Thursday, September 15, 2016

This, That, The Other and Meetings with The Mother.

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I don't like it when people talk out of the side of their mouth when they are uninformed about what is going on. It's like that scene in “An Innocent Man” when F. Murray Abraham says to Tom Sellick, “Don't you talk out of the side of your neck when I am trying to do you a solid.” Carson Palmer, the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, thought he would talk shit about Tom Brady and then admitted he didn't know what he was talking about. He went up against the New England Patriots on Arizona's home turf and got beat, while the Patriots were missing half a dozen of their big guns. Just about no one, except me, thought the Patriots would win but they did. What do they say? “On any given Sunday.” My prediction this year was that these two would meet in the Super Bowl. We'll see.

Yesterday... was it yesterday? I believe it was, because Hillary Clinton was at Ground Zero Sum at that memorial that was erected for when Israel attacked the US on 9/11. Anyway, Hilarious lost her balance and her shoe and had to be airlifted into her Chevy Suburban by her guns for hire crew who were once called The Secret Service but who are now much like the FBI; meaning bought and sold thugs for the banker syndicate who run everything out here; wherever out here is. After awhile, the police forces always wind up serving whoever has the money. There might, now and then, come along people who believe in protecting the public order and serving the common interest but... they get weeded out in the process of trying to do the right thing when the right thing is not in the interests of the ruling junta. T'was ever thus.

You know? You can go back to the days of Hammurabi or anywhere in the world, when the world was the world back there and find that the guys with the weapons always wind up protecting the guys with the gold. Every now and then, the ruling elite will throw one of their members under the bus or the chariot or the horse or whatever... just to show that, yeah... justice is for everyone. The way I see it, that is actually true, because the oppressed and the oppressor change places routinely from life to life, the same way that queens and whores do. There is a price for everything, if that is the kind of thing you want. In my case that is not the kind of thing I want but... to each their own. I prefer to traverse the universe in search of light and love however, that's just me; to each their own.

This is how I manage to deal with all the sick shit and mind numbing ambulatory porto pottys who don't mind festering in their own excrescence. Ah... was that dehumanizing of me? After all I said about searching the universe after love and light? Moving right along.

Then there is all the really important stuff that I usually miss. You know? Sometimes I feel like I am really an insensitive person and then I remember, there are all these other people, over 99% of them and for whatever reason, they are the ones who get my sympathy... as long as I don't have to hang out with them.

Visible? What's up? You sound a tad... I don't know... a tad cynical? Nah... I'm just mixing it up a bit. No sense getting in a groove and staying there when we are all about the trackless paths that lead within. It's what I think about... being here in this dream of life has been, by turns, an intoxicating experience and a nightmare. I'm sure a lot of that is on me, as I have attempted to figure it all out in my clumsy fashion and never doing things by half measure, I have screwed up on occasion. In my own defense, I've tried to learn from my mistakes. It isn't the errors that you make that define you but more what you do once you pick yourself up again; or get picked up. I don't recommend existence on this plane. I know some have had a pleasure cruise of the whole affair but I cannot be numbered among them. You endure. You persevere or... you perish.

Next time, maybe, eh? There are all those next times that loom beyond the appetite and desire zones of all the things you want to accomplish here and once done, you're done.

This is days later now; was supposed to be on the road at this time. A dreamy lassitude had overtaken my thoughts and I could do nothing except lay in the rack and read novels, one after another. I had no interest in the internet or much of anything and I was thinking I shouldn't leave on the given day and one way to make sure of that was not to have it together in order to, so... I didn't. Confused but not upset, I,wrote an astrologer friend (who I am sure will identify himself if he feels like it- grin) and he said to me, “I would be listening to spirit on that one. merc is retro yes ... sun and mars are squared in the sky as well.. and Pluto at 15 Capricorn is in a position that could be some trouble bigger pic.. mars as of today is opposed to your natal Uranus. so yes if I had to time the adventure beginning I would have to defer. it is not wise to start such a long journey with mars opposed to your natal Uranus.”

He continued on to say that on the date he recommends that “merc is direct. sun and jupiter in a conjunction. At 10 AM the moon goes into leo .. mars at 28 Sag is on the galactic core which is favorable. Waiting is a good move. The start of an endeavor should reflect the intention. The moon being in leo is good for you.”

Yes, I knew about retrograde and I had been feeling it. Nothing was working out here without laborious struggle, so nothing was worth doing or getting into, until the astrological swamp-lands were flown over in the natural rotation of the order of things so... it was novels in the prone position and that felt wonderful. Of course, when you are used to being busy all the time, you might feel guilty for awhile once you figure out that there are specific times to do nothing but you are not used to it. Yes... I am being what I have been accused of by people who don't believe in God, I am being subjective but there is a point to it and since I am going to be seeing some number of you shortly, I have to talk about it. I have been giving a lot of thought to this journey and it will all be described, except where there is a preference of anonymity by those involved, at this location here. The other blogs will be serviced as well in their usual order since there will be all that time on the road to do so.

