Thursday, July 23, 2015

Updates and Outtakes and WTF?

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My friends... I cannot remember where we were last and I am not motivated to go and look at the moment so we will just funnel this out and start the posting cycle from Mirrors. I seem to have patchworked together the capability to do this. We shall see.

By some mysterious process, both my computers; desktop and laptop went down on the same day. Then I had a serious event that put me down and almost put me out. I won't be elaborating on that at the moment, mostly because it was a supernatural event and the details of such do not always translate well in the short term. Suffice to say that the world may continue to wobble on its uncertain axis of change, along unpredictable time lines but my own personal saga is certainly coming to term; one way or another.

One of the reasons I say “I don't know” is because it is an accurate statement and it has never been more clear to me that this is so than it has in the last couple of weeks. Believe me, I would love to go into the details here but they are too fantastic, even for me, at the moment.

I've been thinking that maybe this isn't my best option, living in the jungle with little human contact. I have no way of knowing why the invisible is both my best friend and my worst enemy. I've even been considering insanities as alternatives. My situation is always so razor thin and that allows for little in the way of catastrophe and the unexpected. But who am I to argue with my circumstances? I am where I was put for the reasons I am put there and seldom does any intelligence concerning the why and wherefore come across my desk; so to speak.

I'm not complaining. Even with this latest series of inexplicable events, I remain on an even keel. If pain is an educative force then I probably have a PHD. I spent the last four months working my way up to over 300 pushups on one day and 400 situps on the next, along with all kinds of other strength training techniques that attend these. Now I watch my efforts melt away due to an inability to perform but... I expect that to go back to what it was shortly. There is some sort of cosmic opposition to my having a consistent regimen of meditation and training. If I am not so engaged there is no opposition. What is one to make of that? It astounds me!

Alright... we've just been laying out a little background without much in the way of explanation but, in many cases with the readers here, I don't think I have to explain anything. You are experiencing similar things in your own lives, even if they manifest in very different ways. I apologize for your not hearing from me. From the many emails I have seen (only today) some of you have been either highly concerned or simply missing the output. I wasn't in any position to respond and if I don't get back to you soon, fear not, I'll get some kind of a computer system back on line in a few days.

I'm sorry for taking up so much of the posting in this disjointed and rambling fashion. The truth is that I don't know what to say. Not only have I experienced events that are mindblowing on both the temporal and the spiritual planes in these past days but they are an order of a different magnitude. One thing it tells me is that everything else must be getting close too. Portals are opening. Doors are closing. The new age descends and the old age departs and everyone of us is to be judged in our hearts.

What just happened to me is so out there and around the bend that I have to think something powerful is taking place. It certainly made a lasting impression on me.

Let's move on to something possibly more pedestrian. A couple of months ago some chickens started coming over to my place. I thought they might be hungry and as I had been having smoothies with plant protein, Moringa and Creatine every morning, I had these papaya innards and other fruit compost and I started giving it to them. Then a mother showed up with a bunch of young chicks. They are all grown up now but... at this time I have a couple of dozen small chicks running around and 8 or 10 larger ones including a rooster and a lot of them have now taken to roosting in the trees around my dwelling. Maybe this is no big deal but from what I hear it hasn't happened before and they ostensibly belong to someone else. Here they are though. I don't eat chicken and I don't want to be the Lord of the Chickens. Some of their behavior is pretty peculiar too.

Some women came around a couple of days ago and were asking me a lot of questions. I got the impression that they had some kind of secondary cause to doubt my sanity. We had a lovely talk and they asked if they could come round again. This time there were two different ones and the same thing happened with a lot of laughter. I couldn't get any clear fix on just what they were doing coming to see me but my impression is that now I won't see them again, at least not in whatever capacity I saw them in in the past

People that I have known in some virtual way, with perhaps a brief terrestrial engagement, have been telling me they are going to do a specific thing. In one case this involves several months of time and there is no result. I'm used to a certain amount of wack in my life but the present level of wack has sent the ink trail off into the ozone. I try to analyze this from all possible points. Is this a breaking up of the fabric of reality? Is this some kind of enemy action involving sophisticated and weaponized currents and beams of vibration, information and provocation? Is this the results of new perceptions brought about by personal changes? Are others experiencing similar things? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

What I know is that some very basic things and conditions are no longer what they were. Formerly, more or less, tightly wired interfaces, are becoming frayed at the margins.

