Saturday, May 16, 2015

Try as Hard as You Can and then You Let Go.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.

I'd like to point out that I will use links from anywhere based solely on the content and credibility of the article and not any past associations the writer may have had. This is apropos of nothing. It just needed saying.

We've been mentioning Lady Nature and her performance angle in the mix of circumstance. Here's more indication of her potential, revving the engines in the darkness of her garage. Her garage is where she keeps the heavy motors that, in better times, account for all the profusions of color, ambiance and atmosphere; not to mention the bounties of her larder, upon which we depend without exception because... what are the exceptions? Unless you live on sunlight and aether, you are dependent. There are very few exceptions, although they do exist.

Then, there are those messing with Lady Nature, for whatever their reasons amount to be. This is in the same country where they are poisoning the Karachi street dogs. Some countries have turned to a better philosophy and one might well expect the lady to shine on their efforts. Here lies a glimmer of the coming mini golden age. It's being brought into being by the precipitation of the avatar, down onto the physical plane. Avatar time is not our time AND... a new broom sweeps clean. The areas in need of cleansing are the astral and mental planes and... of course... other places as well. Across the length of extended time between visits, a lot of evil plaque builds up on the invisible planes and the cosmic dentist has to come in and see to all of that; not to mention the lacquer of Materialism that coats the sensory apparatus of the willingly deaf and blind. It's all about those principalities and powers in high places. Even demi gods can be corrupted and enslaved in times of material darkness.

So it is that some amount of terrestrial time can pass between the first exploratory probes and the conclusion of the cleansing, resulting in the physical appearance of the avatar HERE. The avatar is uniquely qualified to spot every trace of resident darkness and automatically dispel it. The avatar doesn't even have to think about it because the avatar is the highest light and light will banish darkness as a natural expression of its being.

The avatar is coming within us, wherever a suitable hosting vehicle is discovered. It will drive out of us all inimical forces. This accounts for the crazy speech and behavior that we are noticing on the increase of late. You might associate it with the phenomena of vomiting, as undesirable matter is driven from our being. You might think of it as a fever. It can take a number of forms. The primary concern is not about having to go through it. It is about making it through to the other side. Think of it as your turn in the washing machine; soak, wash, rinse AND... in some cases, repeat. For those with no consideration for this necessary labor, they are being soaked and washed in something else. It might even be the same thing, only with a completely opposite relationship to it. As we like to say here occasionally, the same fire that the sinners burn in, the saints rejoice and dance in. It is a cleansing fire. If you are attached to what is being cleansed it can be quite painful. If you are not, or you are cleansed, it's all good. Bathe in the light!

Modern existence is taking a heavy toll. We have not seen the full results of this yet. It is not only good things that can take time to develop, this is also true of bad things. Though is is not precisely relative to what is being discussed here, the black comedy, “Very Bad Things”, illustrates what can happen when you go down certain roads. Here is an example of of how really Topsy turvy Materialism has gotten. Materialism always results in the hungriest and most driven scavengers acquiring everything down to the last bloody nickels of human torment. It's not that they need it. They already have more than they can possibly spend. They are driven and you know by whom they are driven. One of the set truths about the human condition is that you are driving, or you are being driven. Take a look around. This is THE essential state of us all. There is only one driver but he does wear a mask when he is driving in certain directions.

Normal doesn't engage in things like this but normal has left the building. The majority of us no longer know what normal is. The shared awareness of what it was is being bred out of the masses in specific steps. Seen from the perspective of short term awareness, one does not see the ultimate direction of the long haul. Eventually one winds up in unknown territory with no clear idea of how they got there. Confusion to the left of them. Confusion to the right of them. Into the valley of confusion marched the six billion.

Materialism is a fever and a virus and eventually leads to bouts of projectile vomiting. Just ask the Romans about The Vomitoriums. Materialism is the very opposite of the Avatar, who initiates the process of cleansing and failing that, generates the supernatural fire. Cleansing doesn't always look like what it is, just as no matter what road a soul may take IT MUST eventually take the path of light. Why not take it this very moment? That is a compelling question. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and it is made weak by relentless exposure to Materialism. Ironically, the flesh is not weak, is it? The pull of that magnetism is very strong. Otherwise the spirit would prevail and it does, here and there.

