Saturday, October 29, 2016

Be Careful What You Wish For in this Cesspool of Manufactured Darkness.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Chances are better than not that Trump might win this election. Of course, with the Soros voting machines and the collective hatred of the privileged toward those being ground to dust beneath their hobnailed boots, it's a no brainer that the election will be hijacked no matter what. The biggest enemy of humanities liberation from the cesspools of manufactured darkness has been human ignorance. For whatever the reason, in this apocalypse, people are waking up and becoming angry. They are seeing Clinton for the international mass murderer and criminal that she is. It turns out to be less a vote for Trump than it is a vote against Hillary.

The key evidence to support this particular argument is that few people are showing up for Hillary rallies and speeches and large crowds are attending Trumps. The degree of anti-Trump bias in the media is beyond anything previously seen and the polls, as we know, are bullshit. I haven't spoken to a single person here, on our aborted trip, or anywhere that was not for Trump and... I have spoken to a lot of people. It's pretty good crowd sampling as it covers several states and pedestrian locations in those states.

An associate of mine named Bill Juhas tells me that as he sees it, Obama plans on pardoning Hillary for all of her crimes and in return, Hillary will appoint him to the Supreme Court. That makes a strange kind of sense. I do not doubt the possibility of anything these fiends might attempt to throw at us. What Obama has done to American culture is about as obscene as it gets. He should be locked in a very small gender neutral bathroom with a bipolar tranny for all eternity. My only hesitation in passing this on to the authorities who control these placement duties is that he might like it.

Our trip was aborted because the psychic and ethereal, material ethers were vibrating with a type of manic panic, the like of which I have not previously encountered. Turning around and heading back the way we came had an immediate salutary effect on all of our senses of well being and the potential lack thereof. Your friendly author has not always exercised the common sense and native judgment that was available to him. We're trying transform that tendency into something useful out of the shards of former stupidities.

There have been a few dustups in these environs of late and some amount of crazy email spamming as well (these are not connected). We didn't bother to read the emails and we tried to exercise detachment in respect of the former. Now we will turn to the point of this exercise which is only tangentially associated with the garbage time antics of a handful of dysfunctional psychopaths, or what they may be planning to do to screw things up for the rest of us; not the least of which is to generate an economic disaster of Godzilla like proportions, to render us terrified and malleable. Economic disasters do not come about on their own. They are manufactured by Satanists and as we have said here on more than one occasion, one does not have to be an initiated Satanist to be a Satanist. Anyone who behaves like one is one.

What we would like to talk about, here, in the waning moments of same old same old, is a most subjective thing. It has to do with my own intuition. It has to do with what I am feeling, as I scan what I am able to see of the world around me; close at hand and at a further remove. It has to do with the way information feeds into my consciousness and then reassembles itself into projections for the future. As we know, there really is no such thing as the future but... for the sake of argument...

I feel no apprehension whatsoever. I feel as if it is all in the process of working itself out in a most wonderful and serendipitous way. This does not mean that millions will not die, due to this possible schematic or that possible schematic. We live in a collected universe in which we are all a universe unto ourselves and the possibilities of what might and might not happen are endless, as is the pointlessness of speculation. We live in a time of experts who can't find their ass with both hands. Let us consider that hundreds of millions, billions will die whether anything happens or not because that is the nature of mortal terms of being. That is the nature of each of our individual leases on life.

A catastrophe can sweep the planet. A ruinous war can escalate to the point of no return, by which few or none return from it. Anything might and might not happen in this unpredictable world but what I do know is that it is all under control and in the hands of the most far seeing and benevolent power; the most absolute and unassailable power that there is or ever was. I had been told this a long time ago; a long time ago in relative terms and a tiny blip of time otherwise. I heard it but I did not hear it because I did not understand it but now I do. I have come to understand the meaning of it. The experience of comfort that I take from this is immense. Everything is under control!!! Surely we all remember the scripture that says; “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father's consent.” Nothing takes place here that is not permitted or engineered by the master of all things.

It is a peculiar disconnect in this life that we can hear and not hear. We can understand the intellectual meaning of a statement but the force of it escapes our awareness. Of course, an atheistic would dismiss the validity of this. They believe that there is nothing beyond our presence here and once we are gone we are gone forever. They believe that life is an accident of some form of evolution of consciousness and form. There is not a great deal that I know but... I know that this is not true. I have direct experience otherwise and that has occurred more times than I can remember. I know that God is real. My perception of God is most certainly flawed but the existence of God is beyond any doubt in my heart and in my mind.