I remember a story I heard a long time ago. It was so long ago that the details have become somewhat blurred but I remember the point well enough to proceed to make it. There was this magician who took a pupil and began to educate him in the principals of the art. Now and again he would demonstrate something and blow the students mind. Time passed and for one reason or another the day came when the master had gone off somewhere and the student was motivated to try out something he had learned. He went through the motions and... lo and behold, it worked! This blew his mind. He was on tenterhooks until the master returned at which point he went running up to him in an excited state and told the master what had happened. The master, bemused, looked at him in an arch fashion-,for all I know he raised an eyebrow and he said, “Son, if you are going to perform magic, you have to expect it to work.”

This is one of those stories, examples... where it is more analogy or indirectly related to something that may not be the obvious target of the example but I'm guessing it relates to things hinted at here. This is not to say that I have been in the business of the practice of magic because the only magic that interests me is the one where you do nothing and it all gets done through you. What I am trying to say is that if a person is relentless and forceful in any direction they are eventually going to make some amount of progress in movement in that direction, or gain some facility in whatever it is they have focused their time and attention on. What this means is that eventually conditions and events that are peculiar to... whatever... are going to start manifesting. This is going to happen in terms of your diet, whether you exercise or not, who you do and do not associate with, what you do and do not do, What you think about and what you say and... what you don't think about and what you don't say and all of this and a thousand others influences that all make up the enormous complexity of each of us and it accounts for our personal karma, destiny and fate, along with any other term you want to throw in there, all come out of this collective of personal minutiae and, of course, meaning is given according to the window of time it is demonstrating through.

What I am saying is... whether we understand it or not, whatever happens is supposed to happen, I guess ...and whatever happens, we played some part in bringing it about. Well... let's see what's around the corner. Time passing after all.

End Transmission.......


Scrofula said...

Les, if it is of any consolation to Ya- am personally going through the same kind of scene. I feel like very big changes are about to arrive! (I even see this- no idea how to describe it- among people that I am very close to!) Time to become a moving target survivor subscriber?

Anonymous said...


I went completely mad in the last two weeks, after calling out some thieves for being slithering thieves. My meditation doesn't seem worth a damn now either. I am often terrified when things are overall just fine. I blame the absence of your posts. Ha.


wiggins said...

It doesn't take much to throw the mind out of kilter vis-a-vis meditation. 'Old Nick' - like rust - never sleeps.

Anonymous said...

You're living in the jungle??!!!!

That's fucking awesome!!

Anonymous said...

You're living in the jungle??!!!!

That's fucking awesome!!

Alan 22 year old kid from Perth

Eric said...

I've had a couple of very sobering weeks, partially through not being sober which have presented my presence as temporally, temporary

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back!

Hope you will share more about your experiences when the dust settles.

"Let your hearts be pure and true"

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK, I have no idea if this is real or hopium, but it was 'borrowed' information from Dr. Simon Atkins, and it might just 'splain sumthin'!


Simon says (yeah, yeah, yeah. . .) that it come in 3 waves, and the first wave arrived on July 7, and goes to August 19, wave #2 goes from August 20 to September 14, and wave #3 starts on September 15, and goes to October 7, 2015. I personally have noticed nothing, except my fuse is shorter than ever, and I lose it very easily. NOT a good sign, but I won't do anything exceptionally stupid if I can help it. I'm also probably enjoying the entropy too much, but hey! I HATE THIS PLACE, AS IN THIS REALM, AND I'M GLAD TO SEE IT GO!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for what's next, whatever state, and whatever realm I'll be in, though apparently I must. And MY favourite 'invisible friend' told me in a dream a long, long time ago that everything was gonna be all right, and so far it has. In fact, some astounding things have happened to make it possible for me to still be here, that I won't get into, since they deal with mundane crap of pleasant so called 'coincidences'.

Take it or leave it. And welcome back, LV. One day, somewhere, Hell know where, we will meet. Hope you let me pet your nose when that happens, and I hope you pet mine in return.

;O) (And yes, mine is that big; so neener-neener to all yous who are nostrilly challenged.)

