Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fools on Down the Road; The Israeli Terror Nation

I don’t know if people actually believe what they think, or if they think and profess that which grants them security and comaraderie among their fellows in the embrace of a convenient and widely accepted lie... or... whether they are quite stupid, exceptionally deluded, blind?- I don’t know exactly what it is. I only know that it is, or more correctly, that it is not. What they believe is not so.

For instance, the matter of Israel and Israel being a friend of America; friends don’t spy on you, launch false flag operations while dressed as citizens of another culture and country and sink your boats and murder your soldiers and citizens. Friends don’t help to lie you into a war that serves their interests and then let you die for them on the battle field. Friends don’t do this sort of thing.

The lies that are being told now are large. They are provable lies but no one seems to care. For instance, Hezbollah kidnapped the Israeli soldiers on Lebanese soil. All through the media you see that it was on Israeli soil; that’s not so. It’s been clearly stated and reported in a number of places but the wider media insists that it didn’t happen the way it happened. The wider media is firmly in the hands of the Zionist hegemonists. If you say this you get smeared. You can’t say what’s true no matter how true it is because it isn’t true even though it is true. If it is right in front of you and you see it happen right in front of you and it does not serve the interest of those whose occupation is the control of international thought then what you saw did not occur.

Most of the victims of the Lebanese assault are civilians and a large portion of those are children. This is being reported, but its okay. It’s okay that Israel can invade Lebanon and get caught by Hezbollah and lose some soldiers and for Israel to destroy a country and murder hundreds of people as a result and to have the wide support of the American public as they murder people who had absolutely nothing to do with the kidnapping of the soldiers which occurred ‘when Israel’ invaded Lebanon for some reason or another in order to cause this whole bloody charade.

We’re told another soldier was kidnapped by Hamas and that the kidnappers dug a tunnel 650 meters under sand in order to accomplish this. This is bullshit. It’s a fabrication and the kidnapping might well be a fabrication also. Israel is the world master of false flag operations. They are very deep into the WTC attack. They manipulated the evidence of the Niger yellow cake scam through their agent Michael Ledeen. They engineered the Iraq war. They control America and they have boasted of this control publicly; Sharon to Perez. Israel planned the kidnapping and arrest of the Palestinian government well before the alleged kidnapping of their soldier.

The real facts are that Israel is a terrorist nation. They are possibly one of the most evil forces loose in the world today. You can’t criticize them and if you call them on certain fabrications you could even be put in jail for it. This is a crime operation that has reached a point where the world needs to shut it down. Under the guise of being victims and using the squeaky wheel motif, they have managed to gain an enormous control over what we see and think and it needs to be addressed.

A large portion of the world knows that Israel is a rogue terror nation. Israel is more dangerous and violent than Iran, or Syria, or Argentina, or Iraq, or any of the places that they are working to get the American military to destroy to advance their Zionist conquest of the Middle East.

Their Talmud clearly states in many places that non-Jews are vermin and that it doesn’t matter what happens to them. Jews are under no obligation to gentiles and gentiles are a lower life form; akin to animals. It is okay to cheat a gentile. It is okay to lie to a gentile and it is okay to let a gentile die rather than to save them should a choice present itself.

Israel and its citizens have sold the world on a lie that they are the victims and that they are the shining knights of honorable endeavor. This is a lie. They are a bunch of murdering thugs who encourage their children to write slogans on missiles. They use the anti-Semitic slur whenever any criticism surfaces, even though they are not Semitic, they are ashka-Nazis. They are warlike Khazars with absolutely no connection to ancient Israel. In the 8th Century King Bulan converted to Judaism and over many a wind and turn these are the folk who inhabit Israel today. Many Sephardic Jews and True Torah Jews do not recognize the nation of Israel and consider it an abomination. Well, if only in terms of it’s behavior it certainly is that.

The sheer weight of nasty behavior on the part of the terror nation of Israel would (and does) fill books. Opposing Israel (in this manner here- or in any manner) is a form of suicide. There are some brave and truthful souls and they will get, here on this planet, the reward that is usual for truth tellers; ignominy, career destruction, pariah status, slander, economic hardship and whatever else comes to mind and can be pulled off.