The real purpose of this trip is two fold. One is to see those whom I have known for years but never met and the other is to find a place to land. Somewhere in this vast country are any number of suitable locations and this means that if I don't see you over the course of this particular journey, I will see you further on because you can come to see me or I you, once this location is found and I've got it on GOOD authority that it will be. My apologies if I miss you on this go around but for once I am not going to over extend myself and just make it easy and simple and let the intuition guide the show as it did when I stepped away from the original plan. Have you ever felt like something really big happened to you but you don't know what it is? Has this ever made you feel deeply confident and tremblingly uneasy at the same time?

About two weeks ago The Mother came to me. In earlier times she was all I thought about and all I saw in those moments of deep reflection in the private places of Nature. Then for decades my focus went moving here or there into one zone of devotion and inquiry after another. I often wondered why this shift had occurred. I wondered but not with any anxiety and then... out of the blue and apropos of nothing she has come back and the intensity increases with every day. Last night she was speaking to me about how sad she was and how she was more and more being faced with a need to make a profound and possibly catastrophic transformation here on Earth. How dramatic this needs to be was wholly dependent upon what some amount of us might contribute to diminishing her sorrow. Did enough of us care enough to become aware enough in our every thought word and deed that we might militate against the necessary shock value of whatever she feels needs be done in order to bring about a greater change in consciousness in the world around and within us? Do we?

It is impossible to describe the impact of certain communications upon one's heart and soul when they come around. Late last night or... early this morning as you prefer, I stood at the window in the bathroom, having an American Spirit, as she asked me to tell the readers how important it is to her to be appreciated. It seems that in her humility of being she has near phased herself out, or been phased out. I find it so hard to describe what it is like when the living god tells you she is lonely. I've never had an experience like this before but I promised her I would do my best. She let me know that it is of singular importance that she gets some love before she is compelled to bring herself into prominence by shaking the framework of Nature which... she happens to be. I don't know what any of this means but I can say with absolute sincerity that I have been feeling it for awhile, without even knowing what 'it' is. I've got a better idea of that now and I am certainly going to do my part in this by remembering her in every moment that I am able to. It is so very difficult to bring the image or idea of the almighty before the minds eye with a greater continuity and dedication than one has heretofore been capable of.

There are degrees of Nature. In the raw it is the pristine wilderness of her being before adaptation has come about. It moves from there to malls with hardly any representation of the pristine. It moves from purity into perversion and I think this is what is troubling her; she is getting all that attention in the form of her own being, which is not her being, that she likes the least. She is no longer being seen in the wonder and beauty of her truer self. As a result human nature is also drifting into ever deeper levels of perversity, mindless trinket worship and general indifference ...and it becomes inevitable that destruction must follow in order to return the human heart and mind to a simpler and more profound and loving awareness of our real mother.

I am not saying these things as well as I wish but it is as much as I am capable of so I must beg that the reader can see between the lines and elevate what has been said into an area of understanding where it rightly belongs. Thank you for you patience with me in this regard.

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mike m said...

I'm here in Cusco as I read this post. My Lord , your ability to convey the very things some of us are feeling is amazing. To walk through the ruins of the Inca Empire and see for myself how the invaders took a vibrant and rich culture and destroyed it with altars of materialism is something that is difficult to put in words. And the people here who walk around in seemingly oblivion to what has been done by their oppressors is heartbreaking.

As you say we are witness to interesting times but it comes to me that every time is interesting,it just depends on your perspective.
Well I'm off to meet a friend of my better half for some music and in a couple of days we trek to Machu Picchu, wish me luck on my travels as I hope for the best on yours.


Tyler Vincent said...

I know you will be okay great mother... all kinds of possibilities exist where the human mind can see... I see so many new species of insect appearing here, just in the last 2-3 years that I have never seen ever in the 34 years I have lived in BC. Its amazing how adaptable life truly is. Creatures can and do evolve very rapidly in times where this is necessary. I see the changes taking place. I believe that nature will find a away. And where there is vision, we have infinite potential to manifest beautiful things here on this beautiful Eden we live. We are moving into a new phase of evolution on this planet and life will continue to flourish and thrive...

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I find it so hard to describe what it is like when the living god tells you she is lonely."

I had this experience a few times around (what I call) Stone Circle Entities. They are actually otherworldly beings that can project 'down' to our reality. They used to have a great relationship with humans. Unfortunately, two things happened to thwart that companionship:

First, we fell. Gradually, we could not 'see' them, and so had to mark-out their location and earthly-extent with stone circles (hence the name). Still, sensitive individuals could talk with them...

Secondly, one religion had a problem with sharing power. ("And he does not share power.") So, their priests practiced 'dark magick' (cursing, shunning, casting-out spells, etc) against the Stone Circle Entities. This could not harm them, of course, but the 'yuck' factor and negative Chi caused them to withdraw to higher areas. The contact was broken...

Once millennia passed, the SCEs very existence became a myth. Only when the dark-religion waned, and 'sentinels' withdrew, did the possibility for communication arise. So, when I wondered what was causing all my compatriots to become suddenly 'merry' within a stone circle, that was what gave a SCE the opportunity to make contact. It was 'lonely'...

