Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We'll All be Rewarded when the Shit Hits the Fan.

Moment by moment you can see it coming. Earlier this year and late in the last we pointed to this summer as a high water mark for mayhem and madness. We didn’t do this because of any blood relationship to Nostradamus but because anyone with their eyes open could see it coming. The moment I saw George W. Bush coming I packed my bags and left the shores of America. Since that time we have not seen a legitimate election in that formerly democratic country. We have seen an assault engineered by the U.S. government in complicity with American neo-cons, Israeli Mossad and British intelligence against the World Trade Center in New York. We saw this event blamed on the Arabs. It is amazing when you look at the actual evidence how there is no evidence that it was the Arabs and plenty of evidence otherwise.

Bin Laden said outright that he had nothing to do with it and the disinfo machine cranked up into high gear and spread three feet of bullshit across the landscape from coast to coast. We had passports flying out of exploding airplanes; we had DVD’s on how to fly commercial jets lying on car seats, we had booga booga here and booga booga there. We had ‘all lies all the time’ and we have ‘all lies all the time’. The public ate it up. The 64% overweight American public slobbered at the trough of ‘it ain’t no mystery’ meat and inhaled the sucker dry and cried for more.

People who could hardly be called human and who looked like they had been manufactured in a plastic molding factory, took to the airwaves with wind tunnel sculpted hair and sixteen different scents to keep down the stink that morphed into metaphor and the irony dripped down the TV screens and monitors and crawled off of the newspaper pages and down from the breakfast table where they went to live under the couch and breed and breed until darkness was the natural state of the collective mind.

It didn’t matter what kind of evidence might surface, the hoi polloi were determined to prove that no state of stupidity was beyond their reach. On and on it went and it became a matter of constant astonishment that an entire generation; no, several generations would show such vacuity, such indifference and such base cowardice that one was left grasping for historical precedent. Un-frickin-real. REALLY un-frickin-real.

You wanted to root for the common man to rise to the occasion. You keep hoping some groundswell would manifest. You cheered and cheered at the empty streets where no parade ran by. You just knew in your heart that the basic nobility shared by all would suddenly come forth in a Technicolor thunderstorm and wash the bullshit into the sea. But you found out there was no ‘shared nobility’. You found that most people didn’t care, were afraid, believed transparent lies and weren’t ashamed to be seen as complete asshats and fools. You wondered who these people were. Had these people been here all along? Where did they come from and how did they get where they were without learning anything? How did they manage to cross the street?

AIPAC was caught spying on America. Jack Abramoff- an Israeli bagman- was observed hosting Mohammed Atta and friends on his boat by the F...B...I... brief days before the 9/11 attack and it just didn’t matter. Buildings that had never, EVER before exhibited such behavior and which were DESIGNED to take a direct hit from the very planes that hit them, suddenly came down at the speed of freefall into their own footprints. WTC7 was so surprised at this that if fell down all by itself, the same way- and nothing even hit it. Larry Silverman got a billion dollars. Larry Silverman took out terrorist insurance just before the attack. Nobody saw anything peculiar. FAA supervisors shredded tapes and disks and what-not and dropped the pieces in different trash cans at the airports and... no, nothing wrong here. Somewhere between one and two trillion dollars disappeared from the Defense Department just before the attacks under the watch of neo-con Dov Zakheim and Rumsfield joked about it. Bush went on TV and did a skit where he looked under the couch and said, “No, no WMD’s here.” And then he laughed about it. People died in horrible ways in Iraq and other places and the laughter went on. Some of you wondered if the world had gone mad. No need to wonder. Israeli neo-cons lied America into war.

How many, many pages might I fill with examples of venal and treacherous behavior over the course of recent years? I would be here writing for the rest of my life. I am least shocked and disappointed by its occurrence; after all, both you and I know that such men and women exist. We’ve all seen the slither of that pissed-off Barbie, Ann Coulter; the pill popping Michelin Man, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Hannity and O’Reilly. We’ve marveled that they could find an audience. Was there actually an even stupider and crasser audience than Jerry Springer fans? As a matter of fact, yes. No, it isn’t that it has happened or is happening that is disappointing. What is disappointing is to find out that the majority of your fellows are barely above the intelligence level of the beasts of the field. This great flood of beings that moves through the towns and the cities; these people you see on your streets and in the supermarkets... who are these people?

I am so very, very ashamed of the rank and file of humanity and even more ashamed of those who are in the public eye and positions of power who have closed their eyes to what is taking place.

Now Israel has attacked Lebanon on the pretext that its soldiers were kidnapped on Israeli ground. The facts show that this took place in a LEBANESE town. It certainly is peculiar that two kidnappings- or taking of prisoners of war- could generate such massive murder and destruction but so it is... and it is all explained as perfectly okay. Now Israel has deliberately bombed a UN observation post (leaving a Chinese soldier among the dead) and- in that feckless arrogance for which they are so well known- just more or less blew it off. “It might have been Hezbollah.” Olmert said.