The single critical feature to keep uppermost in the mind is, 'don't give up'. Don't give up. If you do not give up you cannot fail. It doesn't matter how low you have fallen or what dark entities may presently feed on you. The power of the ineffable is immeasurably greater than all the forces of darkness that have existed through eternity. Faith increases in density and volume, according to the intensity of its employment. Eventually it sweeps every obstacle aside as if it were nothing, which, is just what it is because every obstacle only has its level of force according to one's faith in it as well. Of course you can't move certain obstacles but that isn't your job. Call in an expert.

I put a considerable amount of my life into realizing certain objectives which I have failed to accomplish. Is any of this worth thinking about for a moment? Absolutely not. No sincere effort is lost and these things have a habit of being realized by other means besides your own efforts. What is not meant to be is not meant to be. Do any of these personal accomplishment come anywhere near the accomplishment of The Great Work? No. Then again. It depends on what your priorities are. At the risk of being redundant in a good way; “Where your treasures are, there is your heart also.”

No matter how detached any of us might be from the fruits of our efforts, there are muses that attend our creations. Failing that, there are demons. Everything is inspired by something. The quality of your being is determined by the quality and direction of your thought. Regardless of any fame or fortune that might attend any of it, it has its impact on the world around you. There are very large invisible audiences that watch us at work. We are a TV show in certain quadrants. Live as if entire worlds were watching you for they very well might be.

Every arriving day is a new life and every sleep is a form of death. Adjust your priorities according to this understanding and things will go well for you.

End Transmission.......

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Michael in the 517 said...

In the midst of fighting through yet another work day gone sour because of a subtle email "jab" from a coworker seemingly putting more emphasis on how I "did it all wrong" as opposed to how to "not do it wrong again" (it's very complicated; I can usually deal with criticism, but this one particular coworker, for whatever reason, the criticism just absolutely drives me bat bleep crazy, in part because it's hard for me, a fairly "high IQ" type I guess, for whatever that's worth, to get called (not in so many words) "stupid" by the typical Big Ten sorority-house-president-type (plus 20 years...certainly a few of those post-college years spent as a "Lincoln Park Trixie" in Chicago).

It gets my friggin goat.

Anyhow. The lesson learned is that fighting against worldliness (and she is very worldly/materialistic in that secular/"lapsed Catholic" suburban soccer mom sort of way) with more worldliness (i.e., thoughts and schemes of revenge, putting the b...coworker in her place) is ***ALWAYS*** an exercise in futility.

When I'm spiritually "on my game", I am constantly aware of this, and when I'm "off my game", it's like I have no conception of it. It's so far beyond my ken.

Mick Hoss said...

Celebration song for all you lovers out there:

Ray B. said...

Lots of good info in this semi-VO column. Thanks!

Good wordsmithing: "...the lacquer of Materialism..."
Vis: "It's all about those principalities and powers in high places. Even demi gods can be corrupted and enslaved in times of material darkness."

That's one of the Mysteries that I wonder about. As you go up in Levels of Consciousness, you become more and more distant from human needs. No hunger. No life and death. More 'We are One'. Even emotions change as you go 'up'...

So, what are the 'attractors' for those way-up-there? The only thing that I can think of is the ability to 'impose' your own Reality on those 'below' you. (Yes, literal Reality.) Kind of a Power Trip, but on steroids.

If this is a main 'attractor', when you knock someone doing that on the side of the head (sorry; educate them), does our perceived Reality truly-shift into some different 'form'?
Vis: "The avatar is coming within us, wherever a suitable hosting vehicle is discovered. It will drive out of us all inimical forces. This accounts for the crazy speech and behavior that we are noticing on the increase of late."

In my universe-view, this happens because the rising energy (or rising Consciousness Level) will not allow anything less than that level to remain in the Being. So, it gets 'exited' with more or less drama. Oil and water.

(A second form of this "crazy speech and behavior" may actually be instigated by the bad guys. If the Cleanings that I have mentioned are real, then almost a third of humanity is no longer 'susceptible' to produce major 'pain food'. If the bad guys have a 'quota', then the remaining humanity must be 'amped-up' to take up the slack. This would account for the increased outpouring. Of course, this will only 'work' for so long...)
Vis: "Materialism always results in the hungriest and most driven scavengers acquiring everything down to the last bloody nickels of human torment."