Over the course of several trips, I made contact with many SCEs. A fair portion were 'lonely', missing the former-contact with humans. Many discussions occurred, including on the current state of the planet...
Vis: "...and I think this is what is troubling her; she is getting all that attention in the form of her own being, which is not her being, that she likes the least."

Stone Circle Entities, being higher than (real) Elves, were the entities who told the Elves that they were being messed with, unknowingly. Previously, the (real) Elves had thought that they were 'pristine', and that humans had voluntarily chosen a downwards path. Now, they knew that we had both been messed with. We were in it, together. From that realization came an Alliance...

One fruit of this alliance - including with the (real) Faeries - has been the cleaning up of abandoned human places. Previously, such places had such bad energy that the higher beings just stayed away. Now, there were 'techniques' to restore the natural energies. 'The Mother' heals, so to speak...

If, in the future, The Mother decides to remove fallen-humans from various places, those places can now be cleaned-up for re-habitation...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Mike M, if you are sensitive to energies, you will have a field-day with Machu Picchu! Very high energies. It was a 'training camp' for budding ESP-types. When I first visited, upon reaching the actual city, I had the words come from deep-within: "They don't know what they have here. This is the place of the priest/kings!"

(If/when you are attracted to certain areas, get out of tourist-mode and just go meditative. You might be surprised!)

In archaeologist-mode, note the differences between the quality of the ancient rocks and the more-recent Inca 'additions'. The Incas were late-comers here...

I envy you. Enjoy!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

It is so sad Vis :o(. The feminine has been and is being totally trashed by ego, lust, and greed. It is by no accident these were the tests Jesus had to pass on his journey through this plane. Although my connection with spirit is one with my Father I understand Mother perfectly because I AM her. We mothers will give everything we have, to the point where we start to fade away, and still we look for where we are needed. It is a mother's nature to give without thought for herself, but try as we do this eventually comes back to haunt us if we do not make a stand. If we do not do this we lose ourself and then everyone around us suffers. What has the world come to when people are arrested for trying to protect the very thing humanity depends upon for their existence, Mother Nature? The abuse is not only to our glorious Mother Earth but the feminine in general. Man, who was supposed to protect the feminine has pimped her out to the highest bidder. We see this attitude globally in the sex trafficking of women and children as well as with the destruction of our pristine planet. God gave Man Woman so he would not be alone, but Man has failed to live up to his responsibility! Man does not protect woman, he dictates to her, controls her, demeans her, and blames her! Psychologically such treatment is deemed resentment, not love!

Satan uses the lure of station, materialism, and sex to lead men astray and then promotes disempowerment of the self by getting men to accuse the feminine for their decline/fall. The elite are waging a war on Man to feminise him to a point where woman no longer finds a protector, lover, and companion, but rather a child who has lost his way. The abuse of the feminine on this planet has reached an all time high.

Man shuts down his heart because it is so painful to lose at love, but the only way to the Father is through the heart, so turning against the feminine is akin to turning your back on God, which is why we are where we are today! Men hang together in their 'Men's Clubs' slapping each other on the back, telling each other how good they are, but in reality they are simply congratulating each other on their inability to step out of their comfort zone. Emotions are shut down and therefore unable to be interpreted, which is the core of the problem, because it is through our emotions and feelings we derive our deepest connection with the Divine. The loss of the Divine has caused both the masculine and feminine to lose their way, and the only balm for this ill is to go within and reestablish one's connection with source. No amount of outside physical stimulus will suffice.

Mother Nature is reeling under the weight of Man's selfish desires, fears, and expectations. Things will get sorted one way or the other, and irrespective of what happens the only hope for any of us lies in our connection with our cosmic Father and Mother.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

In all our beginnings there is always Mother. I was pondering this today also. The man is only strong in that he protects her and the "progeny". She produces and he protects. Whatever happened to us all ?

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
powerful stuff to which I cannot add, except it's Spring in these antipodes and nature abounds (despite what I am hearing on the Rense show re Fukushima fallout).
I'd like to hear in your travel notes if you see many insects splattered on your windscreens, or blowflies clouding off carcases on the side of the road.
Is this the end, my friend, LA Woman with her hands on the wheel and eyes (not on the road) on her mirror and Real Woman on the road screaming like a toad (mixing my Doors metaphors).
(My biggest movie image of No Woman No Cry, like hell, was Rwanda, caged princess in pain and frustration, never forget that one).

Anonymous said...


You may think you have not said things as well as you wish. Rest assured, some of us, including this reader, are well able to read between the lines. I am grateful for your appreciation of nature, though you seem to not speak of it often. It is not necessary to travel to a pristine wilderness in order for your soul to be replenished. Nature surrounds you, always; it shows up in the cracked sidewalks of a dlilapidated city, the corners of your living room (perhaps in the form of cobwebs ) and it's also inside of you.

