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My Name is Rachel Dolenzal and I Approve these Monstrous Lies.

'And the media approves my bullshit.' You can watch the madness climb the walls like ivy on brick. You can see the gardeners in their 3 piece suits fertilizing the landscape with the most sincere extension of themselves; that part of them that is no longer part of them but that is the most authentic part of them. They mold and shape it by hand. They serve it as pate. The laminate it. They exhibit it in Lucite. They honor and worship it; not unlike the humble Indian in Tiruvannamalai , washing a stone stature of Ganesha. Except for the absence of humanity, integrity and sincere love they are the same in their fixed admiration for what the sculpture celebrates. The one sculpture is of stone or clay and the other is formed out of excrement The only other difference is that one came out of the heart and another came out of the ass.

I am Rachel Dolenzal and I approve this bullshit!

'I'm Rachel Dolenzal and I really need to write this book. I am a real character in my own comic book. I'm Rachel Dolenzal and I would say I'm a pan-African, pro-Black, bisexual, mother, activist, artist, you know that's like too long. So trans-Black is quicker.'

24 carat unadulterated USDA prime bullshit- In a 2012 article written about her titled “A Radical Mongrel,” Dolezal included being Jewish in her racial mix (she's Jewish too!!!! What a trifecta!). which caused the author to write: “Dolezal is a rainbow. African-American, Native American, German, Czech, Swedish, Jewish and Arabic, she is a poster child for diversity in all of its aspects. “I have been raped and abused, experienced domestic violence, hate crimes, abandonment and tragedy in various forms (bullshit),” she says. “I am a fighter and survivor but I don’t just survive in order to exist. I strive to live life on my own creative terms, without fear, and with the greatest degree of freedom and love possible. (bullshit)” Following that, she threw a Granny Smith apple over the concertina wire and the animated zombie corpse of Eli the Weasel caught it and took a bite. Then the serpent in the branches grabbed his stomach and fell to the ground with a vicarious bellyache.

I was lying in bed the other morning and in a half dreaming, half awake state; a lot like lucid dreaming, I was thinking about this and I heard a voice coming from somewhere below me. I could not make out what was being said. I sat up on the bed and then I could hear better but it was still unintelligible. I leaned over, the way you do went you are performing situps. I suddenly could hear what was being said! I felt my penis stiffening and as it did the voice became louder and louder and it was then that I heard it in all the raw fury and conviction that it was intended to be; “I identify as Excalibur!!!. There was no mistaking it! I heard, “I am Excalibur! ...and Rachel Dolenz is not my sheath! I am the sword that was pulled from the stone!”

Let me clarify this whole ordeal. What I mean is to clarify it, as it appears in my understanding. I make no claims as to getting the picture with a globe spanning accuracy of comprehension, especially since I maintain that 'the truth is at right angles to everything else.' Here is how it seems to me; Materialism has manifested to such a degree that it is now the ubiquitous lens through which the largest majority of us sees existence. Materialism sets us all against each other. It is the origin of the 'dog eat dog' construct, as well as, “every man for himself” and 'you got to look out for number one'; hoping you don't step in Number 2 at the same time.

As can be noted, from 'my perspective', we are all being set against each other and this accounts for the rage of imbeciles racing toward the stage in search of their fifteen minutes. It doesn't matter that they have nothing to say ...when they get there and possess no talent to justify their being there. All that matters is to get there. The Kardashian's have proven once again what H.L Mencken said,

“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American middle class.” I'm going to give you a little gift today. Here you will find a cornucopia of Mencken quotes and be much improved thereby. He was called the 'American Nietzsche'. Many of you who come here are lovers of the truth and value integrity as highly as I do. As a result I believe you are really going to enjoy what Mencken had to say. I've digressed but it's all relevant. Mencken certainly saw through it.

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Many more Mencken quotes can be found at
Libertas Bella

Because of Materialism, the foundations of so many former beliefs; the enduring symbols and scriptures, as well as the infrastructure are crumbling away. Our moral compass has gone haywire and all things perverse are elevated to a near religious stature because... this profits the material scheme and certain dark and vested interests make money and... more importantly, gain power over the minds of the people susceptible to their blandishments. They are in that position which confers the power that lies provide to lead those who are weak, stupid, confused and excited (by the possibilities provided) into perdition ...but they are no less deluded than the ones they influence and believe that they will be rewarded by 'The Father of Lies' for their service on his behalf.

This is why we are now honored with a relentless tsunami of things like Iggy Azalea's Mo Bounce (second image down)... as well as the projectile vomit of reality TV, the horrific physical condition of a frighteningly large segment of Americans, along with the epidemic of poor health, brought about by degenerate lifestyles and a suicidal diet; could you imagine something like this happening in a sane society? Keep in mind that the website where that article appears is by the day engaged in crimes against reality more egregious than what they report on. Here is another example of how hypnotically enslaved we are (especially the young). I have stood on my porch and watched streams of teenage girls riding at a good speed down the road while thumb-humping their cellphones. It is surreal!!! On youtube there are videos of people falling into pits and all manner of unfortunate incidents because of cellphone addiction; don't believe me? Here you go and there is far more than this. There is page after page of it. This qualifies as tragicomic where I come from. I'd share where that is with you but I am unable to remember the location or I would have headed back there a long time ago.