A. Dundee said...

glad to be reading you again after the short interval of no posting activity very much looking forward to the opportunity to learn some very interesting, if not profound, things about myself in your near future postings thanks for everything you do

Anonymous said...

I've been physically whacked for the past three weeks by a pernicious little flu-like Summer cold that lingers. Slowly pulling out of it. Your Mirrors post was a morale boost, Vis. An oasis in the spritual desert.

I can't shake the feeling of a calm before the storm--the doldrums of waiting for the social/geopolitical/geocultural/geophysical fissures and faultlines to begin a prolonged period of rupture.


Anonymous said...

"I've even been considering insanities as alternatives."

I'm having problems too. I've got 1001 things to get done and I can't get started. In my head is: "What's the point - everything is about to be upended anyhow." I am unable to discern whether this is "real" or is a self-induced delusion arising from the reaction to the madness I see around me.

Many years ago when I was in high school, I entered a period of deep depression. I felt like I was in a whirlpool, inexorably being pulled down, with no amount of effort providing a way out. At some point I knew I would simply stop being alive. I was too embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone, of course, even though help was close at hand. I decided to at least study the cause of my demise. I read somewhere that "If you think you're insane, you're not insane." I had no idea what this nonsensical statement meant, but I knew full well that I was insane, so this came as great news. It finally dawned on me that the statement pointed to the key for sanity - awareness. If one is aware enough to realize that all is not normal, then one cannot be insane. That was enough to pull me out of it and it has not returned - until the last few weeks. (in a milder form)

Using that definition, I'm surrounded by people who really are insane, not just most politicians, but friends and relatives too. They are not aware of their own irrationality nor are they aware of their resistance to anything other than that presented by the New York Times/National Public Radio propaganda.


nina said...

That hexagram you threw a while back, you know the one, is probably worth a serious review today.

Love, nina

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your posting.
It is a great relief to read your words.
I have little to offer, but I take much from your thoughts and energies.
Thanks so much for all that you so freely give.


BlackBelt Yogi said...

I had a totally fucking intense 'kundalini' episode this past Monday night, whereby I rushed for a solid 7 hours and then felt like I was on acid for a subsequent 8 hours.

Having recently turned our spare bedroom into a meditation space, I retreated within to do some yoga after a big day at the computer. Within minutes I felt the rush of energy, the tingling extremities, the waves of consciousness, but it never settled. I had two minds, the one rushing and the one trying to regain control. I said mantra, crawled on the floor, used postures, went outside, talked to God....I tired to ride the wave but it was so fucking intense, I wrestled with dying and trying not to be fearful. Even sharing this now, I can feel tingly at the base of my skull, like a trap door and I'm not sure where the hinge is?

I have had a past kundalini experience, 16 years ago, but it was no where near as long lasting or intense as this past one. The first time was pure energy, serene consciousness.....3 nights ago, it was muddled. I could ride the euphoria and then darkness would creep in,doubt and fear...I was on the verge of losing consciousness for hours but was prevented from doing was a battle.

I don't know man, it was awesome and terrifying and I am still not quite a gate has been opened...hope you are having an easier time, xo.

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis! Glad you are back online. I had no idea you were having physical and "supernatural event" challenges; I thought it was just suspicious computer failures. If you want/need to talk about the former, I am sure I/we can provide a 'safe space'.
Vis: " was a supernatural event, and the details of such do not always translate well in the short term."

On my part, anytime I hear of 'unusual' events, I instinctively want to hear more (grin)...
Vis: "I've been thinking that maybe this isn't my best option, living in the jungle with little human contact."

We all have a 'social' side, like it or not. I am surrounded by folks who have done little work on themselves, but I still derive some sort of satisfaction through their 'presence'. Although I live a half-hermit type of existence by choice, I would not want to be truly isolated...
Vis: "There is some sort of cosmic opposition to my having a consistent regimen of meditation and training. If I am not so engaged, there is no opposition. What is one to make of that?"

When I was doing my early 'exploratory work', I ran across a book by Ken Wilbur. In it, he posited a series of enlightenment states from more-mundane towards 'Wow'. One of the states along the way was the 'Centaur' state. This was where one got a true sense that the body and the intellect were not separate, but One. Not a horse and a rider, so to speak, but one 'co-manifestation'. (In the bigger picture, it is from all-God on down through the quarks that make-up your body.)