I was visited a couple of days ago by the Mother in the form of a dying wild animal in my own back yard. It came at a most inconvenient time, as I was readying the exterior of my home, after a grueling day at work, for a power wash and a much needed paint job. I knew the critter was mortally wounded and wouldn't survive the night, but my need to look after it in its final hours overwhelmed my need to accommodate the contractors, who predictably showed up late for the prep work. The critter had a sibling who kept looking for its missing nest mate, which made my ability to deal with it all the more difficult. I buried the broken little darling in the dark of the next morning before I went to work, and I wept when I saw its sibling sitting on the burial mound, looking lost, when I returned later that day. It was there the next day, as well. It's all good. We've mourned and moved on, and the house still waits for its paint, which seems less unimportant to me now than it was before.

I'm curious about the reference you made to one of your other blog sites. Are you seeking some type of closure or resolution with that?
Whatever it is, I wish you a safe journey and success in finding your place to call home.

Blessings and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

pierre said...(copy and type mode)
no coincidence of course...
first page today of Schaff's VolII of his History of Christianity...
"In Alexandria, in consequency of this law [persecutions of Xians and Lews], Leonides, father of renowned Origen, was beheaded. Potamiaena, a virgin of rare beauty of body and spirit, was threatened by beastly passion with treatment worse than death, and, after cruel tortures, slowly burned with her mother in boiling pitch. One of the executioners, Basildes, smitten with sympathy, shielded them somewhat from abuse, and soon after their death embraced Christianity, and was beheaded. He declared that Potamiana had appeared to him in the night, interceded with Christ for him, and set upon his head the martyr's crown"

Katy said...

Time is over...message keeps arriving:
Eliminate all unholiness from our lives.
Live with a foot in the timelessness of heaven.
Pray without ceasing.
Put all intentions and valuables into Mother's hands.
Love, live sacrificially.

Katy said...


Her mother wrote me at that time saying:

My older daughter sees many beings, good and bad [angels], in battle. She has spoken many times about how its an all out war and its only getting bigger and the different kinds of beings. Our Lady appeared to her in a dream last year as our Lady of Guadalupe. She told her that the demon coming is larger and fiercer than all the others. That she is not to engage this demon nor listen to it. It was going to try to take over the world. This is a demon of fear. It was a fear that my daughter said was going to envelop everyone and everything....

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Lord Vishnu has two wives.
As the spouse of Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi, The Goddess of fortune appears whenever He does in each of His appearances, such as Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, or Krishna. In each of these appearances, she appeared as Padma or Kamala, Dharani, Sita, and Rukmini respectively. They are inseparable.

The other is Bhumi Devi (mother nature)

astro bob said...

nice post.. really glad you are amenable to starting your trip on a good note. The fascination of astrology after 45 years of doing it is never living a boring life. Seeing over the horizon a little makes navigation better... the astrological part of life is half free will and most people dont use free will very much. I was mostly involved with coaching derivative traders astrologically during the 1990s to help them understand why the tides of luck must be taken into account. Life is like football. You are the quarterback and you get up to the line and see what the defense is presenting and run the best play for that defense ... 9/25 at 10 AM is a good time to embark but you still have to execute the play.. BTW I am a bleeding green Iggles fan.

Anonymous said...

I understand this so well. I have thought about it many times. People in the world think with their mind not heart and the intellect says "wealth is good" People think that they have the right to this and this and this. They do not understand that without love nothing would exist. Mother earth is a spirit and gives of her in the form of food that we need. We should be grateful and not misuse this service. And, you know, nothing lasts forever. There will come a point when the "resources" end. What then? When we have consumed it all?

No. Take only what you need and give it then back to the nature. So that life can go on from what you leave behind.

Janne, Finland

Hereticdrummer said...

You said it fine Vis, in truth no one says it better. As a young boy I knew intuitively I was born into an apocalyptic age of violence and destruction. I've also known that after a certain point of abuse, the earth will shake us off like a dog shakes off its fleas. Keep punching Buddy.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
There is no greater wisdom.
The soul who sins shall die. The son shall not suffer for the iniquity of the father, nor the father suffer for the iniquity of the son. The righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself. “But if a wicked person turns away from all his sins that he has committed and keeps all my statutes and does what is just and right, he shall surely live; he shall not die. 22None of the transgressions that he has committed shall be remembered against him; for the righteousness that he has done he shall live.23Have I any pleasure in the death of the wicked, declares the Lord GOD, and not rather that he should turn from his way and live?
I'm sorry for the words if someone offended. You will understand me as you read this. It's hard to explain the position in which we found ourselves. Believe it had to be. I have nothing to hide, even I will be glad to explain myself stories. I wrote you that you can stop the wheel of life. All civilizations fell. Four times the land was destroyed because not mastered the ability to choose between good and evil. I wrote to you about Eve: The first act of idolatry committed Eve, began to desire. She ate the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They know that it is good, and it is evil, only what it is?" Everywhere on the planet you can see evil, replace it in the evil into good, and the world itself changes. What the president, the same nation. What is the Bible? I watched a program about dump radioactive waste that are stored underground. Because they are harmful, scientists are wondering how to warn people in the future against a dangerous place. They want to arrange mythologies about this place that to him is not approached. That this is the Bible.

