in Utah.... I’m not allowed to get comfortable for very long either. An herbalist might just have some live plants for you to start.
Glad you are doing better. Ginnie

Anonymous said...

Speedy recovery vis, and a host of prayers for you.
Reciprocol karma will be on it's way to help you in your time of need.
One hand washes the other.
Take care.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for your journey. One here who keeps up with nutrition; be putting lots of Magnesium into your diet. Magnesium puts the calcium into your bones & helps build them up. Lots of info. here: (

Anonymous said...

I've come a long way in my Spiritual Journey though the Cosmic Aeons of Time. I forgive you for having been reluctant to communicate. Heck, I'm so far along in my Cosmic Spiritual Journey I would forgive you even if you never communicate anything ever again and we never hear from you again -- I just know I would forgive you, *grin*.

From : Salvatore

BCii said...

On the subject of Lord of the Rings, there is an excellent Youtube channel called Like Stories of Old that just put out two great video essays on Tolkien's mythopoeic work. I highly recommend them.

Heroism and Moral Victory
A Mythology of Hope

Visible said...

Really sorry my friends for being so slow on the comments. I have been internalizing and healing and getting back to myself; thank you Lord and thank you to The Elf who keeps it all together. I don't know what I did to gain such a steady and loving friend but I did; not to mention so many of the rest of you. I am a lucky fellow despite what has passed and a bright future awaits us all... in the eternal present!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of your travails, but glad you are on the mend and in good spirits. Imbibing the good spirits as well ;)I thoroughly enjoy your work. Please be well and may the prayers heading your way be plentiful. Cheers. SJK

Anonymous said...

21/Tyler: 30 year supply for $25 on Amazon? Details please...

Anonymous said...

Hyya Visible! You certainly shouldn't be sorry, you're not slow! I'm not a doctor,
but I have been taking magnesium 3 times a day for like, 6 years, so, I second that.
Works good for most ladder related stuff too. Hope ya just keep getting better, so
I'll put another good word in for you with the Boss. Be well!

Diane said...

Mornin' Visible,

I don't care for company when I'm hurting either.

The pain meds are being kept from those who are justified supposedly because of the ones who aren't - a profitable ruse. I know too many people that this has affected.

Agreed on checking history; you've been too active of a person to break bones like this, even at 72.

Yes on the agreements we made before we came here that most of us aren't aware of.

I have printed many, many of your essays for future reading. They are like the original Twilight Zone. They apply to any time frame.

And finally, I've learned that eternal vigilance is necessary.

Thanks dude for giving us a place to learn from each other...comments and all.

Tired Very Damn Tired said...

Salvatore, the self titled savior, coming from above Creator to bless us with his holier than holy forgiveness. Your narcissism knows no bounds. You would make a fine lawyer or politician.

Visible said...

Actually, that was the kindest and sweetest thing Salvatore ever said so far. I'm going to cut him some slack. You can never have too many real friends.

Anonymous said...

Pleased to see you are alive and kicking Les (well, kicking maybe not but that will come again, in time).
The Universe (God?) does as the Universe does, Vis and we all are recipients of whatever. Get well soon mate.

Tony, Gin Gin

Unknown said...

Your thoughts are reminiscent of when I had an egg size tumor wrapped around my carotid surgically removed 18 years ago. I empathize with your situation. Trust that when God calls his select to be there for you, they are sent. Perception of the serendipity as well as the divinity in receipt of the traveler & their purpose only requires one to have an open heart~

Anonymous said...

Les, I am so very sorry to hear about your troubles and your pain. Your words have been a great inspiration to me over the years, which makes it troubling to see you having to endure so much. I really don't care for the whole "thoughts and prayers" thing, since it's been so overused by so many unfortunate personalities over the years, but that's literally all I have to offer you.

Get well soon, Les, and may your pain diminish rapidly. You are missed.

Stef64 said...

Dear Visible,
I hope things are getting better.
Hoping to hear from you soon, love from Stef


Visible said...

ray b please forgive the punctuations I'm moving through it. It is hard and difficult and painful but I'm here to do what I do. I have ordered the best of everything suggested here. I never thought it would be so hard at this time of life... maybe moving to Sedona is going to fix it all, once the angels get their act together for the manifestation. soldier on...

katz said...


I just had a feeling that something was wrong w you, so I looked you up. Sorry to hear of this situation.

If anything like this happens again, please call an ambulance and have your friend come to the ER for you. That way, you won't have to sit in horrible pain for hours while people try to get to you to call 911.

Meanwhile, hang in there, it is getting better. Glad to see they let you out of the hospital.

I will pray for a speedy recovery for you.


Anonymous said...

Sending love & reassurance that we are all still 'here' for you Visible.
I agree with the stuff about to keep the Potassium and whole salt in your body while healing,too.
Magnesium will drive Potassium & Sodium down and make you feel really bad.
Also, Boron supps are great for bone healing.
I had a triple compound fracture years ago resulting in pins, plates & 6 weeks in a wheelchair--I was healed in under 3 months despite the docs' predictions of doom.
Leg is a bit wobbly during rainy weather but mostly all good and no long term affects except when going thru TSA nonsense at airports. ha
Sending you much love,

Unknown said...

Dear Les.....I have read your wonderful, inspiring and sometimes mind numbing writings, thoughts and musings for many years. MY prayers are with you as you heal body, mind and spirit....unlike you have somehow "chosen"(or been delegated to a life of enlightment by

Ray B. said...