I’ve looked long and hard at all of this. I’ve looked at the Lavon affair and the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. I’ve looked at the many, many connection between Israel and the WTC attacks. I’ve looked at their bag man Abramowitz and the AIPAC spying scandal. I’ve looked at the sources of the Russian Revolution. I’ve looked at the Dreyfus Affair and Theodor Herzl’s Zionista program and I’ve got to say that I don’t care for Israel. I don’t know what that makes me. It can’t make me an anti-Semitic because they aren’t Semitic; the Arabs are though.

No, I don’t know what it makes me but I don’t like Israel at all. They look like a nation of criminals who through lies and blackmail and terrible pressures beneath the surface seem to grab far more than their share of everything at the expense of everyone. This is how it appears on the surface and this is how it appears no matter how deeply I probe. I look at the way they treat the Palestinians and I look at how they create a situation and then react to the situation as if it were created by someone else. I look at how they behave in the most despicable fashion and I have to say that I don’t like Israel. I wish it wasn’t there. It is a big problem and it is going to get bigger and bigger. They have no moral compass and unless they are brought to heel they will enslave the world; if that is not already the case.

I object to children being targeted by snipers. I object to ‘confirming the kill’. I object to apartheid and the destruction of orchards and the targeting of camera personnel and the bulldozing of homes and peace workers. I object to fabricating a terror enemy and then killing other people as if they were that fabrication. I object to slandering truth tellers in the press. I object to the veneration of lies and the exaltation of deceit as if they were the armor of God. I object to this callous behavior and the utter disregard for the lives of others. I despise this sense of entitlement and elitism and foul applied racism which is what Zionism is.

The time has come for Israel to stand in the dock and answer for her crimes. The entire nation of Israel (minus a few thousand good souls here and there) should be transported in chains to The Hague and tried and judged before the world much as they paraded Eichmann all these years ago. I can see no difference between the present state of Israel and Nazi- Germany in its heyday. There really isn’t any difference.


Anonymous said...


welcome back!

Dr. George Ryan

Anonymous said...

As trenchant a piece of truth as I have come across in a while. I see the deeds of the Israelis (and they are evil) and I hear their praises sung and I ask myself, is it I who am crazy or is it the representatives of America (from Bush on down to the media pundits).

Anonymous said...

There is no "the time has come". This time, vs. the last time, the plot has been too finely crafted, allowed to dig in too deep for too long, its under the skins of world opinion, under the threat of annhilation, the instinctual self-survial netherworld beyond logic. The overwhelming majority of the globe's population has no idea and those who do absolutely don't want what they've seen so far.
As bright as you are, surely you know where this is heading. Ultimately.
The sh*t has only just been placed in front of the fan.

mugwort said...

"I can see no difference between the present state of Israel and Nazi- Germany in its heyday. There really isn’t any difference."

I understand why you believe this, but in fact, your belief is a result of the same kind of humongous lies that the evildoers always use to make it appear that they are virtuous martyrs and their opponents vicious monsters.

Once truth rules again it will become known that the only grave sins of the Nazi regime in Germany were to 1)after becoming aware of World Jewry's betrayal and depredation of Germany, to denounce them and attempt to free
Germany, at least, from their death-grip,


2) to institute a form of trade based on direct barter between nations, that cut the international bankers out of the loop and threatened their future as wealthy con-artists.

Third Reich Germany was a particularly happy country in the 1930s, far different from many of the countries under the bootheel of the Big Jews, where class discrimination, unfair wages, unemployment and abysmal working conditions created a lot of misery (see the article "The Good Society" on the web, about advantages Germans in the Third Reich enjoyed.

The media was already—as you can see it is now—in the pocket of the wealthy criminals, so it was easy for the latter to blacken the name of Germany and represent Hitler as a war-crazy megalomaniac, then force him into a war against virtually the whole world, and make sure that Germany was punished so severely that no other country would try to free itself from the tentacles of the criminal network for a long time to come.

Perhaps that time has come? Perhaps they have overplayed their hands?
I fervently hope so.

Ever since the "Good Guys" won World War II, there has been endless bloodshed in one part of the world or another. Is it a coincidence that it can be traced back almost always to those same victorious "Good Guys" of WWII?