Anonymous said...

The five books of Moses. For now I translated it into 5 different areas of science and life. Each curse comes to us by our forefathers from the days of old. I can show you that the law works for every person and the whole nation. Because that which governs, governs your will. Ok let's talk about important matters. Jeremiah describes exactly what I feel.
I can not erase the image of the head.
18For in much wisdom is much vexation,
and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.
"and what he did to Dathan and Abiram the sons of Eliab, son of Reuben, how the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, with their households, their tents, and every living thing that followed them, in the midst of all Israel. 7For your eyes have seen all the great work of the LORD that he did.
They are on the ground as a sign and a prophetic announcement.
All these curses shall come upon you and pursue you and overtake you till you are destroyed, because you did not obey the voice of the LORD your God, to keep his commandments and his statutes that he commanded you. 46They shall be a sign and a wond and your offspring forever.
Connect now volcanoes in Yellowstone Hotspot with Long Valley Caldera, Bruneau-Jarbidge, La Garida Caldera, Valle Grade.
Combine this with the ocean of oil that has been excavated, add to that even ocean water which was dry. The combination of all these volcanoes, the earth will be enough dry from the inside and from the outside. By building cities very high,( The prophet Isaiah wrote: Woe to those who build a house at home.) yet they charged to the ground. Instead toward God and Mother Nature. You invest in nuclear power plants. They increase the risk of contamination of everything. Think about it. Hell is the death of the soul. The gate to hell where people fall to Sheol which is under your feet.

Anonymous said...

What is the blood of Christ? 11For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it for you on the altar to make atonement for your souls, for it is the blood that makes atonement by the life.
He gave us eternal soul. In the old days They performed propitiatory sacrifice the blood of animals. Jesus made a sacrifice for everyone, who believes. He vowed to Nazareth. Glory to him for it. It made my flesh creep. What he did not happen again, but not wasted.
1And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, 2“Speak to the people of Israel and say to them, When either a man or a woman makes a special vow, the vow of a Nazirite,a to separate himself to the LORD, 3he shall separate himself from wine and strong drink. He shall drink no vinegar made from wine or strong drink and shall not drink any juice of grapes or eat grapes, fresh or dried. 4All the days of his separationb he shall eat nothing that is produced by the grapevine, not even the seeds or the skins. Because love is the most important. Long to explain. I can tell you that in our time all the books of the Old Testament overlap each other. I will say this. A strange feeling to read about what's happening now with the old books.
Nobody said it would be easy.
As for the New Testament there are some contradictions. New says do not drink. And the Old Testament says 27Wine is as good as life to a man, if it be drunk moderately: what life is then to a man that is without wine? for it was made to make men glad.

Anonymous said...


Do not worry about tomorrow, for he himself is worried. Everything is to fix. I do not want even a pound I also do not want power, you have to learn to live in peace. Life has a higher value. Look at the water. It is the same from the beginning. By changing the climate more evaporated into the clouds. Therefore they are heavier created floods. As iron. Even we are dying we give back water to the system. The law of nature. Why all the water in the world is contaminated?

Interesting is the combination of the sacred geometry of the 12 works of Hercules, 12 tribes, 12 houses, 12 apostles, 12 months, etc. Interesting that the Maya civilization and the Americas is also the tribes of Jacob. More interesting it is that the Inquisition eradicated.

I met many of the stories of the righteous who burned at the stake. You know what is right. Already this should give you to understand that despite everything I've become more resilient mentally. So where is the depression?

Earth is a sandpit, full of fun, fantasy, but with some rules. We have to be like children. The world has to be natural, and is gray.

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven
We want you to love

As small children

Who can not

Still nothing to say

and over and over and over guuu!

And it is our gu gu

God, you understand

Small prays best

Large prays knows how

A gu gu!

Persuade your mom

Entice her Dad

Let them as children

Pray to him

Let them as children

Pray to him

Agu over!

nanajnajnaj .....

Agu gu

nananajnaj ...

This is what I wrote about the congress, I wanted to see your reaction. Interesting. we do not need more blood.

We live in a unique place, take care of him. I have a daughter and as I look at this dump, I have no words.

Before I go away, before I go from here
Grasp me by my hand, catch my hand -
We will go together there, chaos will never embrace us.

In searching of the luck...
We wander the whole world,
We wander the Universe,
We land to the gates and there we wait for the entrance.
This whole world is in our feet,
Whole world is in our feet, brother, sister of mine.

Anonymous said...

I forgot. I wrote about the perception of earth. Nothing on the flat land. In the Bible it is written that he has sphericity.

Visible said...

In respect of fairplay, aggressive truth, I have gone ahead and posted your bombastic and boring dogmatic cant. I will only do this once. I warned you about sending in this kind of claptrap. I know, I know, there are those who appreciate this kind of thing. I am not such a person. This is the last you will appear here, cutting and pasting breath stealing emphysema causing dry dead whatever this is. I just want the other readers to see what it is I am not permitting to go by. I'm not saying there is not an audience for what you do. The graveyards are filled with people who might appreciate the communication. I do not, so this is goodbye, period. This is not the place for this. You have a wide world of internet out there; go and find like minded souls. Over and out.