I have worked to understand that Centaur state, and it has paid tremendous dividends. My body is now my 'friend', and will work to ease my path in ways that my intellect did not even perceive. (It will also put it's foot down [grin], if it is pushed in ways or timings it does not agree with.)

I used a 'wisdom tale' when working with clients: Your body is like a horse, with you being the rider. Suppose you are riding it and coming up to a tree limb. A horse who you have abused or neglected is likely to hate you and to put you right in the path of the limb. A horse who you have listened-to and cherished is likely to love you and to take you right out of the path of the limb - whether or not you noticed it.

The body/intellect relationship is like that, at least at first. Then, it gets better. It can be more of a symbiosis than a parasitical relationship. As I said, my body has 'sidestepped' or alerted me to many situations as a response to befriending it. And, I listen to it and clear it of various 'holdings'. We are Both more. It is harder to be 'co-equals' than a noble/serf relationship, but it does pay off...
Vis: "Some women came around a couple of days ago and were asking me a lot of questions. I got the impression that they had some kind of secondary cause to doubt my sanity."

I am sure you know this, but be a little careful here. If they are performing an informal 'social worker' function, they could be 'assessing' you as to whether you are a danger to yourself or the community.

Vis: "I'm used to a certain amount of wack in my life but the present level of wack has sent the ink trail off into the ozone."

Everything does seem to be intensifying. I have had more 'good' visits (Higher Self and others) and 'bad' visits (group-Cleaned a 34-level intruder not long ago) than usual. Perhaps Mr. Apocalypse or what I call the Turning is getting more-immanent?
Anyway, glad you are 'back'. Know you are Loved.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear from you and all the best.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,

I think to myself, why doesn't Vis use the tools given to us to manifest what he wants? (currently not appearing to be having success in that arena myself, so I claim no expertise) But then I remember you wrote a couple of years or so ago that you gave that ability up on purpose and turned it all over to God.

Now I'm thinking, why don't we all do that, we're not really running the show anyway. :) And so it goes. Say, do the chickens make noise at night?? We've got birds in the tree outside the bedroom window and man do they make a racket at night.

Anyway, nice to see you back!


Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

It is when we are not being challenged there is rise for concern.

Daylight is breaking because the truth is getting out there. Those who do not see and do not hear are not yet ready to make the transition necessary to move into 5th dimensional reality. Neither are those who are dependent on that which is without them for their harmony and balance within.

Living in the jungle is the right thing to do, but to do so without a community is destined to failure. This is why natives live in tribes. I live in a small community, which makes it harder for them to attack you, because you have the support of others around you. This is also a large benefit of having a family unit. They came after me earlier this year, but my family protected me and refused to hand me over.Even Jesus had his Apostles!

It is important to stay close to nature, which is why the elite's Agenda 21 is moving everyone off the land! Our connection with mother earth grounds us. God's people are recognized by their close relationship and dependence upon mother nature, because mother earth and we are one. Everything is one continuous flow of energy, so you are either flowing with that current or against it. Up until very recently that flow was of the outgoing tide, removing all negativity and evil by getting it to expose itself for eviction. Now the tide is turning so the higher more loving and nourishing energy is the ruling force.

The powers that were are still trying to work out why their magic is losing its power.The angelic energies that led them into the wilderness, away from source, will soon be feeding upon them. I can't believe how awesome God's system is.

Keep the faith brother, but you need to find a tribe. If you ever make your way to Oz look me up.

Great to see you are back on line.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Matt again-

Walking on the beach with my head down, speaking to the ineffable, what to do with myself, etc. I look up and there is a female, just gorgeous, moved me completely.

So Visible... what can you say about this. I have been in grinding relationships before, and it is easier to begin one than to end one, as you mentioned. But honestly looking at the feminine/masculine interplay, is it not extremely special?

And women visiting you in the jungle... hm?

Anonymous said...