We’ve seen the endless deceptions of Israel since its inception. No matter how much wrong they do they can do no wrong. Somehow, the press, which they don’t control-(snicker)- seems to view everything that happens as if something else had happened. No matter what happens it is not only okay but desirable. This nasty little rogue nation is working with great effort to plunge the entire planet into World War 3. Meanwhile they can’t even beat Hezbollah. Kudos Hezbollah!

I guess I’m on the wrong side. I love the truth and that makes me on the wrong side whatever the side. I’m for the little guy- unless the little guy is behaving in the manner explained earlier. I’m for the greatest good for the most people- that’s my idea of how the world should work. I’ve never stopped being a hippie. I’ve always believed in peace and love. I admire Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. I think Cindy Sheehan is wonderful. I’ve got no guns and no fortune and no public forum that adds up to much. I’m pretty much nobody in the present scheme of things. I could just shut up and hide until this all blows over but I don’t want to look like the rest of you. My life may never amount to much, during, or after the fact. But it is important to me that I lived for some kind of a principle. It is important that I didn’t sit on my hands, or bow my head to a demagogue, or mouth stupidity and lies... or GO ALONG WITH THE PROGRAM. Fuck the program. I’m going to do everything I can to change the channel.

It isn’t failing or winning according to the eyes of the world. It isn’t what vain and empty minds consider success to be. What is important is living for and fighting for the right thing, win or lose. What is important is to stand up for what is essentially true in all of us, regardless of present appearances to the contrary. I salute all of you who, in these dark and troubled times boldy speak truth to power... you few. I salute your efforts to make a difference in a world of bullshit and lies. For all of you, when the shit hits the fan, it won’t stick to you. you shine.

There may be no way out of this but to go through it but we re not alone. It can be done. We can come through this because the only thing real about us is what is living us into understanding- somewhere up the road.


Anonymous said...

Visible, you are a legend in your own time.
I reflect the sentiments expressed by 'nobody' in the previous post "Happy to see you back. But you'll be hard-pressed leaving from now on mate. Things is ramping up."

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Visible.


Eugene said...

Hierolysoma Est Perdita!

Hep Hep Hooray!

Hairy Trueman, 33rd el Presidente, a 33 (and this lowest of levels is all about "construction work"), built the invisible temple that presently rules/rides the world and here it is:

Psuedo "Shekinah" - July 16 1945

Psuedo "Court of Gentiles" - October 24 1945

Pseudo "Holy of Holies" aka only "good enough for the priest class" - May 14 1948

Boils down to Noahidic USrAel is the ritual drama of mass proportion aka the "coincidence" of 33!

Something tremendously surprising waits just outside the present visible light! Orpheus promised!

Nebbuchaddnezzar, Vespasian, Titus...where are you? The ninth of AV looms...hope your'e not late!

Hep Hep Hooray!

Troy Bierkortte said...

You are truly a loquacious and well-educated fool.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work. i am so fucking glad you are writing again. I didn't think you could stop, not with the passion you evidence but, one never knows.

It looks like it is going to get very very bad all the way down to a "sunless sea".

Dr. George Ryan

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you said.

But...If I were you, I'd get a gun. In fact, get as many guns as you can.

If you're smart, that's what you'd do. After all, the pyschopaths running this world do NOT care who they murder. Protect yourself. It's the smart thing to do.

Anonymous said...

ain't no bout a doubt it.

The Nazi's never went away, they just relocated.

Miserable murdering swine. Pure fucking evil.

Keep telling it like it is.

They can't control the internet and that must drive them crazy.

Michael Rivero is a major league good guy for pulling all of the best there is into a single easy to manage site.
Ben Urich
Portland, ME

Anonymous said...

Gadzooks! very nice and tidy little pocketbook of truth.

Anonymous said...

I can't shake the feeling that things are not going to go the way of the slave masters this time. They are over extended and exposed. It's like one of those Shaekespeare plays where everything is labyrinthine and byzantine and nobody knows what's what until the final scene where all the assholes are hung out to dry.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. I've been feeling so isolated until I came across this blog. You manage to dredge up everything I'm carrying around inside and lay it right out there on the page. Excellent work, my friend.

God bless you! (yeah, I'm a Christian--but not one of those stone-casting, poor-trashing, war-mongering, gay-hating Pharisees that have made themselves so visible over the past few decades).

Anonymous said...

Man! echoing the last cat. You put everything I am thinking into words. You can really write. We really need this now.

I can't watch what's happening. Tears come into my eyes and I just can't take it.

A Redding

Anonymous said...