Visible said...

conversely, I have no problem with you doing something original and heartfelt or at least incisive and composed of reason and good argument. Otherwise, that's it.

robert said...


(part one of 3)

Fixated, mentally crucified by contractile concepts masquerading as tools of reason.

Static symbols, no matter how ancient or imbued with the accumulated energies of lifetimes of painful abuse, pinion the mind and leave the heart leaking all joy into the ground.

One dimensional see-saws (lines are of one dimension), where the mind is tricked into taking one side or the other or even trying to stay in the middle, is the primary weapon against reason.

Good/Bad, Male/Female, Secular/Religious, Spiritual/Physical, Sublime/Sexual, Devotion/Understanding et cetera are all mere wallpaper crossword puzzles, consuming our time in a wasteland of mental space.

Then there is the deliberate sophistry aimed at those who escape from level one mental maze into the next level:
Following the “Way of the heart”, while employing mental crutches and the prosthetics of sado-masochism.

Did the Buddha or the Christ ever encourage people to blind-fold themselves and follow their impulses?

Faith IS required, once we reach our (temporary) temporal limits of our understanding, to be sure, but that should NOT be conflated with hobbling reason in its restless process of encompassing Reality.

To step forward without knowing with certainty what we will experience, this requires faith and a certainty at a higher level, that a more comprehensive consciousness does know, that no learning experience is ever lost and what we learn is added to the Akashic recording of the Universal manifestion.

Does anyone who “knows” continually cast disempowering limitations upon the mind within the Mind, as the way out of this soul-crushing zone?

You want to be a diamond, coldly gleaming in a static self-satisfaction?

Then stay in the press until all joy is squeezed out, for consumption by demonic hordes. Yes, Virginia, the crusty constructs which feed on mortal frenzy still “like them some” forcibly-extracted human joy, make no mistake! It is only the fact that, in this testing place, there is far more fear, anguish and terror to sustain the legions of the dead than joy, and, just as we see in human hierarchies, feasting on this precious, rare-on-this-plane commodity, is reserved for demonics higher up in the chain of fear.

However, you want to be a source of joy to the Universe and those around you?
Step out of the machine, disconnect from the MEdiaMatrix, be willing to use your mind in service of the Mind which Serves the Heart of All Matter, as Creation expands to allow the unknown darkness to be known and loved, no matter what has “happened” so far.

Are we willing to learn without ceasing?

Are we willing to learn to live without ceasing? Or Are we willing to learn without ceasing, to live?

Are we willing to learn without ceasing to live and love?

Are we willing to learn without ceasing, to live and love, with no end in sight, other than more life to face?

Liberation is simply, moving off the board game, from bored to death to getting excited to see every new possibility to redesign, to reprogram, to clear the bugs from our eyes and from the human manifestation process.

robert said...

(part two of 3)

One depressed prophet declares that there is “nothing new under the sun”, and all so-called enlightened beings are to march in lockstep to this tune of “enlightened” despair?

Taking this flattened, verbal encoding of a dimmed vision as a “reason” to freeze reason into fixed orbits, instead of the spiral ascendancy which would surely manifest if understanding was not constantly brow-beaten by STATIC NONSENSICAL CONCEPTS?


The Ineffable Creator is growing from His Center, a static game where nothing really changes and there is nothing to win but a transition to yet another level of the same, only more-so?

Horse hockey!

Just because all sentient beings require many times around the wheel to grow out of partiality into Oneness, we have all been here before and the deeper verities, the cosmic laws powering this boot-strapping of consciousness up into Consciousness NEVER CHANGE, does not excuse the laziness of mind and spirit to remain prostrate before creation, passively supplicating for mercy while granting none to ourselves and others!

A poor analogy: Using one simple fixed formula, a fractal mathematical PROCESS or algorithm, feeding back upon itself, can generate an INFINITY of nested abstract structures. Creation, in its fully lawful growth from Center outward and upon reflection, back into the heart of darkness, presents ALL NEW niches for life and consciousness to grow into, both now and here and forever and throughout the Universe.
The ONLY factor in all of this wonder which is “nothing new under the sun” is our FIXED ATTITUDE, the resentful, self-limiting perspective of the limited egocentric-valuation of life, separated from Life.

This desert-of-the-mind point of view, demonstrated for the edification of all in the unchanging ritual and cult-practices of the “by-the-book” clan, only “oops!”, that book (Talmud or Tall Mud) was scribed by thoroughly corrupted intellects, disconnected from the living souls around them, becoming the worst form of self-fulfilling prophecy (actually, ultimately, NON-self-fulfilling), trapping the mind and the heart of the humanimal hosting this set of programmed attitudes, within a hell on earth.

By the Law of the Ineffable, all beings are free to fuck things up, right up to the limit, where that willful ignorance impinges on the potential of OTHER beings to learn their way out of the (primarily) mental maze, now learned by heart for countless (NOT infinite) generations.