Most problems stem from your ALL CAPS name. whether it be rumor of a tsunami, earthquake, volcano, false flag, wwIII, it is a fact that the bankers are coming to collect under UCC 1-309.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

it was from Thomas Sheridan that I first heard it who probably got it from somewhere else and packeged it for his show....
if you are worried about being a sociopath then you are not
I might add, unless you are acting a part disingenuosly

my chickens, home from a holiday, are being confined to base (cage) until they learn where to lay their eggs... I want my egg a day, it's the deal. they can have their freedoms after that. speculates that they cannot get their supercomputer AI's to lie steal and cheat in the image of their makers. truth and logic (I would add beauty) being intertwined like snake's about a staff.

Visible said...

Pretty much the same invisible woman who is more perceptible in the peripheral. What Guru Bawa said when asked what one does about the influence of the sight of a beautiful woman upon one's being; "Put your hand on your heart and say, "What a Wonder.""

dirtykid© said...


Even I, with my broken perception of time, was beginning to wonder where you'd gotten to... I mean it was at least 3 days or 2 weeks or maybe 6 months between posts, more or less.

I too have been seeing strange patterns forming in the ebb and flow of life, and even death in some instances. I've just had a death in the extended family (meaning not my blood relation) that played right into a numerologists wet dream which was seemingly too accurate to be coincidence. The man died as soon as we got his elderly (and dementia stricken) mother out of the room. He died on the 18th which is also the date both his brother, and sister had died in different months and different years, and we've since found out his estranged fiance died precisely a year earlier on July 18th. He and his brother were also born on the 18th of a different month... and yes, the mother has now outlived all 3 of her children but doesn't remember this longer than 3 minutes and gets to relive the news like it just happened... But it's the 18th thing that I can't get over...

You had 2 computers die on the same day, which is possible, yet unlikely. Power surges can cause this as can other EMI discharges. It's still high odds that they both got dead unless lightning struck your domicile, which, given your lack of details in the matter, is still a distinct possibility.

Anyhow, I have a funeral to attend so I must be going. Glad you are still with us.


Zoner said...

Indeed something is afoot, but whether it is an external change or something brought forth from efforting is unclear. Or maybe there is no distinction to be made between the 2?

Yes, intense "otherworldly" happenings, and a direct confronting of the possibility/option of "death" is present, with a firm detachment from any concern or even real surprise.

It would seem as if it were "all under control" and this is beyond "thought" and is simply known without further mental cartwheels or the like.

Found myself in the ER last saturday, and was entertained by the persistent visual treat of the field of vision shimmering and appearing barely able to sustain the "reality" that was happening before me. The night preceding a powerful storm came through that had within it an energy that was supernatural in nature. Never seen/felt anything like it and could not help being captivated by it as it raged and did its storm thing. Upon waking the next morning, I could barely stay conscious and felt as if my very essence was being withdrawn. so off we went to the hospital so my wife would not have to deal with me if I tipped over. No concern on my part, aside froml fear she was experiencing, but bemusement and deep calm. Gratitude for that state.

Thank you for sharing and for best wishes to All as we roll on into...............well, we shall she, won't we?

Bill Hicks reminds us to "enjoy the ride............

Anonymous said...

The world disintegrate comes to mind. Society is beginning to disintegrate all over the world. Sure as heck makes me uncomfortable.

Guldur said...

Huge salutes and greetings to you Vis, comrade of mine!
Sorry to be brief only as I am just writing from a hospital on a tablet device connection. Well - I hve been here for last 3 weeks now after catching an inflammation into my wired and metal screwed leg (from my car vs bike accident this January which left me disabled for more than 4 months. - Just to lay ground for some synchronicity here with your and readers troubles these time - tell me about that sync thing! Precise as always though differently a bit..!
No matter what, very glad to see of you again, and hopefuly after all your troubles gone now/in soon! Finally, you ill win onwards as always. Let God he Almighty forewer bless you in the long term!

Buttons, speaking of waves - my most recent troubles started on 7/7 - after 2 weeks of hard work on my soon to be new dwellings (currently just parting/breaking ways with my wife...). Some more "coincidences" to add...

Anonymous said...

Viz & Friends (ahem),

Yes, we missed you Viz. I wish we could pay you what you're worth.

Computer stuff is unreliable crap (so are people often), albeit also spiritual / mental growth mechanisms. Ticks have been weaponized (Lyme's Disease – a friend of mine got it, REALLY nasty). A walk through the forest/jungle aint what it used to be (and don't drink the water). I am a cat person without a cat (too poor). Meow. Even bicycles are not as good as they once were.