I have wondered about how this will play out. Is it some form of 'higher game' where the parasite learns the cost of overburdening the host? And thus learns symbiotic behavior the hard way? Is there a feedback mechanism, or is it just 'boots on the face forever'? When I am 'up', I think of positive possibilities. When I am 'down', I just shake my fist at the ineffable...
Vis: "There are very large invisible audiences that watch us at work."

Yep. Bet on it.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. I just posted a large article-excerpt back at the last VO, in case some readers have moved on...

Anonymous said...

If the entire world is watching me then I am going to pull my pants down and show it my ass. And then ask for a kiss.

"There's a moon out tonight....."


Tyler said...

We are also nearing the end of an epic 226,000,000 year cycle as well. Oh shit... its quite nutty sometimes, but in the end its worth it. <3

Anonymous said...

I take notice whenever anything for the 'benefit' of many is levied, and how the many willingly and quite hastily accept them on face value, resulting future backlash or in outright failure. Even so, the backlash and the failure endure, because of this acceptance. When they finally catch on to what the catch is, getting around to push-back is, well, often too little too late when arguing over whether the methods and logic should have taken place first and formost. Haha. As Mr. Spock would say; ...this is illogical. But then where would a steady stream of illogical do-dads endow the few with concentrated avarice and material gory, er, glory?

According to:, the trick is obvious. Get there first, damn the consequences! Maybe thats why there's so many volcanoes in eruption mode.


Ray B. said...

McCob, May 16, 2015 5:10:00 PM :

McCob, I understand the sentiment, believe me... (grin)

Actually, there are usually very few watchers around the 'sleepers' (why bother, and they are usually not 'contested') and few around the fully-awoken and empowered (they can usually take care of themselves or call for reinforcements).

The big number of watchers are around those folk with a fighting chance of awakening. Those are the folks who - with little 'training' - would be easy pickings if left to their own devices. Major 'battles' go on around those folks, without their knowing. 'Protecting their space', as it were.

Also, the number of watchers and protectors is a very small percentage of the total unseen 'population'. Most unseen folks are just going about doing their own unseen business...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

What is it about the problem child that is so attractive? And why does it have so much to teach?


Anonymous said...

McCob, why don't you head down to The Old and Cranky Sanitorium and stop pissing on other peoples beliefs simply because you don't have any. That's your fault. The kid glove treatment you are getting here is about as effective as WD40 on a plaster statue.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Here he is..
Don't let me be Misunderstood

Anonymous said...

anonymous---why don't you go fuck yourself?


Anonymous said...


Don't blame McCob. He acts like an angry, petulant child. Blame those who enable him by giving him the kid glove treatment, approving of his behavior, and somehow finding it attractive.

Anonymous said...

from Macbeth:

First Witch: Round about the cauldron go;
In the poison'd entrails throw.
Toad, that under cold stone
Days and nights has thirty-one
Swelter'd venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i' the charmed pot.
ALL: Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
Second Witch: Fillet of a fenny snake,
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Third Witch: Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf,
Witches' mummy, maw and gulf
Of the ravin'd salt-sea shark,
Root of hemlock digg'd i' the dark,
Liver of blaspheming Jew,
Gall of goat, and slips of yew
Silver'd in the moon's eclipse,
Nose of Turk and Tartar's lips,
Finger of birth-strangled babe Ditch-deliver'd by a drab,
Make the gruel thick and slab:
Add thereto a tiger's chaudron,
For the ingredients of our cauldron.
ALL: Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Second Witch: Cool it with a baboon's blood,
Then the charm is firm and good.
[Enter HECATE to the other three Witches]
HECATE O well done! I commend your pains;
And every one shall share i' the gains;
And now about the cauldron sing,
Live elves and fairies in a ring,
Enchanting all that you put in.

Second Witch: By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.
Open, locks,
Whoever knocks!


If one opens the door to the other side they make it just as easy for the bad to get in as for the good.

By the way Shakespeare uses the word 'Jew' so any one who tells you there were no Jews until the 1800's can easily be shown to be wrong. Plus, the word Jew is used in the Old Testament: Esther 2:5 for example.

I would like to think that adults can attack each others philosophical, religious and political beliefs without anyone taking anything to heart. I am not insulting anyone's mother.