Hey, Vis, good to hear from you. Wishing you all the best in your healing. If you get to Sedona, it has very strong energy (in places). Good for accelerating healing. However, it is important to check-within whether a particular location is beneficial for you. Plus, your 'needs' may change with time. Stay aware of your body's reactions...

A true story about the power of thoughts and prayers: In the early 80s, I was attending a get-together of an emotional healing group that also included psychic aspects. We had just gathered when a phone call came in that one of the group's offspring had just been hit by a car, dragged underneath it, and was in a coma. The invited speaker had everyone go into a deep meditative/contemplative state and 'call in help', visualize the boy being well, or do whatever was intuitively needed. So, we did...

Very shortly thereafter, another phone call came in. The child had woken up from the coma! Most intriguingly, he said not to worry; he was okay on the inside now. (And he went on to heal.)

This is a slightly biased case, as these were self-selected, trained 'meditators' who were all concentrating en masse. Nevertheless, it 'proves' a point: we are much more than just 'bags of meat'. In some way, we are 'connectors' to higher and more powerful states. We just have to have confidence this is so, and then to use those abilities for the best and highest.

Hmmm, a coincidence: You have a self-selected, motivated group of spiritually-oriented people concentrating their good intentions on your healing. I wonder what could happen? *grin* (By the way, 'healing' also extends beyond the physical...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Er’ indoors ..froze the TV this morning ... To bring to my attention ...something she thought would wind me up a little!
It was a BBC bloke... G Vine ..doing very good imitation of a whirling dervish.
Arms and legs like a simian this fellow. Turns out Kirsty all slops,
Had broken her kids ipods ...watching stuff she did not think suitable!#Fucking wow of the BBC top paid blokes....almost air born.
One wonders whether he is in thrall to a higher authority and needs more browny point cred.

Christina jones said...

Hi Les...sorry my message was somewhat discombobulated....i didn't realize it posted because in the middle of my writing I was,kicked off.. in the end of my messages i was saying "I have also chosen(or had it chosen for me) a lifetime of "enlightment through suffering"not a fun way to grow but I am now of the mindset Everyone suffers down here.....some worse than others which is also a,matter of perspective..God Bless you and all your very intelligent readers,who write such inspiring comments (I really enjoy Ray B.'s input too😁) the video at the end read by Patrick's says by L es Visible...but may I inquire if you wrote that or if you did the choreography in putting it together...that is a true "piece of art" and resonated deeply with me(i listened to it 4 times over and over😁...can you tell me what soundtrack that,music is from....(if I were to guess I would say Passion of the Christ or Braveheart...I may be wrong on both)....ok last thing is you should look into ordering some is amazing stuff...FDA,has been trying to ban it for years (so you know it's got to be good)..I have chronic pain issues and been using it this,past year with excellent can do powder and sip it like a tea or capsules(much more expensive)'s not addictive and I love it...very reasonable and delivered to your door via post office......I buy from Sacred Kratom......ok thank you again for all your dedication and sharing you have done and continue to do....I will pray daily for your continued recovery😘❤

Anonymous said...

Don't worry bro, you'll have a date with the Blind Idiot God soon enough. At least you aren't going to greet it while homeless and in the gutter.

Ricsi said...

Keep strong,Keep believing and do what is right.
Southern Hungary,the last bastion of Christian Europe

Anonymous said...

Dog Poet

"You" wriggled your way from my heart to my mind yesterday
Checking in and up. Sedona sounds good - Pretty skies at night -

Don't Worry and Fear Not

You are in my heart.


Anonymous said...

We collectively thump our hearts for you Viz...


Anonymous said...

“The good of the worlds depends on the behavior of an individual in circumstances which demand of him suffering and endurance far beyond the normal, demand a strength of body and mind which he does not possess.”
~ Tolkien


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

By Way of Explanation for my Absence in Recent Times.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The World, the Devil and the Deep Indigo Abyss.

Visible said...

Gene L; I don't know if this is where you left your comment on relying on God to fix all your injuries and not relying on the medical community and pharmaceuticals. Do you expect that God would have knitted together my broken hip that needed to be replaced and that I erred in having that taken care of the way I did, or that God would have handled some amount of broken bones simply through faith? I do not doubt that that is possible were one in Elijah's consciousness but otherwise it seems puerile to me. I've no desire to be offensive, even when I am offended, which is sometimes the case but I think common sense goes a long way in terms of what one does. Advice is easy to give, until such time as one realizes it is often based on a sense of abstract distance from the point under consideration and rarely applies to the person giving it. Love,


Asil said...

Dearest Friend,
Stolichnaya Raspberry Vodka or better Stolichnaya Raspberry Chocolate Vodka
Love to you
P.S. always think of you in my prayers

Visible said...

Gene; I very rarely take exception to anything said to me from an emotional perspective. I simply feel I have to illustrate that I have taken most things that can be said into consideration. When at all possible I go to alternative healing modalities; always keeping in mind that nothing happens in the first place that God does not author or permit. I also realize that the solution rises spontaneously with the question or problem. For most people, the problem with the solution is that the solution is a balloon or an air filled ball that we press under the water in the pool of our consciousness. It is force (or denial) that keeps it under water. The moment we take our hand off it pops to the surface. I appreciate what you have to say. I am also a realist and I trust but verify. I used to think that doctors were at least useful for setting bones until I broke my leg and the doctor set it wrong and it cost me an inch differential in the legs, which played Hell with my martial arts balance. Since I broke my last hip the legs have come into equal length. There's some kind of irony there.



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