On the good side, I bought a new (refurbished) computer for less $200. It's working great so far. These computers are now being advertised for $150. (Digital Access – some sort of project to get the poor online). Congress is considering including Internet in Lifeline (government sponsored cheapo phones for the poor). A step away from the permawack zone.


Much as I miss the San Juan Ridge (forested area in the California Sierra foothills), I am happy to live in the city now WITHOUT A CAR. There are various buses (some free), Light Rail trains, bicycle lanes. I do not ever need to deal with TIRE CHAINS, MECHANICS, INSURANCE, THE SOUND OF CHAINSAWS AND GUNSHOTS ON SATURDAY MORNING.

What's hard for me is finding smart people (like us). Is it just me or is almost everyone on the ground stupid?

Saw a sign: "Seriously, I don't know when exactly that UFO landed and dumped all these stupid people, but they apparently aren't coming back for them."

Living on the edge (not the artistic, fashionable, cutsie one) is the norm now, it seems. Oddly, most do not recognize they are on the edge. They live on the ignorant edge where vaccines are a good thing. They still believe cholesterol is bad for you and we went to the moon. They don't know Royal Rife cured cancer in 1934. They may live on the poverty edge and not know it (or what the government calls 'deep poverty' – a special category of those waaaay below the poverty line). They think $1 packaged food with MSG is a good deal.

The Urantia Book tells us that we are a planet apart, experimental from the gitgo. Those of us on the Paradise journey are increasingly challenged and we rise to it. Rejoice and be exceeding glad.

God bless us each and every one.



I Didn't Sign Up For This said...

"If I am not so engaged there is no opposition. What is one to make of that? It astounds me!"...

"Are others experiencing similar things? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know..."

"What I know is that some very basic things and conditions are no longer what they were. Formerly, more or less, tightly wired interfaces, are becoming frayed at the margins..."

Oh, my... You have arrived where I have been for a while now. Hang tight... it gets even more interesting; THAT I will assure you of. You will be noticing (perhaps you already have) that - frequently - even simple, menial, tasks that you set out to accomplish will be foiled by what seems to be the physical world completely ignoring the basic laws of physics... as if its very foundation were crumbling. Nothing will make sense. You may even fail to accomplish a common task, then attempt it a second time -- and it will have the EXACT same outcome. Sort of a "Groundhog Day" effect, if you will. It's a game, you see.

Accompanying these strange, frustrating, events, you will also - almost assuredly - sense a presence; an entity which is clearly at odds with you, and is clearly responsible for these perplexing events. (I have a feeling this isn't news to you... am I right?)

And I'm fairly sure that by now you know who this unwelcome caller is. Yep - it's Old Scratch himself. Make NO MISTAKE about it. And the more you oppose the darkness -- the more you refuse to co-opt with evil -- the more he will come calling. I would steel yourself for this -- it will most certainly "test your limits".

But that's okay - this all means you're *succeeding*.

Condemnation and attacks by the Evil Ones -- whether by the Master himself OR by his more common terrestrial minions -- is actually a *good* thing. It's analogous to being attacked by Abe Foxman, if you follow me. This is a badge of honor and of courage being awarded to you. Well done. WEAR IT. Stay the course. We need you, as we need others of your extraction.

My prayers are with you. Please reciprocate if you can. Because I will most certainly be attacked once again... for merely posting this message. Thank you. God Bless.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth here stopping by to say that we probably don't have but a few months before some pretty heady, unavoidable, cosmological events begin to transpire in earnest, not that "nothing's been going on", especially on the personal level, as I'm seeing and hearing about here. It will be about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so strap yourselves in in regards to the exposition and full-on destruction of the literal darkness and self-worshipers such as satanists, because they have had no conscience about their sick deeds and then some, which will be getting dumped out all at once, the cold, hard unequivocal evidence to be utilized against them that is. Then, the "lie-off" is "kind of" done for, folks! They sure are still scared stiff behind the scenes and worried about what comes #1 in their stupid, wastrel lives: Themselves. The truth tellers in times of severe darkness are destined and I mean destined to succeed in destroying and literally dispelling all of the darkness and lies. I figure a lot of the more complacent, zombie types were put here for a purpose of having some "holy shit" scared into them, not that I'm not in for that too; What I've been going for too amongst getting better context with all of the ubiquitous mundane and metaphysical clusterfucks going on with the dirty, highly set up, evil shot callers of this world and well, well beyond. We're all on the guard and are having more frustrations, I would say about the people here, because we're just a little more serious than most people that laugh at esoteric, occult on-goings...for now, and because the matrix of control is doing its "best" to produce a sad-ass, beyond slightly feckless "misery loves company" duh-namic, as I say, but it's not working too well for them at all big time! I feel the frustrations and "groundhog day" notions myself. I just would like to underscore that their "purposeful" fucking with certain more metaphysically oriented people will blow up in their stunted faces big time as well, so hang in there! Well, back to making some calls...