So... my point is/was; because of Materialism degenerating into its latter stages of intensity, all of those archetypes that grounded the appearances of reality are in tensile crisis mode. The icons of the past are being concealed under the superimposition of banal, nonsensical, cartoon avatars; a few days later it's like they've always been there. “Oceania was at war with Eurasia; therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia.”

Meanwhile, under the heading of “Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places.” We have what we MUST UNDERSTAND is legitimate and sincere romance in search of opportunity wherefore-ever it may be found and in some places, until recently, it was 'ready Freddy' 24/7. Surely an enlightened society would have no problem with something like this. Counterpointing that is the frightening logic of the dedicated whore, who believes that blood is the finest sexual lubricant that can be employed when engaging in genocidal target practice on those who have nowhere to go because their living space has been usurped by those who kill without conscience.

Here is an example of someone else saying the same thing differently. In any case, the world is changing at a clip greater than it seems to be; like, “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” Overall it is more and more a travesty upon what is being claimed, meaning that liberty is now license, just as freedom transforms into slavery and war is a compassionate weapon for peace. The language being employed by twisted, soft bellied academics is chosen for its learned sensitivity to the needs of the disenfranchised. Secreted behind the vacuous facade is a treacly reasoning that is generated out of an invidious darkness. If you repeat something over and over, people accommodate to what they hear; especially when it comes with the imprimatur of the crass media reporting it. Add to that the most important dimension, which is that those who react negatively to these heinous lies are slandered and marginalized; also denied a platform to declaim them from ...unless they have already been turned and operate as controlled opposition like Alex Jones and those pilot fish in his wake, or who are considered ripe for turning, due to certain weaknesses that have been noted and for which moments have been earmarked in the future ...for them to act on these weaknesses and be videotaped in the commission of them.

I apologize, my dear friends, for subjecting you to all of these examples of an empire in free-fall. The good news is that you can just cruise right by them as some number do, or fail to find these locations in the first place because of the aforementioned marginalization and blacklisting. On the other hand, it is my job to call attention to these unfortunate goings on; sometimes more than once, as is the case with Mo Bounce. I would hate to think that someone might have missed the opportunity to see it and enjoy the young girls dancing to the spectacle.

I need to once again repeat a few considerations that you have all heard before ...but which are the cardinal source of strength for all of us. The ineffable is ALL POWERFUL. We live and breathe in an expression of timeless performance art, directed by the ineffable. When you are caught up in the thrall of the movie of the moment, it is understandable that one is more or less easily deceived into believing that they live on a stage set, where two powers of equal force war against each other. No such equal powers exist. There is one power which manifests in every conceivable form and format, for the purpose of demonstration. The result is that one is either imprisoned in a cage of their own creation because they did not stand guard at the gateway of their mind, or they have come to recognize that there is nothing one can accomplish here except to lead by example. On that road, one door opens every time another door closes behind them. There are many permutations of Pied Piper in this forest, where the trees cannot easily be seen. Rely on that measureless reservoir within and every agent and agency of darkness will melt away. When you are truly free there is nothing which can arrest or confine you and even if the appearance of this should occur, once again, it will be for the purpose of demonstration.

Love is the most powerful force in all the universe. It is the magic carpet upon which the gods themselves ride and both are composed of the same substance. God's may appear to be radically different. Some aspects are frightening and some benevolent. This is all due to the usual divided mind, which sees them as something other than what they essentially are... sees them as projections of the mind defined within the parameters of whatever their idea of good and evil might be. Only a fool seeks to define the ineffable. Be of good heart and sound character and the ineffable will define himself within. Possess a humble and contrite heart and you have prepared a residence for the divine who will be well disposed to dwell there. The animated ignorance of the world and all the drunken clowns and jesters who dance within it are no concern of yours. They are each acting out the steps that take them to the destiny of whatever that tango or rumba amounts to.

Love without ceasing. Let your heart speak the words, “I love you” every morning upon awakening. Let these words be whispered out of the cloister of your heart throughout each day. Let them be the final words you speak as you lay in your bed awaiting sleep (boy the rhymes keep sneaking in here and there of their own accord). Let love be your anchor and the wind that fills your sails and you will be carrying starlight home in bottomless pails. Stand guard at the gateway of your mind. Let love fill and flood your heart and overflow its banks and turn the whole of your world into a fertile delta and let that flower in such perpetuating beauty that you are left speechless in a silence more profound and... there he left it until the next time around.

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There will be a radio vlog broadcast and a Spontaneous as well, sometime this weekend, far as I can tell (grin).



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