As you know, I can not survive in the US any longer. I have endlessly tried to isolate/insulate myself from this country while living in it. I have failed and became a hermit. what a life?

Going out in public tears me apart from inside. I can no longer cope interacting with people on the street.

I quit my job last week and will be moving out of the US on Monday. I asked my dear friend that I live with that I would stay if he would support me and that I would never have to leave his property/house. HA! There is my answer. How can I stay on my little 'Island' here and never leave? It would be like prison.

I have endlessly tried to educate people. Everyone thinks I am crazy but they are happy for me in my decision to leave. Perhaps they are happy that I will be gone so they won't have to be reminded of the truth when they look at me?

I have never felt this urgency to leave the country as I am experiencing now. The days drag on. I hope I can get out on Monday. I hope Monday is not too late. I have my plane ticket already.

Thank you for the support I get from your writings. I don't feel as alone. It helps to know that I have that support in my decision to leave.

The euphoria I experienced last week when I quit my job and decided to move and bought the plane ticket is gone. Everything seems surreal. I am sad for the people that I will be leaving behind.

Thanks again for your work.


Anonymous said...

Spot on!

from the U.K.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Armageddon comes many times and I don't know if this is Armaggedon but I know that the neo-cons need to steal this next election and this is part of it. It's going to get very bad.

Truth to power is what you do and I thank you for that more than words can say. Whatever else may be true the Israelis are the bad guys.

I've put your music website into the click where my name is so that people can see that you have a gentler side. I love your music every bit as much as what you do here. You have given me great comfort in my headphones when I dream of a better world.

Eugene said...

Les Visible,

How does one balance the rage of wanting to choke the living sh*t out of the psychopathic padoephiles that run the world and all the minions who now bow down to them versus the choice to be peaceful while opening ones interior life?

One wants to buy guns and follow "unintended consequences" as on the face of it these monsters deserve lifetimes of pain, death is too good for them.

The other wants to see past the Maya of the terrifying absurdity of the world to the nature of all is one, we are the cause of this.

The former shoots the bastards for what they are, the latter devours the parts of self that lent itself to where we are collectively today.

It would seem that the latter is not afraid of the bad men and their bad ways as it would gladly die without wielding the sword. The former if acted upon would be but to become that which we so despise, "live by the sword, die by the sword".

The challenge for me is in the words of Krishna to Arjuna "fight anyway despite the appearance, as the slayer and the slain are not the doers of all of this anyway". it is only Lord Krishna who acts.

How does one fight righteously and nobly without becoming a monster.

Where are the heroes and the power that "good" heroes would wield? How can the bad have such weapons and such hold on the world? I have thought that X men like powers would begin to meet the challenge of these seeming insurmountable odds and powers...but where is the resistance? Where is even the communication of beginning to resist such a despotism?

I resolve myself to "believe" there is an unseen trick or event that will astonish all and vanquish this web of such tangle with its so so hideous beast.

Where are the hidden masters? the noble heroes? The spirits of Orpheus, Homer, ie men with true wisdom that shine through the darkness and by presence and eloquence alone dispel evil and chaos?

What is this place?
Who are we?

Visible said...

Eugene- you have the key in the quote from the Bhagavad Gita. Of course- just as Jihad actually refers to a war one makes on their own internal corruption and not some madness directed outward, Krishna is speaking of our own recalcitrant cells- but either way it's the same.

Those who love much are forgiven much. Given the antagonism of the elements of which we are composed, war is a natural state- intention determines fate.

Justoffal said...

Halleujah! Jeremiah circa 2006 has returned! I always like the " Rest of the News " segment that comes complete with a Visible post...hearing that the kidnapping or capture took place on the Lebanese side of the border is very interesting stuff indeed.

Anonymous said...

Asha Vohu Vahishta Hashta.
The Real, the good, most high must be.

Thank you for your statement.

It is good to see not everyone has become brainwashed.

Peace be with You.

LanceThruster said...

Friends and I compare notes in trying to determine what is actually going on, and in our humble opinions, Les Visible gets it.

MURDER as cover for THEFT is *not* SELF-DEFENSE!

Anonymous said...

Wow - how cosmic! I was free thought writing some words down in-between working. Then I decided to check the "real world" and came across your blog. Awesome presentation! I felt your pain and righteous anger.

Here's what I had written right before I was led to your blog:

How can we look
and not see?
How can we look
and still not believe?
How we can look
and still not perceive
the atrocities done
in Creator’s Name

How can we look
and not feel the pain?
How can we look
and not be ashamed
of how we can look
yet do nothing again?

How can we look
and not be outraged?
How can we look
and yet still feel afraid
of how we can look
and do nothing but blame.

Which do you choose?

See it and it will come.

Know it and it will be.
Let go of it.
Do not want.
Trust in your power.

Remember - Thoughts Are Things!
That on which we focus is what we create.