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Now, this is just a suggestion that I experience that works for me, but make a long list of items you want to get done in a day, and go about carrying them out in the speediest but not sloppy of a manner and watch how time slows down! If I find myself in the duldrums of inactivity usually due to me ruminating and pondering too much, I find that time flies; Well, that's my suggestion there to try to get out of ground hog day territory. Now, just to reiterate once more, if you are being screwed with and victimized by the controllers of all the bad vibes going around, you'll be one of the more stand out, go get'em type of archetypal characters that the dumb dumbs fear. They're only fecklessly screwing with you out of nincompoop spite at this point and, of course, because they know, not figure or intuit, that you are a threat to their gross-ass selves. (Sorry to certain degree to the people who have some poise and constraint in regards to having to hear my potty mouth, but I'm an angry, sad impatient being when it comes to the upcoming exposure and destruction of the literal satanists and the anti-likeable likes) So, when an inflection point gets reached and the truth must be told on a very large level, they'll be weaklings to the truly serious types and weaklings en masse; No strength in numbers with those fucks having to square off against the rest of the denizens of this area of space-time who actually care about Earth having an actual good legacy to live out, especially for the young ones of this sad-ass, terrible saga. The DNA-based story and time line is simply too important to the rest of reality to let the literal hellians to win, well, much of anything and then some...

Anonymous said...

yes its the dog days of summer, and far hotter and crazier than in the past, wildfires everywhere, and the usual freakouts all over the Homeland, only moreso.... I relate,
things are weird everywhere, people flipping out on the street in front of me,
shootemups in theatres and suburbs.... what else is new? Obummer off having a stewpot with his half, quarter and eighth siblings in Kenya, celebrating extra billions and Jonathan Pollard served up for Israel.

Thomas said...

Hope it turns out well for you, Vis, and everyone else here. You have mentioned many times, Visible, if I do not remember wrongly, and paraphrasing here, that the darkness had to be so blatant, so in-your-face obvious that it would in the end be like just a thoroughly rotten egg, only a innocuous shell full of disease and rot, and then... *crack*, for all the sleepwalkers to wake up. How quickly, I wonder, does the stink spread in such a case? Probably snap-rapidly, as even the most animalistic among us have noses. Somethings gotta give... I read the Revelation of Johannes some days ago, and although it seems symbolical, it rings like both a terrible omen and a divine promise. Wouldn't this time qualify as that time when the devotees are asked to have Faith and Patience?

In any case, I know that The Divine Spirit is Real, and Conscious. No matter what happens, that is the greatest solace. We'll get there, no matter what meandering or painful paths we have to tread from here. Is there free will? Are the peoples of the Earth allowed to choose not to see the Light, and let the darkness envelop the planet? I don't know, but I have a feeling that there is no free will in the usual meaning of those words. That would be a good thing, as it means that The Lord is calling the shots. And that The Lord is the most supreme script-writer, as in "none above, none besides, and number two so way down the line that it doesn't even show on the graph", I do not doubt. If we enjoy drama, and personally I do, to a certain extent, how must That Mysterious Source feel about it? I guess, in waking up a planet, if that is what is about to happen, gentle just doesn't cut it.

And you, Visible, you have done extremely well, even if you do nothing more (but I certainly hope that you'll keep on keepin' on, blazing your cometary trail, or maybe just quietly shining like a bonfire in the night), and I feel certain that whereever and whenever you go from here, your lust for Truth and The Divine have increased greatly from this life. May you have all the strength that you need, and more.

