Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump and Figureheads and the Mediums of Convincing You.

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You have to either laugh or cry. I suppose you could cultivate an atmosphere of indifference, or let's say that you... you are so caught up in the material attractions that you are also selfish enough that for you, indifference is a calculated posture you use to distract people's attention that you are terribly horny for things that would embarrass anyone who had a smidgen of self respect left. I guess there are a lot of positions a person could take about the world we mutually inhabit and I'm not concerned about any of those. Me... ? I am involved in the harvesting of souls. I don't harvest them myself, that is beyond my pay grade but... I do work for the one who does. Changing this world, to me, is just one more Don Quixote tilting at windmills. The world is the the realm of the infernal absolute, within its bandwidth. You're not going to change shit down here. It might seem for a time that all those people marching and waving signs and chaining themselves to fences and charging the police and throwing shit; flammable and non flammable, make a difference. It might seem so for a time and then... then it turns right back into what it was again... over and over and over.

This is the Kali Yuga. This is when she is pissed for lack of respect and acknowledgment. She is the queen of our day and night ...but we have turned her into strip malls (double entendre) and high rise closed circuit systems where, in the agony of her being slandered and trafficked, she is employed at turning men gay and women into versions of her own unhappy self. It does not have to be that way... but it is. The main imperative of the time is the destruction of the family, which is the building block of society.

When the main social impetus for social change is about legitimizing a man putting his life generative organ into a place made for waste disposal, or a man changing into a woman, or not even that... only be recognized as having done so when they have not done so... like the one paid to do just this- and paid on both sides of here and not here, like Caiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitlyn (non) generative, Jenner, who sold her soul to be an icon of dysfunction... then you got bathroom disturbance ...because upsetting the family unit in their places of routine evacuation creates health problems across the board and serves to kill the family unit and if you are having problems letting out what you have taken in and someone is actively and sexually engaged in 'pushing it in' then you got real problems and problems play right into the Hegelian Dialectic and they are here to fix it for you... fer sure.

Then you get things like this. You would think with all the shit from Lance Armstrong to professional football and using chemicals to enhance or change one's state that that might apply but... it doesn't. You would think that when they are screaming about 'fake news' and all those dead bodies that are already past the pyramid of skulls in Cambodia, that putting up CIA constructs like this for an Academy Award would stand as stark evidence of the worst hypocrisies that the world has ever seen, until the next one. Cause the garbage gets worse and worse, as seen here. Here is a runaway moron whose claim to fame is being 13 and screaming at people, in some form of perverted white eubonics, that you should step outside and fight her; her with no real fighting skills and made famous by Dr. Phil who has to manage the time he spends between being the product squeezed out of the ass of Satan ...and kissing that same orifice every chance he gets.

They want to destroy Donald Trump because he opposes their intention to destroy everything good and wholesome that... often is not even that good and wholesome ...but is miles ahead of what they have in mind. Like I have said, or at least implied, I don't care if people want to dress up in their mother's clothes because that is what happens in the Kali Yuga, when she is pissed and she operates through the female end in an incensed and hysterical fashion. I don't care if people want to live in the Bate's Motel or want to pretend they are Ed Gein; looking for a safe place to commit mass serial murder. If it involves consenting adults and by now... everyone knows that Jeffy Boy Dalmer's victims were asking for it. It happens, right?????????????????????? You know it is getting ugly and evil when events like this occur.

We hope to evolve, some of us but... evolution is only for the willing and dedicated. Sunday night a gay movie about gay people who... wait for it, also happen to be black won instead of the movie everyone was predicting would win, which was a gay movie made for gay people that didn't have any black people in it. Should I repeat myself? A gay movie with gay black people won, instead of a gay movie made with white actors for a hoped for gay audience and that includes all of you who don't know you are gay yet... but you will.

Let's not forget those White Helmet guys that we linked to earlier, who are totally engaged in indiscriminately killing people wherever they get the chance. These sick fucks from Hell, who are warriors in the CIA Rothschild banked war on humanity, are your friends. They are your friends!!! “But of course... we are Norwegians”. Well, maybe you didn't see the film, “The Russians are Coming.” Maybe you didn't see all kinds of things... maybe you do.

Yes... I am a trends kind of a guy. That means that you see the graffiti before it becomes the news. Right now, visible is watching, “Man on Fire” a brilliant movie with Denzel Washington and directed by Tony Scott. Directors are crucial to a film. Plots are crucial. The overall atmosphere of a film is why you like or don't like it and there are people who make it what it is and what it is not. Once again, on the same tired meme, I don't care if a movie has white people, black people, or green people. I care whether it gets my attention because... otherwise... it goes into the circular file with nothing but net.

My friends... if nothing else is true about me; all my failures and successes, I am engaged in the 'business' of saving souls... harvesting souls. Think of me as a traffic cop, standing at a crossroads. He takes his white gloved hands and he indicates... this way, or that way... or straight ahead. I'm just trying to save you needless expense, unnecessary attrition... the agony of pointless lifetimes... the hurts and ignominy of the one coming around and in his no bullshit way saying... “you are going the wrong way.”

I am a small matter in this whole affair... believe me on that, I have seen The Sun. In my life, nothing has convinced me of the existence of God like the Sun has. I would say, “do the math,” because I have seen the snow covered mountaintops melt down into all the colorful expressions of the senses perceiving them. I have seen math transformed into objects and the colors thereof. Sometimes it is math and sometimes it is shapes taken from the unique expressions of math in their 'particular' statements to that effect; snowflakes anyone?

There are some truly sick and highly positioned individuals out there. They got their sauternes and gym sock smelling cheese but... actually in their case the cheeses don't smell so bad; they would except they have sprays to address that. They stink immediately without them. Whereas some amount of us never smell at all and... why is that? The given physical proof of that is never enough for people for whom real evidence flies in the face of all the reality to the contrary. Does it matter? Only to them. Denial is your way of proving that being a shit is attended by an entire industry that works overtime to prove what is not.

My friends, I will leave you today with your own ideas on the matter. It is not my province to make your minds up for you. Hopefully you can do that on your own. It is my province to say, “Come this way. The larders are full and your host loves you. More than that I cannot say but you will figure it out on the by and by.

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