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

"faith is the substance of things unseen."

Anonymous said...

About Lebanon.. at first I didn't even believe that any kidnapping took place and thought it was all lies. So to me it didn't matter which side of the border it took place..

Then today I read this Al-Jazeera interview with Hezbollah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah:

Here's a quote:

"[Bin-Jiddu] You told them that you would kidnap Israeli soldiers?

[Nasrallah] I used to tell them that the prisoners' issue, which we must solve, can only be solved through the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers.

[Bin-Jiddu] Clearly?

[Nasrallah] Clearly. Nobody told me: no, you are not allowed to kidnap Israeli soldiers. I was not waiting for such a thing. Even if they told me no you are not allowed [nothing would change]. I am not being defensive. I said that we would kidnap Israeli soldiers in meetings with some of the key political leaders in the country. I do not want to mention names. When the time comes for accountability I will mention names. They asked whether this would resolve the prisoners issue if this happens. My answer was that it was logical for such an act to solve the prisoners' issue. I assure you that our assessment was not wrong. I am not being stubborn. In the entire world, tell me about any state, any army, or any war that was waged because some people kidnapped two soldiers, or even took hostages, not military soldiers. Tell me about a war that was waged against a state because of two soldiers. This has never happened in history. Nor has Israel done it anytime before. However, what is happening today is not a reaction to the kidnapping of two soldiers. I repeat that this is an international decision and an Arab cover. It is a decision that has to do with...[changes thought]. I stress to you that had we not captured two soldiers in July, which could have happened in August, September, or some other time, the Israelis would come to this battle and would create for it any pretext and any excuse."

BTW, you are not a nobody Les. Continue your spiritual practice and free yourself, that by itself can avert WW3 and tip the balance of the planet. Words have the power to change the Universe, let alone a little troubled planet like ours... So thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Your commentary (I love the truth and that makes me on the wrong side whatever the side. ... For all of you, when the shit hits the fan, it won’t stick to you. you shine.) reminds me of this Bible verse and how clearly the word of God explains the phenomenon of silence and indifference prevalent in America today.

2 Thessalonians 2:
9. the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders [lies spin and propaganda],
10. and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.
11. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie
12. and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

We are seeing the literal fulfillment of this verse today.

billie said...

wow- i am completely blown away- by the eloquence of your writing and the contents. thank you for saying so much better than i- what i have been thinking since day 1. keep on keepin' on!

Anonymous said...

some good observations, Visible; I could scarcely agree with you more. Thanks for making me feel not so alone in all this insanity.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister Les Visible
You talk of Israel deception Mister Visible, I put it to you that it is the truth that the Israeli people speak.
Who wouldn't believe us? Not people who believe in "they hate us because we're free" or Father Christmas or the Easter Bunny or “birth pangs of a new Middle East".
(I think Condalesa Rice could be a prophet)
People who believe these things will believe anything we tell them, won’t they?
Look what our wonderful children did for world peace just recently. They painted slogans on our bombs, the little mites, and the bombs hit their marks; the Lebanese children. Now don’t tell me that G-d doesn’t work in wonderful ways. Sh’lamim. The Israel Jewish people want peace, it is obvious.
I think as a child you were probably a nice Jewish boy. But something must have happened to make you write such nasty things about us. Maybe the Rabbi’s dog bit you, maybe the Rabbi bit you, I’m only speculating. Just remember, the Jewish people love you (you give us your taxes).
May the Lord bless your every waking moment
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. Has my good friend Rabbi Hashem sent you an encouraging message yet?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister Les Visible (2)
You talk of Israel deception Mister Visible; I put it to you that it is the truth that the Israeli people speak.
Who wouldn't believe us? Not people who believe in "they hate us because we're free" or Father Christmas or the Easter Bunny or “birth pangs of a new Middle East".
(I think Condoleezza Rice could be a prophet of our Lord)
People who believe these things will believe anything we tell them, won’t they?
Look what our wonderful children did for world peace just recently. They painted slogans on our bombs, the little mites, and the bombs hit their marks; the Lebanese children. Now don’t tell me that G-d doesn’t work in wonderful ways. Sh’lamim. The Israel Jewish people want peace, it is obvious.
I think those terrible Hezbollah leaders, as children, were probably nice Jewish boys. But something must have happened to make them pick on us all of the time. Maybe the Rabbi’s dog bit them, maybe the Rabbi bit them - I’m only speculating.
To all of the American people, just remember, the Israeli people love you (you give us your tax dollars that let us do wonderful things to make the world a better place).
May the Lord bless your every waking moment
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. Has my good friend Rabbi Hashem sent you an encouraging message yet?

jomama said...

...until darkness was the natural state of the collective mind.

I thought 'darkeness' has always been the state of the collective mind.

How does a collective mind think?



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