Man considers he can improve over nature. I say bullshit!
Man wants to consider himself above the critters. Man can not understand GOD anymore than a bird can understand aerodynamics. And just as a bird can fly even though it knows not why men can navigate through their respective lives without knowing what God wants from us. Critters don't need to consider God and for that reason they understand God more than any Avatar or prophet.

Nature is not configured within the guidelines of human compassion and no matter what we do we can not change that except to make it worse.

I attack beliefs I don't attack people! Not initially, anyway.


Anonymous said...

galen: Problem child! Moi?

I love that song. See if you like this one: little over 2 min.

Much Love and Respect to you!


galen said...

Sometimes we have to act out; it's cleansing.


Eudoxia said...

@ Ray B I totally agree with your post. It's not the sheeple who need policing it's the ones who jump the pen or rather, look like they are about to. I have a very, very good friend who is just starting her journey. She's searching for the reality of mermaids - we all start somehow. I said to her, yes they exist but not in our reality of the 5 senses, if you go down this track you will come to the attention of Agents. She's gone completely silent. She wants to believe, you see, but she doesn't want to SEE. That's the Matrix doing it's job -sigh-

galen said...

Yes, McCob, a classic, but can imagine introducing her to friends? (grin) Oh those songs - that's back when we were people.


Anonymous said...

anon: You act like a dumbass who has to struggle to make any kind of cogent argument and you need no one to enable you. Go fuck yourself.

More cheap trollery from the cheap seats.


Anonymous said...

galen: "Mom and Dad, meet my new girlfriend Rama Lama Ding Dong. She is one of the Philadelphia Ding Dongs."


Anonymous said...

This is the hardest part. How do you monitor and/police the slightly roguish confrontative know-it-all gurologists that gravitate to an otherwise friendly forum? You don't want to shoot down those adventurous "possibles" but we all could use a nudge here and there. Be "nice" as in "wise as a serpent". Shock journalism is a prod to progress. Stay salty.

Ray B. said...

Eudoxia Jones, May 17, 2015 10:05:00 AM :

Outside of the occasional kundalini-riser like Vis (or NDEers), most folks are tentative in their awakening. On the good side are the increased awareness of the ineffable and different woo-woo aspects. On the bad side is the increasing awareness of the "Matrix" manipulations and control (including Agents). Most people cannot handle the latter, so back to being a Battery*. Unfortunate...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

*Interesting that so many variations exist on humanity being a food source (as energy of life, as emotional parasitism, etc.).

Ray B. said...

McCob, I thought you might enjoy this article that shows how religion has so divided folks. I should say, power-grabbing from all sides, operating under the guise of religion...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

Anon @ 6:03. Seems everyone is teaching us to be ourselves. And yeah, without salt everything is achingly bland and curiously distasteful. I love salt; I seek it out - treasure of the deep mines; essential of the sea. I hope everybody shows up, every variation of weirdos. It's all in the response. Some might think it a waste of time having nothing to do with gaining insight or touching on solutions to shared challenges. I see it as grand opportunity to strengthen, learn, plan. It almost feels like I'm waiting for them. Then again, I might be crazy. (grin)


Anonymous said...

at the same time, pandering to attention seeking vampires who insist on behaving like a sugar fucked five year old is not an intelligent move. You do not prove yourself to be mature and wise by catering to the worst instincts of dysfunctional fossils. Tolerance is not a mosquito and fly repellent.

Anonymous said...

This is Les Visible's blog. Whether he publishes someone's comment or not is his business and he has no obligation to explain his decision to anyone. The same thing can be said for anyone running a blog or website.

"Enable"? What psychobabble! I don't come here for approbation or to make friends or to troll. This site has been a good resource for my personal development. If I offend anybody then GOOD! But, it is not my intention. In fact I am surprised when anybody pays any attention to me at all.

Ray, I will look at your reference. Hope all is well where you are.

Truth and Clear Thinking!


Visible said...

I publish everything but the most egregious. Points are given if the point is clearly made and articulation employed. Spittle flecked invective is something else. I don't agree with everyone but at the same time, I don't know most of the time so it's hard for me to say if someone is right or wrong. All I know is what accords with my own view but I generally don't comment on that one way or another.

Maybe one or two comments a month don't make it in and sometimes there are no exceptions. I know some people think I am an aggressive censor. I am not. People are free to criticize me or anyone but they need to adhere to general human guidelines. Ad hominem is not inclusive in that.

galen said...