The feedback from this, stuck-in-time, willful limitation on the power of joy, is naturally, negative! Despair ensues and even prophets have bad days, bad years and bad lives. It comes with the job description as front-line observers on the battlefield of willful ignorance and the inertia of human misery.

The primary insight, simple to say but difficult to play:

Nothing statically conceived is true, can be true, can ever be true to Reality
We are here to learn to juggle sustainably, nothing more!

Wherever we start, whatever we are focusing upon, nothing matters in itself, only the movement counts, only the intent behind the dance, only the dynamic expression in time, which can be refined and eventually become: Beauty.

The illusions, delusions, intrusions on the mind MAY be the same from the beginning, since all minds are microcosms of the Mind, thus it stands to reason that the wrenches which clog the mechanism, which cut off the spiral motion, are all depressingly similar in nature.

robert said...

(part three of 3)

There are many ways to fail at creating something beautiful, that which can take on a life of its own to raise the frequency and joy of all creation.

There are only few ways to finally align with the Law of the One, to synchronize with the Eternal dance all around us and to move into being, something more than ourselves, something beautiful on its own.

What does on open Heart mean?

It requires a mini-mind seeking sincerely to join with the Mind, not by mere destruction through negligence but by voluntary cooperation and a humanimal/living temple willing to go ALL THE WAY, through the illusion of death.

What does the never-ending story imply? We are never done, never there, never, ever able to let the mind and heart go to sleep and remain in a static state.

External goal seeking is a worthy training exercise, to teach us how to tune our consciousness into the ongoing Mystery. However, the falsity lies in the static concept of arriving at victory, getting the prize, then comes the letdown and the emptiness of external circumstances.

Facts matter while learning to juggle but ultimately, are pierced by the Consciousness that matter is but clothing on the true body, which lives beyond time and space and is playing all the parts in the drama.

Where faith is sufficient, facts are overruled by consciousness in motion!

We eventually discover ourselves and find ourselves to be beyond this plane of avatar games, of life by proxy. We see that we ARE the Creator, pretending for far too long to be helpless consumers of misery, instead of really being the producers (witting or unwitting) of all we experience.

When we have learned to shape our dance in real-time, improvise our song in a continually ongoing paeon to the One, to juggle all the forces of Nature, both within and without, with our focus not on what manifests but HOW WE ARE MANIFESTING, then we know….

PROCESS, not content is the real; HOW we play, not what we win is the truth.

We must pay some still attention to what manifests, to provide the ever-important, transcendently sublime FEEDBACK LOOP to our consciousness, to be true to our compassion to do no harm while we learn to fly for ourselves.

The creative process ITSELF, most notably lacking from all the poor pretenders to ownership of the Earth and all its living inhabitants, is all there is under the sun.

And, you may assure yourself, it is ALWAYS NEW.
No point at all to Creation any otherwise! Even human reason can see through this illusive error!

To all who have ventured this far into this attempt to see through mere appearances of sense, may we all remember that our hearts, in holographic alignment with the Heart of the One, are deeper than our minds, a holographic partial of the Mind of the One, can possibly fathom.

The glory of creation is that there is no limit, no room for the despair of Alexander when his game of conquering the earth seemed to be over.

No reason to hold ourselves back from growing into Godhead, for fear that it will mean nothing when we get “there”, because there is no “there” there, ultimately.

“There” simply and lawfully unfolds into a higher dimension of “Here”, to grant us joy while we learn to juggle our being into balance, until we come so harmonized to the One that we may commune in joy together, forever.

Tyler Vincent said...

Who are you talking to? You have spoken much about kundalini and sexual energy and how it is responsible for so much of the sexual expressions of the world at the moment, Its obvious what is going on here, or perhaps what you see is simply a mirror of what you are. I've never seen anybody doing kriyas quite like that except for maybe, myself. I see that reflected in some of these videos more than I have seen anywhere else ever. It looks like the little girl is going through a literal kundalini awakening. It looks about as dark and dead as it was for me at some points as well. Its kind of wild to see that. All of her latest videos are like that. If you got the kundalini and have had kriyas and actually watch these videos you'll know what I am talking about, otherwise you have no clue. Sia's videos almost seem like a reflection of that divine process, in a tactile physical way, however perhaps a reflection of that process on another level, if this is choreographed. I don't know how that is and why it is so popular. I feel like a little child looking in the mirror of my own awakening process. Watching these videos, I see what you mean that both sides are controlled by the same force... its the same everywhere. I have removed my identification of much of what is good and evil, as you suggested. I see the duality expressed by your kundalini here, or whatever is speaking through you, as one aspect of the divine hammering on itself (karmically on one hand), or another aspect of the divine for whatever reason, perhaps simply another test for the purpose of personal and collective evolution. Other than that it just doesn't make sense to me. I see the beauty, and the wild kriya phenomenon and its pretty amazing to me. I don't know who you are talking to, you may want to clarify who you are actually speaking to here, I don't know who you are talking about. Speaking of Kundalini, I just I posted my latest video on my awakening experience here I'll be posting one up soon on safe ways for healing others.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

In other words, try to behave ourselves..
Good advise. Real good advise.

wiggins said...