I feel a terrible sense of loss when I consider the fate of an atheist, as I do when I think of all the wasted lives that pass like drunken marionettes before my eyes. I am powerless to effect a change in their destinies since in the majority of cases our paths will never cross. You and I and anyone can only affect those that fortune has put in our way. Usually we influence others through the operation of our desires and appetites, or through the various traumas that we visit on one another. Occasionally we might inspire another, if we ourselves are inspired and therein lies the heart of the matter. It is up to us who and what we seek out for inspiration. If we are dedicated and determined we will attract the attention of an angel of light, who is employed by the origin of light and we will be influenced by that light and we will transmit that light into the lives of others. I can think of no greater and more meaningful employment of our energies in this life. Nothing else seems to contain anything of value. It is just the rotating wheel of endless futility. It is the dance of Sisyphus.

I look at all the alternatives in life and these options fill me with horror. To me, Hell is a consciousness devoid of the almighty. Hell is the absence of God. I do not intend to define what God is. That is beyond the capacity of any human mind and it is the source of never ending contention as well as immeasurable cruelties that take place each day because so many of us have made presumptions upon the nature of the ineffable. It is not our job to delineate the composition of the divine. It is our job to 'host' the divine and the result of that hosting is that we are filled with the spirit and presence of the divine and thereby the divine is inclined to express through us to the degree that we permit this to occur. The divine is present, after a fashion in every one of us because we could not be alive otherwise but... we preempt this with the shadow of the false self and it is thicker or thinner depending on the individual involved and what they get up to. This shadow is made denser and less dense according to the manner in which it is employed. Some activities are dark indeed.

I believe that nothing positive is served by worry and fear. Fear displaces Love and without Love one has no guidance and no protection. Love not only casts out fear but it arrests the potential of all of the events that fear exists in the apprehension of. We each have some understanding of the meaning of love but the meaning of Love it far too deep for us to comprehend more than a fragment. If Love is housed in our being and allowed to guide and direct us, it will drive everything that is not Love far away from it. You will walk and live and breathe in confidence and every moment you will come closer to Love and Love will come closer to you.

Let us turn our minds away from every specter that this world generates in order to confound and distress us. Focus on the great and unassailable power of the ineffable and let the rest of it go its way according to the people and situations it applies to. These other phantasms are of no concern to us, unless we make them so.

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The latest radio transmission is up now.


Stegiel said...

Very wise. Like the song from childhood this little light of mine, let it shine...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"He should be locked in a very small gender neutral bathroom with a bipolar tranny for all eternity."

Isn't the obumster already married to one?

Also, being in the world and not of it to the hilt, and being aware death is what we call transition to another realm that is not nearly as confining as this, why should I or anyone else worry? Well, I suppose if one is uber attached to this realm, but as far as I'm concerned; they can have it. M desire for this self-imposed prison of perpetual slavery is long gone.

Anonymous said...

"The divine is present, after a fashion in every one of us because we could not be alive otherwise but... we preempt this with the shadow of the false self and it is thicker or thinner depending on the individual involved and what they get up to. This shadow is made denser and less dense according to the manner in which it is employed. Some activities are dark indeed."

You hit that one right out of the park. Fully nailed it. I'm reminded of a poem by Bulleh Shah titled "Going to Mecca."

Going to Mecca is not the ultimate, even if hundreds of prayers are offered.
Going to the River Ganges is not the ultimate, even if hundreds of cleansings are done.
Going to Gaya is not the ultimate, even if hundreds of worships are done.
Bulleh Shah says that the ultimate is when the "I" is removed from the heart!


Anonymous said...

pierre said...
Trailer Park Boys fans might recall Mr Leahy being locked up and tortured (we were spared the details) by a tranny and her 2 femonazi accomplices in their small caravan.. 4th Series of Rectify is now on and our dear narrator said hell is other people (later on getting on to his hell as no other people, though he had neighbours in his prison for those 18 years IMO, perhaps less multimedia than I have and less wildlife/nature). Sun and D3 count for a lot too.

Predestination, original sin, free will etc.).
Such things have been discussed and debated much in the past (as Schaff informs me quite well and with good spirit,

4 of the 5 types of the resident snakes I have seen here this week (python this morning at the chook cage)... a lord pray I don't accidentally step on the 5th one, the land mine deaf adders. fate dictates that I look before I tread including in the house recently (memo to self, plug up those holes)

I just hope Trump has a Paulian conversion, confessions (public or discrete) and gets on with the job. I cannot help but think back to Russia, The Rothschilds (Frankfurt) Bolshies and the Cheka 100 years ago.

My coincidences with the TV continue, particularly at the turning point as I walk the room, proof enough of something. Me first, TV(or audio) second, therefore God prior and all around the time machine.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "Love not only casts out fear but it arrests the potential of all of the events that fear exists in the apprehension of."