Anon @ 1:42. Well I do have my boundaries, and yet, I have learned much from what/who you term "dysfunctional fossils." As for being "mature and wise". . . , well, all I am is me, and in the moment respond as I do. You may call it "pandering." For me it's opportunity. We never know who might extend a hand up out of the quicksand and reach for connection. To not get pulled in to the quicksand is the trick.


galen said...

Some quotes I have been resonating with today:

"Those who do not weep do not see."
-- Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

"The beautiful is as useful as the useful."
-- Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

“There comes an hour when protest no longer suffices; after philosophy there must be action; the strong hand finishes what the idea has sketched.”
-- Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

"If you wish to understand what Revolution is, call it Progress; and if you wish to understand what Progress is, call it Tomorrow."
-- Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

"Not being heard is no reason for silence."
-- Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

"I think, therefore I doubt."
-- Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

"Not seeing people permits us to imagine them with every perfection"
-- Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

“God is behind everything, but everything hides God. Things are black, creatures are opaque. To love a being is to render that being transparent.”

"To love another person is to see the face of God."
-- Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

"Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired."
-- Mother Teresa


Anonymous said...

So...enabling (that's a big word for you, isn't it, McCob?) someone who repeatedly tells others to "Go fuck themselves" isn't considered egregious or spittle-flecked invective? Strange definition of general human guidelines, that. But, if those with no impulse control is what you want to attract....

Visible said...

certain things are militated against due to long residence and serial occurrences.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Rhinestones, Diamonds and Hard Baked Earth Syndrome.

Eudoxia said...

@Ray B - ditto, I have seen this explained using various terms across many cultures also. At an exoteric level it's veiled, at an esoteric level it's perfectly clear. For example it's hidden in the bible under Psalms and this is the plight of the Pistis Sophia's descent from grace and her error in creating the Archons who she is now tormented by by her will to return to the light.

Then you have Irenaeus who was a founding Church Father of theology who pretty well confirms a bit of bastardry going on here when he wrote in Against Heresies "Yaldabaoth himself chose a certain man named Abraham from among the nations and made a covenant with him, to the effect that if his seed continued to serve him the Archons would give to them the Earth for their inheritance. By means of Moses Yaldaboath brought forth descendants of Abraham in Egypt and gave them the law and made them Jews" END QUOTE

Castaneda via Don Juan was taught about the mind parasites, the Ojibwe Indians taught them and called them Wetiko. One morning while I was doing a really deep meditation and I had split up with my former partner. An old Ojibwe came to me and just said Wetiko, I thought he said Wetigo. I reconised him as Ojibwe because of his dress, I bought my friend a Native American Indian tribe book as a present and they were in it. He was warning me that my partner was infected with Wetiko (the same as Don Juan's mind parasite) and he made a hand gesture to like cut it off, let him go. A few days later I googled Wetigo and came up with Wetiko the book by Paul Levy and this explains this phenomenon.

Because the general population tend to stay with their programs or their infection so to speak. Anybody who has not done the necessary ground work/self work is still a battery. Or, as Gurdjieff would say "food for the moon"

I hope you are correct with your third of humanity being no longer susceptible to produce major pain food. But even then within that number, every time you up it a notch you come under further attack! eek You know even in the game Diablo which my son played for ages, everytime you had to go up a level you had to take on a Smith. LOL Agent Smith comes to mind - talk about hidden in plain site. It's right in our face in so many ways.

galen said...

Finally, I figured it out! But of course!! Mercury rules communication. It's been wreaking a bit of havoc here on the blogs (and elsewhere), delighting in disconnection, cajoling in competition, luxuriating in loose lips, bouncing in bitterness, and resting in a "job well done" kind of smugness. I see it clearly now. Attempts to demonize and dismiss, to invalidate and marginalize, to discredit and suppress. Mercury is bringin' it, and it's all for anyone's benefit/growth. Sly, eh? Could be the lessons get harder if they go ignored or unattended. That said, I am facing Monday right in the third eye. Monday's taken on the role of Ambassador from Mercury and is beggin' me to do a much better job than I've been doing. Dishes are only dirty if we don't wash them. And, oh yeah, it's also moon-dark. I hope I can hold my tongue, at least for a while, to avoid any unnecessary disruption. I HOPE I can. Now where's that guy we call God? Hmmmm... He'll know what to do. Shut up, galen; hold your tongue.