"justice is for everyone." LOL. That reminds me of the silly old coot of a High Court Judge in England, who opined to a defendant: "Justice is open to everyone....just like The Ritz." Bwahahahahaha....

Ray B. said...

Robert, wow! That is quite possibly the best comment(s) I have seen all year. Great prose/poetry, also. There is much joy in the 'worldview' that you describe. I am glad, because so much of the spouting results-in "Why Bother?" Yours is a worldview that I could believe-in and stand-behind. Thanks. (Copying and pasting.)

"boot-strapping of consciousness up into Consciousness"
Official notice that I am 'lifting' that. Great!

"juggle sustainably" Same!

Sheer poetry:
"Wherever we start, whatever we are focusing upon, nothing matters in itself, only the movement counts, only the intent behind the dance, only the dynamic expression in time, which can be refined and eventually become: Beauty."

I invite the reader to feel into the above passage. I believe this is a key into Ascension itself. Wow.

Thanks again, Robert...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Mind in Matter is the only Eternal Race, and you have not been appointed to represent Nature™, but you have been Sphinxed along with your readers.

Anonymous said...

Nature does not underwrite religion, or economics, and the more you realize that the more and the better it is that you stand or fall by your own opinions. You are too far from the truth for credibility.

David Alan McBride said...

The Divine Mother asking for OUR help? The above actually needing help from the below? Um, wow. Hadn't considered that before. Gonna have to ruminate on this awhile. It's quite a lot to get a handle on. Being immersed within a conversation of this magnitude? Whew. Well...okay then. I have one and only one response to this call: yes.

To the Divine Mother: you have my yes. In thought, in word and in deed I, henceforward, will redouble my efforts. We still need your help too. We're hurting real bad down here. Will you reach for me as I reach ever more fervently for you?

Visible said...

That, my dear friend, is exactly what she is asking for. Game set match... you win.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:40 and 4:46:

You seem to have missed the point entirely, unless your intention is to sow discord.


Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Tic toc ;)

Anonymous said...

The Mother,

I am sure She was the first one to say:

The road to hell
are paved with good intentions...

Muslims don't understand this concept at all...

How can seemingly good human intents brings calamities?

Perhaps when one have buried deep within the truth

Or even separated and raised itself above It?

The old crones wise sayings fell in deaf ears
The many urgings turned into naggings in their ears
To finally become intended curses...
And so they layed the blame squarely at Her feet...
They hated the truth, they abhorred the simple fact that God loved All his creations equally
Man was just a part of a greater All...

What ensued next paved the way to our Enslaving
When Man declared War against Nature
They took no prisoners
Gone the old ways
Gone The Mothers
Only the pliable one allowed
Man egos knows no bound

From then on the world is firmly in their GRIPs
Nothing is of the plates when you have greedy shortsighted minds
After all Man have given themself Godly rights over Nature and her derivatives Woman and created:
The era of the Machine
Where everything is upside down
When feelings becomes a hindrance


Visible said...

Here is-

This weeks radio broadcast..

Kazz said...

Spot on Audrey, but as we head back into the light all will be put right again :o).

Having control is a mere illusion, or should I say delusion!

Luv Kazz

Quidam said...


I sit here this morning overwhelmed with gratitude. Reading this blogs comments I just had to stop and pray, and give thanks. I clicked on your email @ gmail and nothing happened, a few times. Quite possibly and most probably, this doesn't belong in Smoking Mirror comments, but I wanted to communicate a little with you, and I have some explaining to do.

It's my birthday today, at 3:57 P.M. I'll be 60. This is my Manna Text for today that I'd like to share with you. Oh BTW, I realize I have a lot of explaining to do. However, I don't do a lot of talking at times. That's why my nick name is Quidam. Among others, F2, (Floyd the second, I prefer it to Jr.). Desperado X and this place was given the name, not by me tho, as Rancho Desperado. Oh, Manna Text.

Thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones--Isa. 57:15.

Let us ever keep in memory that a broken and contrite heart the Lord never despises, will never spurn. Therefore, into whatever difficulty any of the Lord's people may stumble, if they find themselves hungering for the Lord's fellowship and forgiveness, if they find their hearts contrite and broken, let them not despair, but remember that God has made a provision through the merit of Christ which enables Him to accept and justify freely from all sin all that come into Him through Jesus--through faith in His blood...Those who have broken and contrite hearts on account of their sins may know that they have not committed "the sin unto death," for their condition of heart proves this, as the Apostle declares: "It is impossible to renew again unto repentance" any who have committed the sin unto death. Vis, my functional only one I use email is, home phone 740-662-0378.

Douglas Stover
7986 Buckley Run Road
Athens, Ohio 45701

I'm living the dream brother, for real!

Unknown said...

Really a very heart touching story. I really gone through it twice. We should really have faith in us and keep it up for us to live. I had seen many readers of hanuman chalisa lyrics have peace of mind and keep tensions away.



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