Sunday, June 4, 2006

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk.

Greetings and apologies to all of you who wrote wondering what happened to me. I went traveling in Italy and left the internet for awhile. I recommend it to clean the pipes. Sometimes the avalanche of crap can leave your system feeling like an impacted colon after awhile. The letters of support and inquiry were wonderful to read on my return. Thank you very much.

Whew! I’ve just finished reading up at the only site I rely on for my news. I’ll not mention the site because everyone who reads here knows what it is and no doubt has the same unshakeable dependence on it that I do.

You always think there’s got to be a bottom to it. You think that somewhere down there in the cosmic latrine there’s some sort of bedrock; some sort of location where eyeless, deep murk coprophagial creatures feed and mate- probably at the same time... but maybe there is no bottom. The bad actors get worse. The stupidity of the public reveals itself to be denser than I ever imagined. The media lies ever more flagrantly. The leaders are followers of something that has lost its way. How far can it go before the outer level of all possible absurdity has been passed? Will Bush’s polls drop below 24%? (hint; they did that awhile ago- the pollsters keep two sets of books, just like everyone in this administration.) The big question though, the really big question is ‘when’ is the coming major terror attack going to happen? There’s no ‘if’. There’s only 'when'.

In this world there are two distinct groups of people. You can subdivide if you like. You can use different words to describe the same condition but there are basically two groups. One of them is rational and one is not. One has its eyes open by varying degrees and one has its eyes closed. One is aware and one is deluded. The tragedy is that one group is so much smaller than the other and it is the wrong one; if that makes sense.

I’m going to speak to the first group. There isn’t any point in speaking to the second group. It would be similar to giving a speech to blind people while nude; using charts and diagrams. Members of the elite club of those who are in the business of irrigating the shit out of their ears, lend me your ears. Certainly I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him- but here is no Caesar. Here is a drunken monkey of a ringmaster in a crypto-fascist theme park where once a country stood.

Somewhere between now and November 3rd something very terrible is going to happen and it is going to be blamed on Iran. Members of the first group are all aware of this. Members of the 1st group know that this administration was involved in the 9/11 attacks. Their ability to perform this act leaves no doubt in our minds of their willingness and capacity to do it again. And they need it now like they never needed it before. Voter fraud is going to be a whole lot harder this time. I’m not saying that the general public is not stupid enough to believe and accept anything. I’m past the point of under-estimating how thick these folk can be. But I believe that any attempt in this direction, this time, will set off a hue and cry that is an unacceptable risk; an unnecessary risk when a dirty bomb hitting the Chicago winds from the top of the Sears Tower- or something for Toronto or Paris will do the job just fine. Then they can shape the reality with bombast and bullshit enough to justify whatever they intend.

They could get caught. There is historical precedent. I am hopeful. I have to be hopeful. I do believe that there is a force that shapes our ends and often the machinations of the sly and clever plotters of evil are mysteriously woven to their final disadvantage. A Spanish Armada sort of a day would be just great. What I believe about what lies in the unknown is a private affair and something I do not use in my arguments here. What will be will be because it always is; my deep respect and appreciation to all of you who labor on behalf of humanity in these dark times. You may feel like an ant in a hurricane but we are capable of great things, especially when we are united in a common cause; be we ever so few.

So, maybe we get lucky and something goes wrong for these vicious, low to the ground blood-sucking weasels. If not, it’s going to be a very interesting year.

Arrogance is a funny thing. When you’re riding at the helm of massive temporal force it’s possible to reach levels of insanity that are astounding. You get presidents who aren’t qualified to manage a McDonald's who can announce that the most satisfying achievement of their presidency was catching a fish. You get a whole boatload of retainers and hangers on who believe they can get away with anything and that no lie is too outrageous or transparent to be believed. I have never seen anything like these people. I’ve seen presidents and administrations come and go. I was ring side for Nixon and Reagan. These cats are way past that. It’s the difference between bank robbery and felony murder. Whatever the result is going to be; whether they pull it off or whether they get caught, it’s going to be the biggest spectacle of them all. In the fog of confusion and mis-direction and disinfo the edge of the precipice cannot be seen. I assure you it is very close in a global way.

Go to the wide angle lens and look at the playing field. Look at Russia and China lining up. Look at the financial factors. Look at all of the intricate forces pressing against the center and bending the margins. It’s as scary and fascinating as anything that ever was. This is truly ‘shit or go blind’ time. Irony and absurdity are center stage, drunk and deranged and predictably they are calling for “madder music and stronger wine.” But I am hopeful.

Kenny Lay is going down. Karl Rove is in trouble deep. All around pieces are falling off the wagon. Zionism is on the ropes. Even the pissed off Barbie, Ann Coulter, is in the squeeze. The new PR and media game has switched to 'soothing with a taste of mea culpa'. They’re piping Easy Listening in over the speaker system while the theater burns. You can see it if you look. But I am hopeful. What I don’t know is whether it gets stopped at the edge or whether it gets better after everything hits the rocks below. But it will get better. You have to believe that and you have to work to that result. It may be a grim aftermath. Maybe the only way the masses can wake up is to be flame-broiled in their seats. I don’t want to bring religion into the mix- I’ve got no use for religion but I’d like to leave you with a quote (I’ll have to paraphrase) from Mikhail Aivanhov- it is fitting.

“When a people have gone astray, God (or destiny- of whatever you may call that inexplicable hand of the unknown) reaches down and gently taps them of the shoulder. If they do not respond, then God shakes them by the shoulder. If they still do not respond, then God picks up a two-by-four.”