And it's time for large-scale re-evaluation of the oh-so-convenient (and lucrative) "Holocaust," claims, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Like an arrow to the point.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post.
And THANK YOU for "comment moderation" -- it is such a pleasure NOT to have to read the Zionist hate-mail, and the name-calling, and the threats, and the endless blaming.
I, too, object to the appallingly unbelievable becoming the daily truth.
Thanks for saying it.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done.

Anonymous said...

I know writers use allegorical methods to explain things indirectly, Visible. You are talking about United States of America, aren't you!

nolocontendere said...

Shitty little country that's going to drag us all to the abyss, with their controlled media cheering the whole spectacle on.

Anonymous said...

And, again, high five on keeping the trust.

Anonymous said...

"Fools on Down the Road; The Israeli Terror Nation"

Oh my God! you are crasy man!

God forbid you!

Anonymous said...

Writers use allegory to explain things they don't want to talk about directly, don't they Visible?
You are really talking about United States of America in this piece, aren't you Visible? ... Visible?

Visible said...

Actually I was talking about the Rings of Saturn, Tony- but you're in the ballpark. They're both composed of shit and gas.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY SOUL and unlike the Zionists I DO have a soul and its salvation lies in SPIRITUAL peace; in other words, THE NON-MATERIAL, not land whereon I will do what I want to anyone with weaponry, deception and lies.

Here is a link to an excellent flier full of quotes from good, honest, G-dly rabbis (no less than 16 of them!), denouncing Zionism for all that it is.

Please print it out and send it on to as many people as you can, whether at church or the street corner, ANYWHERE you can.

They can't defeat truth and goodness if it is more powerful and numerous than greed, deception and lies.

Most of all, take inventory of your life and decide if rolling over is in the cards or if you're willing to give your physical life for your beliefs and principals (and to save the world from dark, oppressive tyranny) because as it is right now, they are very powerful and own nearly every country head on the map.

The time may come calling for you. Know in advance what you will do.

Anonymous said...


What does it make you? It makes you -


Happy to see you back. But you'll be hard-pressed leaving from now on mate. Things is ramping up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister Les Visible
Now listen here my boy, you can't go writing things like that about the great Jewish Nation, we have been around since time immemorial.
Remember you are only a goyim; you people should know your place in the order of things. We are the Children of Israel and demand the respect we deserve.
We may have killed a few innocent people in our time but G-d will sort them out, just as your wonderful president Mister George W Bush has said. (I think he might be a prophet.)
Anyway, you’re being very unkind to us wonderful Israeli Jewish people and we would like you to stop it! (Oh! The slogan ‘iceblocks chance in Hell’ just popped into my mind.)
May the Lord bless your every waking moment
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. I think I will have my good friend Rabbi Hashem send you an encouraging message soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, more power to 'comment moderation.' Nice to have one of the 100m websites unvetted by zionutsi monitors in Tel Aviv who troll most all sites to assure they're (K) (U).

Anonymous said...

iSRAEL has been committing terrorism and massacres from the very beginning... ...
From the beginning when they ethnically 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and lands... ...
AND Totally demolished OVER 530 Arab towns from the face of the earth ,,,. ...
They operate like Nazis as evidenced by their sadism against the Palestinians at checkpoints... In one case forcing a man to drink his own urine... ... In another, forcing a man to have sex with his donkey ....
Or forcing people to dance to play musical instruments and dance to their tunes.... ,,, Or deliberately breaking the arms of kids who throw stones at their tanks... http://www.halturnershow/IsraeliAtrocities.html ...Their atrocities stem from their belief that they are UN-touchable... "chosen ones" ... their belief that they are the "master race" and are destined to rule OVER the goy ...NON-jEWS... ....
This is zIOHISM in its rawest form ... ...
Better WAKE UP !!,,, Everyone !! ... ....

Anonymous said...

The victim often becomes the bully.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yes/word/truth/agreed -- piece was visceral, enjoyed it thanks.

uh, just out of curiosity, is your blog name intentionally incorrect? only asking, since as an american im more accustomed to smoke than mirrors.

also question: are we ever going to make this exercise real-world? drove around and saw a poor turnout for what musta been the only 9/11 protest in L.A....very disheartening. one day were going to get organizized a la travis bickle.

Anonymous said...

Something about re-writing history and Jews in control of the media makes me wonder what jesus was really king of? probably king of people



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