Anonymous said...

anon: I don't tell "others" to go fuck themselves. Just assholes like you.


Visible said...

You know... you are just proving their point.

Visible said...

This Sunday's radio broadcast is now streamable.

Anonymous said...

McCob is a driveling bedwetter, full of hypocrisy and double standards.

Let's take a look of this piece of pouty pap by McCob: "If I were God, I wouldn't need worship"

This is from a person who has made a career of seeking adoration with that most overrated of instruments; the guitar. When most people use that, it looks like a 28 inch strapon dildo with balls, and they play with it. In McCob'S mind, it is inarguably better to be adored, than to be the adorer. McCob is on a pathological power trip and speaks as if He hasn't been getting the adoration and worship he feels he is due. What has McCob worshipped?

Effiminate men diddling their 28 inch penis extensions on a stage, while being cheered and adored by juvenile morons.

I see a lot of power freaks around here, softening their ulterior motives with so much fuzzy talk of love as evidenced recently by Thomas. Have they mistaken their favorite power hormone for love. I'll call this hormone 'flove'. "No greater love does a man have, than he who lays down his love for his brother". When you sell flove, I don't see the quality of it passing this litmus test. Does cocaine make you feel what you think is love? That's dopamine. Maybe those who sell flove so much around here are bigger materialists than sell flove would allow them to believe. Do any of you limpwrists even have a gun? Would you let yourself be abused and then let the abuser move right on down the line to the next person? The flove you sell would permit it.

In "No greater love does a man have, than he lay down his life for his brother", hold the phone here... HAVE? How did he come to have it? How did he come to have it? Was he born with it? Can that love be faked by a power freak demagogue? Is it active or passive? Which is the cart and which is the horse?

When they sell flove, they try to put you on a defensive guilt trip and on the defensive, as if you're a hater for not feeling their fuzzy sense of togetherness.

Has McCob tried disguising himself in the sheep's clothing of flove yet? McCob sure can't figure out what the words Esther, Mordecai and Aryan mean. The Persians called themselves Aryans. The ancients didn't write for dumbed down comprehensions, and surely Yahshua doesn't water down his words for those people, He said so. His disciples searched it out. Dan Brown does, though. He aims for the middle of that dumbbell curve to sell more books. An insipid wasteland. Teachers don't tell you jack squat, point blank. If you can't figure out the laws from the clues they give you, you're not worthy to know it and this is merciful.

McCob blasphemed when he put those bedwetting rationalizations out there for public support and approval. Your loyalty wouldn't be worth a hill of shit, McCob.

Anonymous said...

Les, I am glad to be of help. McCob

Anonymous said...

dumbass kreister quotes me:"If I were God, I wouldn't need worship"

Which I did not say.

What I did say was:

"I doubt the entity known as God needs me to worship it." petri dish; american stupid....

I wouldn't presume to pose as God. I just don't see where the most powerful being in the universe should care what I think of it.

dumbass "know it all" kreister is a liar as well as being stupid, arrogant and mean. I am not sorry one bit I told him to go fuck himself.

I am used to hearing drivel like this form dumbass kreisters.

dumbass kreister is entitled to his dumbass beliefs as we all are. I hope dumbass kreister lives a long and healthy life and learns how to be happy and prospers. He disgusts me. I don't like him. But I don't hate him and I bear him no ill will. I suppose it is not really his fault for being so stupid.

By the way: I was mad at him for his meanness towards onyx gage not for anything he said to me.
dumbass kreister is just another nobody on the internet as far as I am concerned and I will sleep just fine tonight.

by dumbass kreister.

ps go fuck yourself

Anonymous said...


Dude, you really need to spend more time around a dictionary! I realize there are some really big words in there, but it may help you to learn the difference between drivel, which is what you endlessly vomit in a uniquely childish way, and a cogent argument, something that grownups have, and you don't. While you're at it, learn how to use the spell-check function on your computer.

WTF is a kreister, anyway?

Work on your impulse control, while you're at it.

galen said...

Mercury just had multiple organisms.


galen said...