Well, I don't know anything. Except that The Spirit IS, and that It is good. At the moment that is what I try to hold onto.

Best wishes to All of you wonderful beings in the coming tribulations (whatever they may be). May The Light guide and protect you every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

Ray gives good advice, with anecdotes and descriptions that flesh out what he says in ways most enchanting. I quite appreciate his posts. i wish i could say my body is my friend but mostly, it's not. Uncooperative and downright painful at times is how i consider it to be. i do not enjoy the restriction or sluggishness of it's responses to my commands. It is really a shame people can't fly. I always wanted to be able to fly. Only in dreams, i guess, and even then, not very well. If i could, well, practice makes perfect tho.

I like my mind better, but sometimes not much better as in the fukup states and stages of the short fuze condition to which our favourite nose (Buttons) attests. But i don't think any of that is entirely our fault in the treacherous toxic terrain of this particular dimension. Everything's a fight or a struggle and i simply don't agree with that! Tell that to any body now and assume a position for which you can stand, and: "That's jus' how t'is." To me, that's crap. There's something there to be learned at the very least, i suppose. I feel i've learned, but i don't feel i've imagined enough, or been able to do enough, but can only do what i can. So what. If the cosmic recycle bin wants to spits me back down here for another, do i want to do it all again? Well, that depends. On a LOT of things.

So, Mr. Vis, thank you for giving us all a place to express here where we ordinarily wouldn't have any place to express it. Stay on your course. I wish you the best.


Eudoxia said...

Viz et all - there is some serious shit happening, unspoken and unseen. I have not been here simply because I have not been here for nearly a month or so. I thought I was losing my mind, which in fact I lost a long time ago, but I'm losing it again. OR so it seems. Coming back here (smoking mirrors) today THANK GOD everybody here seems to be in the same state. I really thought I was losing the fucking plot, but thankfully Kazz visiited me and I know I'm not alone because she's lost the plot too. So I could copy and paste at this stage because everybody is losing the fucking plot! AND I THINK THAT'S A GOOD PLACE TO START! I think I'm in a Rodriguez mood so - SINGS - Cause I lost my job two weeks before Christmas............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ha MMmmmmmmm

Thank you all people who frequent here for being UNSANE because I sure as hell am.

Much Love

Anonymous said...

Viz, if you have chicken problems, you could start collecting their eggs from around your property in the hiding places they use to lay. Eggs are good free range protein. We give them away here, from our wild flocks, too many for our household to use and store. Chickens control centipedes, cockroaches, and coquis.
I am just not sure what those 'chicks' were doing on your property though. Perhaps all your pushups just turned you into a chick magnet.
laters, old farmer on da moku

Visible said...

I don't have a chicken problem and I have long known about them being death on centipedes. They come from across the street, or did. They tend to lay where they are penned at night and most of them are gone in that direction. Plenty eggs around if needed but thanks for the input. You around this area?

Unknown said...

My best friend is a Cherokee medicine man and I am a marriage and family therapist, I learned and have been teaching the people I work with about how to ground ourselves,
In the past week he told me that all kinds of negative things were happening to him and others he is close to including myself, he taught me a new visualization and I'm passing it onto you, First start with visualizing our 3rd dimensional sun within yourself, see the sun's rays and feel the warmth of the sun within, then begin moving up the spiritual latter, go to the 4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th, 10th, and end with the 11th. For me I came to a very clear and crystalline sun that put out an enormous amount of pure white light, and have felt very different since, he told me to practice the visualization at least once a week if not more, the old ways of grounding do not work as they did in the past, I hope this works for you, and thank you for all your posts, I read them whenever I can, and find great solice in them, thank you for your continued great work, it is appreciated. Donald

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Ruminations Upon the Bridge of Confusion.

Anonymous said...

Hey Viz,

Nah I live Kona side, or I woulda asked to meet you already. But one of these days I will cruise over to Puna for something or another. I am just thinking of anything I could do to help with anything a local could help with. Have a truck for example and some knowledges mebbe helpful to you at some point. Will email in due time. Take care, until later, aloha-

Old farmer bradda

Visible said...

Ah... so you are on the Big Island. I also come to Kona now and again because I go to Costco and am do to do that any time but can't find my card so... we'll see. You are perfectly welcome to visit also.



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