That quote is actually true in a manifesting sense. In my car-metaphor of manifestation, thoughts are the steering wheel and emotions are the accelerator pedal. Voilà, manifestation! (That is why idle thoughts with no emotional Chi behind them rarely manifest as anything.)

Note that it doesn't matter whether the manifestation-process is conscious or subconscious. Subconscious stuff is 'running' all the time. That is why we often find ourselves in repeating-cycles of manifesting the same thing. (Get to the bottom of whatever is festering, make it conscious, and bring whatever-it-is into the emotional-present. Feel it through. The cycle will stop.)

Love and fear are both powerful emotions. (Some say fear is generated by the perceived-absence of Love, i.e., a lack of Vis' "everything is under control" awareness.) You could call them propellants in a rocketry sense.

Now, where it gets tricky is in the link between the steering wheel and the accelerator pedal. One is likely to have more-loving thoughts while experiencing the emotion of love. One is likely to have more-fearful thoughts while experiencing the emotion of fear. They are linked...

Thus, a thought-plus-emotion fear combination will bring-on fear-based manifestations. Nasty. This will induce fears for the future. This, of course, will continue the cycle into the future. (Scientists call this a positive-feedback loop, where each input 'grows' the output.) If this unfortunate situation 'couples' with the fear-combination in others, it can generate a truly-awesome, fear-based, physical manifestation. Biblical, you might say...

So, what to do? The obvious solution is to shift from fear to love. However, remember the subconscious aspect. One can be as 'surface-loving' as one wants, but if the underlying emotion is fear, guess what the manifestation will be?

Past Masters have provided a solution. When one gets silent and inward-oriented, all the fears will bubble-up. If one can feel-them-through and keep going, sooner or later a great sense of loving presence emerges. After a while, one can bask in this. You might say it 'seeps into your pores'...

This becomes a great tool in breaking the fear-cycle. Not only are you carrying less subconscious fear, but you can break the fear-habit by just 'remembering' the loving presence. After a while, you can even call-in the loving presence while walking down the street. Shift...

Remember Vis' quote: "You will walk and live and breathe in confidence and every moment you will come closer to Love and Love will come closer to you." This is how you can get to that consciousness-state. It is good for you, good for humanity, and good for the planet.

The above, of course, is why daily-life is set-up to NOT provide the space for inward pursuits. It is NOT in the 'best interests' of the baddies. One has to be strong-willed-enough to make the time for inner-space on their own initiative...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Warning: A Vote For Hillary is a Vote For World War 3 (video)

Anonymous said...

Les, is there a greater thing YOU could do then help prevent massive wars?

The wars have multiple reasons, but International Jewry seems to be everywhere...

One can adore peace and nonviolence and justice and still love Truth, which is 'g0d'

Kindly read and see if a spark is lit:

and this Oiche Samhain - May you feel a wonder and joy and clarity of purpose as to drive all spiritual aches and pains from your spirit.

And may some of your friends join you.

It's Yahwehism, Les...

My gift is clarity: Yahweh is 'Satan' and one need only peruse his tomes to know it in one's heart.

- a Druid.

Visible said...

We have been aware of the connection between Judaism and Satanism for some time. It has been discussed and stated here many times. Most of the readers and commentators here are also aware of this and have themselves mentioned it also. I do not say this to denigrate your contribution, only to say, "Yes... this is correct and I have no disagreement with it.

Visible said...

I am going to begin my series of The Sacred and the Profane now and this first piece is a bit of an impromptu extemporaneous ramble. This would be an example of the profane and tomorrow I will be posting the first of The Way to the Kingdom readings and discussion. I hope you enjoy it. I expect to become more polished.

Here is the first rough take of whatever this is.

Visible said...

I forgot to add that this space, this comments section is not open to fundamentalist propaganda of any kind and it doesn't matter what religion it is. This has nothing to do with anyone who has been recently posted here. The comments I am referring to did not get published and they will especially not be published if they are sourced by someone who has treated me shabbily in the past. So my recommendation to you is to go to some fundy site that caters to this sort of thing and publish it there because this is not the place for it. Nearly all the rest of you are welcome and that most certainly includes Karen for whom I have no ill feelings whatsoever. Things happen now and again and they should be forgotten and we should move on. In some cases they cannot be forgotten, though they can be forgiven but that still does not permit fundy-speak under a new alias.