Making It With Mercury

Spin around me lover,
lift the day into the stars
Place your bars around my heart
imprison our entanglement

I see through your seeming quest
to push my peace to grand upset
to undo the plans so easily laid
and tame the impulse of the day

But really. . .
your game is one of riddles
wherein the quest employs the mess
to set the course for forwardness
to turn the game from ease to effort
bringing out of each his best

Bring it, baby,
your interruptions,
your sweet intrusions and static-speak
Place on me your broken bits,
pile them on my body's bones
then sprinkle me with stones and bricks
and on my mouth your confusion place
sealed with an electric kiss

Swift your lightening in my eyes
flashing out a cleansing strike
My limbs alerted, my breath held in
gives yes as current moves to meet
your menacing meddling on my street
no shame or blush upon my cheek

Surrendering has its own reward



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

galen: beautiful poem! I think I get it.


Anonymous said...

Up until right now I have never been favorably impressed with myself. I never liked myself. That has changed.

My wife has told me on numerous occasions that I was the "finest man she had ever met". I didn't believe her because I thought she was just saying it because she loved me.

I have an anniversary coming up and I would like to dedicate this tune to the love of my life.


Kazz said...

A man that is unable to love is like a well that contains no water. They can be deep, dark and mysterious, but when you get to the bottom of who they really are you are left dying of thirst.

These men can be brave, brilliant, and strong, yet they lack the ability to give of them self to others, so they hide their empty heart behind a wall of invincibility. The one thing they need to set them free is love and yet they hold it at a distance because they fear losing control. Pity they do not realise they were never really in control of anything, not even their self, otherwise they would have been able to open their heart enough to allow it to be nourished.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...


I "met" a man like that not long ago. He was, as you said, deep, dark, and mysterious, at least to me. He is also extremely intelligent with a strong sense of self-preservation.

I wonder if guys like these choose not to give of themselves to others, because their fear of losing control outside of themselves overrides their need to open their hearts enough to allow them to be nourished with love.

A pity, yes, but, as a woman, I can relate. There are less distractions this way when you have your own internal work to do.

<3 Blessings, Kazz

Anonymous said...

Since I was 15 yrs old I have smoked practically everyday of my life. At first it was tobacco. Then marijuana. About 10 days ago I quit; going cold turkey.

My nerves got so bad last week that I thought I would jump out of my skin. The anxiety has abated. I feel good.

I am not sorry for anything I have ever said to anyone on this forum. I have never claimed to be smart or strong although I do recognize I have been a little bit of a "know it all" from time to time. But, I am not sorry for that, either. Nor am I sorry for any vulgarity. I have never lied nor deliberately misrepresented any information I have shared on this forum.

I don't believe in any anthropomorphic "God". I don't believe in blood sacrifice. I doubt superstition has ever helped anybody except the charlatans who prey on the weaknesses of others. I think The Bible and the Vedas when taken to heart, when taken as wisdom, are poison to the soul. These writings breed arrogance and often give people the sense that they have found something that makes them special. These writings allow our overlords to command our minds and manipulate the masses into war and other acts of self destruction.

If a person doesn't have the basic decency in their heart to do right by their neighbors in the first place then not all of the 'Jesus wisdom' in the world will help them find it.

In my humble opinion Christians and Muslims are nothing but Jews. The only difference is that Jews are smarter and stronger. They are united. They look after their own. Jews promote the talented in their ranks from a very young age to aim for high achievement. That is why Jews win. You will not stop the Jews with violence and militant tactics. It has been tried and it was a total failure.

The expression 'Divide and Conquer' comes to mind. Try to pit Jews against each other and see what happens. On the other hand dividing Christians and Muslims is easy. Christian against Christian. Muslim against against Muslim. Christian against Muslim. Easy. When violence and war happen the Jew wins.

The only thing that will change the insanity in our culture is a paradigm shift but I doubt the Jews and their allies will allow it. The arrogance and selfishness of the gentile is what gives the Jew his great power and self assurance. From what I see we have a long way to go.

Do not hate Jews or they get stronger. Do not make war against Jews or threaten war against Jews because history shows you will lose. The only thing that will change things is disengagement and indifference toward what Jews have to offer society. And what Jews offer society is a phony God and a lot of warm and fuzzy myths.

I am McCob. I have been posting on 911 internet forums and so called conspiracy blogs as McCob for almost 10 yrs.

Truth and Clear Thinking!

Visible said...