Never has it been so important to keep your eyes and ears open. For those of you who are listening and watching, I advise turning up the intensity. It is my fervent hope that you will also do whatever is possible for you to do to disseminate the truth and expose the bullshit. If there ever was a time when the time is now then the time is now. But by all means be hopeful. With a little luck and a little grace I’ll see you on the other side of this. Be well.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

This is a fantastic essay. I didn't know what happened to you. I'm thrilled that you're alright. You have to let people know when you're going away. A lot of people read this blog and you left us all in the mystery pit. Glad you're alright. I feel like I just had a great breakfast, thank you so much,


Anonymous said...

You certainly will see us 'on the other side' Visible.
But it will be standing on the precipice looking at the mess 'on the rocks below', fortunately.
I thought you may have tripped, but no, you've been tripping.
Welcome back ...

Anonymous said...

Splendid Les, truly splendid. The drought is over.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les,

Glad you enjoyed your holiday and good to see you back.

Anonymous said...

I am greatful, as in gratitude, you kept the trust.

Anonymous said...

I am greatful, as in gratitude, you kept the trust.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Visible. I hope your well deserved hiatus was wonderful.
I just discovered your site a few months ago through WRH (which I also love) - and I spent many hours trying to read your whole site. It was as though I surprisingly stumbled on one of those rare books that you just can't put down. You certainly put words together powerfully...hope you don't mind, but I've placed you on an intellectual pedestal in my mind. And I look forward to your writings as patiently as possible...I know we can't rush true art. I was one of those who had to inquire about your absense via e/m...truth be told, I'm a bit paranoid due to the current shambles of our Bill of Rights, and I started having thoughts about you as I do about Randi Rhodes on Air America when she misses days - suspicious thoughts creep in & I ask myself who took them & where -- is all the honesty & RIGHT ON points too much truth for the new America? Please forgive my rambling, just another fan who's so glad you're back! Be Well.

Anonymous said...

I am greatful, as in gratitude, you kept the trust.

Anonymous said...

That's the one thing people don't point out often enough- the importance of faith and the assurance that it will work out. I believe this too. Sometimes when I see it getting dark I have to laugh. After all, the sun didn't go anywhere. It is just temporarilly hidden behind CLOUDS.

Eugene said...

Good to see writing and that the 'night of the long knives' hasnt started and as you say it will in some form. I too believe the last hurrah of the circus is close...they have too many threads coming loose to let it go too much longer. It will be the last spell, till next cosmic season, that sets the 'ears against eachother'. What the planet will look like after the ring is pulled is another age altogether!

Birth is a glorious thing, the trauma on the way to being out, aborted humanity, more sub-human humanity, etc. is not glorious. Such is the seat of siege Perilous, this apotheosis of man. Self knowing and realised is wholly on the other side of 'history's end event' or knot.


Anonymous said...

The US cannot attack Iran without re-instating the universal draft. The 2nd edition of 9/11 will certainly help that. And they are already laying the groundwork with this:

The Universal National Service Act of 2006

"all persons in the United States, including women, between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform a [two year] period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes."

This bill was introduced into congress on 14 Feb 2006.

More here:

I can see one scenario.. a nuke goes off in one of America's metropolitan downtown areas.. Iran is blamed for smuggling a "suitcase" nuke. A retaliatory strike commences.. The abovementioned bill is quickly passed and total war erupts with Iran covering a large area of the middle east..

Imagine the price of oil at this time.. can the Empire really sustain this? I hope not, and I hope its leaders know that it can't.. so I think maybe it is not time for WW3... not yet...

How did you get the November 3rd date Les?

Lew Scannon said...

I'm surprised the drunk monkey didn't blame the US losing at the World Cup on the fact the team was too concerned over Iran developing nuclear energ-, I mean nuclear weapons.
I have doubts as to whether or not they need another "9/11" as all they have to do is invoke it now and the second group of people stop thinking, hide behind their couches with their clickers until they see that new consumer item they need and that takes their minds off their fear. All they need is for the corporate media machine to keep spoon feeding the second group the dangers of Iran developing nuclear energ-, oops, I mean nuclear weapons, and they can do as they please, to the extent of claiming they tried diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

Visible's Adoring Fan Club--no real criticism allowed, thanks; send kisses or u don't get published

Visible said...

The only time I edit something is when it's an obvious troll. I even let fatuous comments like your appear even though it is presented anonymously due to a basic insecurity in the contributor about the worth of his entry. Of course, if I'm out of town for a long time something might get missed.

I don't think you need to worry about this blog too much. I'm closing it down permanently after my next and final essay. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I'm lost for words Visible.

Anonymous said...

I'm closing it down permanently after my next and final essay.

Hey! This isn't acceptable especially in our world of unacceptability, isn't there someone, something, sustaining?

Anonymous said...

chiron: How did you get the November 3rd date Les?

aren't elections held on the 4th?
this blog I'm closing it down permanently after my next and final essay.

that truly is a shame - take care though, and keep writing!

Anonymous said...

So what's going on? Why are you closing up shop, when's the next - and final - essay?

We will miss you. One more good soul finds another home.


Anonymous said...

Your writing has meant a lot to me and will be sorely missed.
Best of luck in all your endeavors, and I hope our paths may cross again someday.

kootcoot said...

Wonderful essay/article - by the way, I guess you've been away, but Kenny Lay did go down. First he got convicted, to his surprise, and then he died - or faked his death to avoid spending the rest of his life in prison. Either way he cheated justice.



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