I hope my little video there does not disturb too many people. I intend to start filming a variety of comic skits and I realize that this first offering is probably not as seamless and humorous as I might wish. I just started and simply winged it. This is how I learn. Tomorrow will be a whole new thing from an entirely different perspective. I recognize how wack this juxtaposition may appear but I have a construct in mind though it might take me a short while to get there. More I cannot say at the moment.

Anonymous said...

fantastic, lovely read

short bus

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
oooooff,, the best on this theme in Smoking mirrors that i've read.... Thank you....
May the Ineffable fill every crevice of your Heart, and every blood cell be infused through the action of the Heart.... May your prose in the dance of the fingertips on the Dog Poet's keyboard widen the crack through which Love shines through...
New ell, be Alert
Cheerful Grizzlybera Hug

Visible said...

Greetings! In about ten minutes the first chapter reading of The Way to the Kingdom should be available.

Go here-

The Way to the Kingdom; Chapter One.

torus said...

Godzilla-nomics? A grim prospect that has now become a moderately entertaining concept. Entertaining due to the fact that I'm compelled to laugh at myself and all my fruitless negativity in this regard. My negativity essentially peaked just post 9/11. A friend who is twenty years my junior was also compelled to laugh at my negativity regard economic "collapse". He laughs even harder now as his girlfriend has become his wife. She spends her days at the beach and on Instagram, while he drives his new BMW to work as head chef in a prestigious hotel. Granted, this is no indicator of immunity to "collapse". But it IS an accurate barometer of the "law of attraction".

Visible said...

The link is now active.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Well worth listening to, and 'watching'......
Thank you.....
Be Well
Grizzlybear Hug

Hereticdrummer said...

Even a cursory reading of the Old Testament reveals that god to be an anthropomorphic psychopath. It isn't hard to figure out which tribe would worship such a malevolent entity. (Hint: They wear yarmulkes). The ancient druids had it right. They knew that the most high of the high, the ultimate source or power of uncreated light, is beyond the comprehension of any mortal, what C. G. Jung termed the pleroma. Beyond all vibration, frequency, and manifestation. The "place" some would call Heaven. What Vis so wisely calls "The Ineffable", what most others call God. By the way Pierre, "Hell is other people" comes from Jean Paul Sartre. A very favorite quote of mine. In a Kali Yuga like we are dwelling in, that constitutes a helluva lot of other people. Keep punching Brother Vis.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you know how incredibly beautiful you are...and maybe that's exactly why you are so beautiful! In that one video that is so low-lit you look like a old masters painting...and the ineffable glows right out of your being! Quite a vision to behold and hear. As I watched you speak in all your humility and humor I can understand why you were picked for such an indwelling! I am grateful to share the planet at this time and place with you... it is an honor.

It don't come easy... do it?

Anonymous said...

Ah! This is so wonderful, Vis.
Looking forward to the Way to the Kingdom, as well.
Thank you for being yourself and sharing so deeply.
Much love,

Unknown said...

Vis, I have been meaning to thank you for the 'gift' you gave some time back of 'The Way To The Kingdom'. I have been starting my days since then with the meditation "I Alone AM ".
So thank you for giving it to me.


Unknown said...

I don't feel sad for the atheists, only disgust. God clearly exist and has a sense of humor. Hillary is a lesbian who keeps getting fucked by Weiners.

Ray B. said...

The Saker on the accomplishments of the 9/11 Truth Movement:

“I wanted to make a summary of how far we’ve gotten [in fifteen years]. Has the 9/11 Truth [Movement] achieved anything or not?

I’ve broken it down into what is called ‘The Three A’s’, which are used in intelligence communities to describe how ideal intelligence should work. The first A is acquisition, which is getting the data and getting the raw information. The second level is analysis. You take the data, and go through it by expert opinion, and evaluate it. The last part is acceptance, where you go to the political authorities or the highest level inside the agency, and submit that. And, they accept it or not.

If we go by that methodology, I would say the first part – the acquisition – was really the easiest part, and it was extremely well done. There were a number of difficulties initially because a lot of amateurs were actually involved in the acquisition part, which are the recordings and interviews and all of the raw data that is available about 9/11 and all of its aspects.

There was a huge amount of data. Some of it was very poorly analyzed, and others were pretty well analyzed. But the acquisition was easy; we have everything we could possibly want to know in terms of facts about 9/11. Everything is known.
I think the first level was amateurs asking questions, but also getting raw data. Then, real specialists coming in and looking at it and going, 'There is something wrong here. Let’s look at it deeper.'

That is the other thing. The internet played a huge role because, normally - just the acquisition part - on a worldwide basis, people could acquire it straight from the internet. You didn’t have to be in New York [City] to get it.