You couldn't be more wrong about certain things and it appears that this is an intention of yours to kill the faith of others and to bring them down into whatever hole you have fallen in. It won't work and you have a right to whatever it is you don't believe in as do we who do believe and who have actually read the Vedas. However... that extended obfuscation of and apologia for the Jews is interesting, very. Real disinfo but why? That is the question.

galen said...

I feel sad. The friction of the last few days has finally gotten to me. Usually I stay amused with most of it but now I'm in it. Just gotta ride out the sadness. Maybe it stems from wanting to fix it all. Yeah, I know, not in my job description. Well, must be time for a break, and Lord knows, others probably need a break from me. I think there are crazy misunderstandings/misinterpretations happening, one of the (inevitable) bonuses of e-communication. Probably only the holy spirit can iron things out. And time, too, can help; time has a way of movin' out the dark clouds and letting the light back through. I know there isn't a one here who is not a decent person and when I back up a little I see a clearing in the distance where all are free to be who they are and allow others the same.

Okay, taking a break. Gotta get empty. Love you all.



Anonymous said...

Mercury retrograde working on Mr. McCob.


Visible said...

Okay... given the grievous nature of the comment I didn't publish just now I am calling a forced moratorium on this affair and I believe I was explicit about ad hominem. Though my own comment might have been a little sharp it did not deal in a personal attack which I attribute to a lack of the necessary skills to accomplish a response simply on the merits or lack of. I'd been tolerating a consistency of malice here for awhile. That ends now.

When people are instantaneously reactive here and play a two sided game of sugar on the one hand and venom on the other, they are demonstrating a classic behavior ploy and it never has been helpful at any time anywhere and with rare exception it has the intention of divisiveness at the core.

People are having things forced out of them at this time. A winepress of sorts is in operation but it doesn't make just wine. It's going on at a wide reach all over. I'll shut down all attempts to rekindle this for the near future and we'll see what's what down the road. If you need for the darkness in you to travel you can take the route accessed by others as there are sites that will welcome any invective directed my way, no questions asked.

Be well all, or get well, as the case may be.

Kazz said...

When we meditate every morning we are putting on armour for the day's battle against our own impatience, inadequacy, resentment, and hostility.

By Eknath Easwaran

Onward Christian soldiers your Lord your God is with you.

Gold bless everyone

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

McCob is correct about the Bible, the Torah/Old Testament in particular, being poison to the soul. A casual stroll through Deuteronomy or Leviticus shall convince any decent person of this.

That it is mostly fiction and taken as Divine is the smaller part of the problem. The larger part is that which compels people to take it as Divine in the first place.

When we pray, we can pray only to our Selves.

I would suggest that the first, last, best, worst, and only place to uncover the Divine is one's Self.

Religion and most schools encourage one to look in the mirror at all the world, but few compel study of the mirror itself.

The mirror shows only what is in front of it.

The Secret is to see what is behind it.

The Chaos that travels ten thousand times the speed of light, where no thing 'is' but all things 'may be'.

Belief is a mirror, and a mirror is a tool.

To travel faster than light requires the capacity to smash all mirrors, lest they capture and fix an image the Self may mistake for its self.


Why do you seek an answer when finding one loses you all others hidden behind the mirror?

Write your own bible.

Then burn it.



Anonymous said...

Visible is correct. There is an effort afoot to attempt to break down the faith of others with sweeping and uninformed generalizations that are completely lacking in substance and authenticity. He didn't say that but I know what he meant.

Furthermore, that is not the point McCob was making and those examples have little to do with the Christian religion. That is all Jew nonsense. Good luck peddling any of this and expecting the regular reader to buy it wholesale.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is upset with Pse but I would be willing to bet did not understand even a little of what Pse wtote.

We fear what we do not understand, and hide in 'faith' to justify an unearned arrogance.

Quite a bit of hate and stupidity in defense of sham wisdom and false understanding.

What a lamentable embrace of the worst part of Humanity.

Les, this and the above are all I'll leave you with. I'll suggest that The Christ's system of ethical hygiene is least lived by those who seek refuge in dogma. And dogmatics abound, brother.

But for my small, fallible part, as Druid, as Chaote, and as Historian, I see in dogma the very same Power that will drown this world in the next war.

Those who casually accept as ineluctable an apocalypse surely deserve it.

If you dream of a man riding a lion from the north, toward Meggido, please think of me.

See you down the road.



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