The second part was the analysis. I’m not sure if some of them are more or less enlightened. It is something that normally would require a multi-billion dollar investigation, and here it was done by volunteers with zero cost or individually covered.

The second phase, the analysis, I would conclude is a stunning success because there is enough strong analysis that I would say you could [not] just deny the facts and ignore it. But if you look into what happened, there are a couple of things. For instance, the freefall of the World Trade Center 7 during 2.25 seconds, which is the one I prefer, which means that eight floors of building were removed instantaneously. That is something which an amateur, who was a teacher of physics in high school, forced NIST to admit. NIST did admit it, which essentially means that the US government admitted it was controlled demolition, because that is the only explanation for that.

There is also [active] Thermitic Material that was discovered in the dust. There are also radar tracks, which indicate that some of these planes had a [diving-turn] course which could not have been plotted by human beings. And there is much more to it.

Now I think they have a consensus list which, if I’m not mistaken, has either 40 points or 60 points by now. We have more than enough. We have overwhelming evidence backed by specialists - truly competent, of absolutely indisputable reputation - who say, 'You know what? There is something here.'

We are stuck on the third level, which is acceptance. But the 9/11 truth movement cannot – and it is not its calling – force [an] acceptance. They are trying to do that. Architects and Engineers are trying to address more and more people. But really, if most people already doubt the official version, the people won it.

So what is left is the iron grip of the regime - on the media, on Congress, on the bureaucracy - who forces everybody to shut up and not dare to raise the issue. We pushed them down to their very last limit. With brute force, they basically say, 'We are not going to engage you. What are you going to do about it?'

There is nothing we can do right now, but that is a success.”

Anonymous said...

pierre said.

thanks a squillion for those ways to the kingdom, I was really surprised with your grace in presenting the material and there were many parallels and points of commonality with me as I listened (I am 'taking care of' my new rooster that thinks the sun comes up several hours before it does), and goofed off (particularly goofy last night) but went back again and again when I missed it.
One thing though, you didn't mention who the author was , it wouldn't surprise me if you were indeed not reading but pretending to read.(you should take that as a high compliment). I haven't listened to your radio shows for some years , as time is short and more importantly I feel a need to avoid too much influence from one source in this one way medium (I've dumped regular Durnford videoes for that reason).
You might have been a founding father once upon a time.
also, appreciate the camera angle, I am sure that is deliberate and sets the right attitude/approach.
a coincidence, the night before I came across Aghora The Left Hand of God , alone and misplaced amongst all my many sheet music files, and unfound in my normal voluminous collections, now retrieved for future use.

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's radio show just went up...

Anonymous said...

Re Pierre: " thanks a squillion..."
Reminded me of the story of our very low iq Bush Jr. years.

He had boarded his plane to a meeting in Brazil and his secretary said
" Sir, there are tens of thousands of brazillions just waiting for you when we land!"

He answered " How much is a brazillion?"

Psychopaths are notoriously stupid!

Visible said...

Here is-

Chapter Three of The Way to the Kingdom.

torus said...

Thanks Les, I've ordered the book. I read for you once, minus video accompaniment. I hope my suggestion to jam on Harrison's "Isn't It A Pity" was not misinterpreted. The chord progression itself serves as a humble "mantra".
Not seeking to wallow in self pity of love gone "wrong" etc. And I don't think Harrison was doing a self pity trip either. "Some things take so long, but how do I explain?
Be well bro.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Now Begins our Most Significant Week in the Manifest.

Anonymous said...

pierre said... (rectify mode)

@ anon...
I suppose there used to be a Gazillion Palestinians in Gaza once upon a time....

btw Vis did mention the author of the book in part 2.

no, not this one.(shockhorror 70s c grade films, think 'Divine' - the fat lady and midget crusher)

Visible said...

Eudoxia; I am sorry that your comment got deleted by accident. It was totally unintentional yet it happened regardless. Please resubmit it if you will because I have no way of getting it back.

mike m said...

It's all good, we are here at this time for a reason. How do I know this? I recollect I witnessed Mr.Visible professing said thought. :)

Eudoxia said...

Viz I replied to anon explaining that psychopaths are not notoriously stupid they are notoriously evil. George Bush the village idiot was the exception not the rule and anybody who has had anything to do with these degenerates particularly up front close and personal will only tell tales of abject horror - they have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I have an extensive pedigree in dealing with these creatures from hell and I currently spend a good deal of time online offering support to victims of these predators. What most others on this site have all agreed to is the horrific reality that it doesn't only affect 1% of the population - it's more like 25 - 30%.

Here's the real horror, pscychopathy has been proven to be genetic. So these so called elite families just continue to pump our more homocidal parasites.



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